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    Just a quick list of some non-american heroes I want to see

    United Kingdom:

    • Albion
    • Dark Angel
    • Death's Head
    • Death's Head II
    • Death Metal
    • Death Wreck
    • Killpower
    • Motormouth
    • Ultra Marine


    • Banshee
    • Siryn


    • Silver Samurai
    • Honey Lemon
    • Bayomax
    • Yu Komori


    • Sabra


    • Darkstar
    • Crimson Dynamo (LB hero)
    • Ursa Major


    • Vindicator
    • Guardian
    • Puck
    • Aurora
    • Northstar
    • Shaman
    • Sasquatch
    • Snowbird
    • Box
    • Maverick


    • Magma



    • Kristoff Vernard


    • Namor
    • Namorita

    Savage Land:

    • Ka-Zar
    • Zabu


    • Crystal
    • Gorgon
    • Triton
    • Lockjaw


    • Silver Sable
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    Lockbox Predictions

    August 30, 2014 by Eganthevile1

    These are the next batch of villains I whole heartedly believe will become lockbox heroes:

    1. Winter Soldier: If Bucky Barnes does not get made into a hero, then someone at PD is high.
    2. Hybrid: Only in game villain who was never a villain in the comics, nuff said.
    3. Mystique: Kinda obvious, for usually self-serving reasons she has been a hero multiple times.
    4. Blob: Like Mystique, hard to write Fred Dukes off completely, Freedom Force comes to mind.
    5. Toad: Wolvie's Janitor LOL
    6. Baron Zemo (as Citizen V): I kind of expect Zemo will appear in his "heroic" alter-ego now that Fixer has been confirmed as a LB hero.
    7. Green Goblin: Now I fully expect him and the next two to be under some sort of Government death threat to cooperate much like in the comics, and muc…
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    Now before I get started, this is more dedicated to obscure heroes and villains, so hero-wise you will not see the likes of Silver Surfer, Namor, Jubilee, or Eddie Brock (Venom/Anti-Venom/Toxin) they all have pretty vocal advocates for their addition, and will likely be added in time, as do some villains like Carnage, Annihilus, and Galactus.

    This is more about obscure heroes and villains, I am also ignoring pre-existing villains as LB heroes on my heroes list, many of them being so obvious they will probably happen regardless of what any of us say (Mystique, Avalanche, Blob, Toad, Sandman, Winter Soldier, Venom (Mac Gargan), Green Goblin, Bullseye come to mind)

    So here are the ones I hope to see with all that in mind:


    10: Darkhawk: I …

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    Now I have gotten banned a few times for various reasons, mostly cool stuff like insulting the intelligence of morons, but this ban made me cringe, and realize just how batty they are. I offered a new hero suggestion, one for the New Man/Knight of Wundagore, and was banned because I included this image:

    Image in question

    Now while that image probably seems to be light-hearted, and maybe even cute to sane people, apparently it got me banned, because Lord Tyger appears to be drinking wine.

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    Looking back at past PvP tournaments a pattern seems to be emerging, and the pattern is that 3 PvP tournaments in a row will have a member(s) of X-Force, followed by a 4th tournament with a member(s) of the Thunderbolts: I will continue to update this blog until the pattern is broken

    PvP Season 1: Deadpool, Group affiliations X-Force/Thunderbolts/Six-Pack

    PvP Season 2: Cable, Group affiliations: X-Force/X-Men/Six-Pack

    PvP Season 3: Psylocke, Group affiliations: X-Force/X-Men/Excalibur

    PvP Season 4: Punisher, Group affiliation: Thunderbolts

    PvP Season 5: X-23, Group affiliation: X-Force

    PvP Season 6: Fantomex, Group affiliation: X-Force

    PvP Season 7: Shatterstar, Group affiliations: X-Force/X-Factor

    PvP Season 8: Red Hulk, Group affiliations: Thunderbolts/…

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