With the possibility of Season 2 looming, I am very unsure of my gameplan holding up, but here is what I intend to do with my time this month...

June 3-10:

Level up Juggernaut to level 11, level up remaining bruisers from level 10 to 11 (Colossus, Thundra, Thing) begin leveling remaining infiltrators from 10 to 11

June 11-17:

Rank at least Diamond in PvP season 8

Unlock Shatterstar

Level Shatterstar to 10 or 11

Finish leveling Infiltrators to 11

Begin leveling remaining Scrappers to 11

June 18-25

Agent level 300

Finish leveling Scrappers from 10 to 11

Begin leveling up remaining Tactitians from 10 to 11

June-26-July 2

Finish leveling up tactitians from 10 to 11

Begin leveling up remaining Blasters and Bruisers in an alternating pattern from 11 to 12


Farm 12.2 for CP

Farm Flight Deck for Silver

Stockpile energy packs between special ops

Begin equipping all heroes with Reactive Iso-8 upon reaching level 300

Save gold/participate in earn free gold offers

Unknown Unknowns:

Compete in PvP 9

Play/Finish Special Operations 10, level SO hero/possible lockbox hero to at least 10

Unlock any new hero(es) made available for CP and level him/her/them to at least 10

Purchase new alt costume(s) made available in June

Will let you all know how the gameplan holds up VIA updating at the last day of any week of my dated plan.

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