Hello there. Some might consider this suggestion rather impertinent, considering all of the recent developments in the game and the announced new developments, and this suggestion might have already been suggested here...but no matter, here it is. 

I would like PVP to really be player versus player. Other games have live player versus player features, why not Marvel: Avengers Alliance? Right now, players are fighting programming and not actual players. That takes away from the essence of a player versus player feature. Not to mention that players can figure out an AI's programming and effectively defeat another player's defending team. 

Again, I would like PVP to really be player versus player. It's a very simple suggestion if I may say so myself. The concept of the PVP Bonus Item would no longer be necessary. Players willingly chose to compete in PVP and will no longer have to worry about getting defeated while they are not playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Quiting while one is ahead will not be an issue when one will be slowly but surely pushed down in the rankings and out of one's current League because of other players who want to reach the top. And true to the word 'tournament', the player with the most battles faught and the highest 'win percentage' will claim the top rank. The League system will still be present. When joining PVP, a ramdom online player with a similar level will be chosen as a combatant. Players will have the option of accepting or declining a challenge. Declining a challenge will put the player back into the roster and another ramdom combatant would be chosen as a contender. To cut it short, the result of a battle would now rely more on an individual player's ability to command his(her) team effectively. 

I personally am waiting for the day when the game developers will make PVP into PVP, and not 'PVC' [Player Versus Computer]. 

Enjoy playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance. :^) 

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