Hey everyone, I'm back for another exciting blog, this time in regards to the Master Tactician of the Inhumans, Karnak.  Still debating on whether this guy will be a Scrapper or a Tactician or maybe even a hybrid (doubtful), but I am looking forward to seeing what he can do.  There could be some PVP changes in store for us as well, so i will do my best to detail them before I get into the meat of the blog.  If there is a Lockbox or a weapon quest attached to this PVP season, I will be detailing my progress towards achievment.  As always, comments are always welcome, but keep it clean!  Hand gernades and brickwalls, people.  

Ok, so we are back with PVP!  Well, sort of.  We have a Pre-season up and running, which gives some minor rewards upon completion.  Silver is won for getting into Silver and Gold league, CPs (5) for Diamond, Gold (5) for Vibranium and 6 Lethal Hand Wraps for Adamantium.  The Hand Wraps look to be modeled after Karnak himself.  The bonuses are +7119 Offense and +3833 Defense.  If I am lucky enough to get Ada, this will save me a bit of gold, as I will be upgrading half of my Attacking side with these Wraps.  As for placement, one needs to finish in the top 10% to receive the Wraps, so they do make it kind of, sort of easy to get them?!?

Anyways, I won't go into too much detail for the Pre-season on what teams I face, as I am sure there will be some bugs that need to be worked out as well as some matchmaking issues that could pop up.  I am using a Tact Agent along with Scrappy QS and Bruiser IF on the Attacking side and am using a Tact Agent, Loki and Pesti-Beast for Defense.  

So it looks like we are Live Beta Testing something, probably a match-making system.  You will notice some have ratings that exceed 20k.  Don't know if this is buggy or people intentionally start higher due to level and item differences.  Anyways, I went 5-0 and gained +32 points 4 times and +19 once.  No real challenges as the 5 people I went through had very low bonuses all around. 

Went another 5-0, but instead of gaining a lot of points, I only mustered a grand total of 8 points.  Weird matchmaking systems in place.  Maybe I need to be in the higher range to compete against better opponents.  

Another 5-0 and a total of 5 points.  Hooray?  But I did have two defensive wins over the evening for a total of 46 points, so that helps.  

5-0 for a +11 increase in points.  Had a defense overnight against a level 137 and won +21 points.  Wonder what that guy thought of when BLAM! here is a level 300 for you to fight! 7 defenses overnight and I won 6 of them for a +55 push.  Into Diamond League as PD lowered the fight requirement needed, so yay!  Went 5-0 for the day.  Did run into a few teams who required some sort of effort, so I guess it is becoming a bit more challenging as I proceed up the ladder.  

+109 on D over the course of the day night.  Most of the figthts were against Agents under 200 though, so boo.  I really hope that it isn't like this during the main PVP season, but I don't think it will be like this, because this is game-quitting/ending bad.   7-1 for the day, now I am facing teams on or close to my level!  Lost to a Pesti-Rhulk team.  Yeah, I did three extra fights, so that goes agaisnt the 5 a day thing, but I didn't have any single fights in the bank.  

9 defensive fights over the course of the day/night and went 7-2 for a total of +2.  That's right, +2!  Two losses were -19 and -30 off the talley.  I know there have been lots of complaints about the Pre-Season in general, but this is PDs way of doing their live test before things go solid.  If they don't offer up any rewards, then no one plays in the PVP testing season.  I am pretty sure that this format will NOT be the norm when PVP starts for reals when it does.  5-0 on the attacks.  

8-2 on D over the day/night for a +60 increase.  7-1 on the fighty side today for +22.  I faced the same Agent with his RHulk/Peast set-up 3 times during the original 5 fights.  I beat him the first two times for +1 and +1 and then that 3rd time when nothing procs and turn order is not in my favor and blammo, I lose 31 points.  So I went through another 3 battles and got 30 points back to help my cause.  So far on the season, I am 44-2 attacking and 39-5 defending.  Don't put too much stock into that as the matchmaking aspect of the pre-season is bonkers.  Everything should be back to normal (or as close to) when the real season starts.  Decided to do another 5 fights today, I was bored.  Just waited for the bar to refresh.  Went 5-0 on the second round, made some points back that I lost during some defensive fights (2-3, lost 50 points).  

12 fights over the course of the day/night, went 11-1 for +76.  7 offensive fights today, 5-2 for the session.  First loss was to a 100k RHulk/Pesti team and second loss was to the same set-up, different agent.  Fought two more of those teams during the session as well, so plenty of Pest to go around!  Two losses didn't hurt much (-18 and -11) because I made them back with some victories.  Had a defensive fight in there as well and won that (+7).  Into Vibranium at the moment and after tomorrow, should be in Ada with 5 days to spare.

Bunch of fights over the course of the day/night.  Like two pages worth.  Went 20-9 for -20 points.  When I won a D fight, I won at most 13 points, but losing...I've lost -18 to -24 points and everywhere in between.  I think part of this is because of the way I have set up my heroes.  I am favoring attack at the moment, and not health.  I may switch it up before the first 5 fights, won't go into detail but I will go over that during the regular season.  7-1 on the attacking side.  Lost to a Pest-Pool combo, yay forced refresh!  Also, played the same Agent 4 times during the session and won 4 times.  Played the same person about 12 times so far since the start of the pre-season and have won every fight but 1.  I lost 31 points for that loss and I am pretty sure in the other 11 wins, I haven't made back the points yet.  

20 fights over the course of the day/night, went 8-12 and lost 99 points.  Back to normal!  6-2 for the attack portion of the day.  Fought the same Agent with his RHulk-Peast combo 3 times and went 2-1.  Also lost to a Heimdall/Herc team.  Went 5-0 for another session out of boredom.  10 defensive fights in between, went 4-6 lost 45 points.  During the attacks, won a defensive fight for 17 points.  Once the regular season starts, only sticking to 5 a days for the majority.  Will use practice as a via and to try new stuff out.  

Lost -21 points over the course of the day/night.  5-0 for the attacking session, made back my point loss overnight and thensome. 

18 defensive fights over the day/night, went 9-9 and lost 61 points.  8 attacks, went 6-2.  Lost to the same Pesti-RHulk Agent twice.  Yay for untimely dodges and getting his health down to 331 w/o being able to knock him out!

New job today, so PVP will take a backseat until things sort themsevels out.  Popped open the Battle report today and was +22 with full pages of defensive fights.  Went 5-0 on offense today.  Doubt I'm gonna get to the 5 fights tomorrow, but we will see!

Just got home from work, lost -62 over the day.  And seeing as I will more than likely not lose another 7% over the next hour, I will just call it a PVP season.  Really didn't mean much, so whatevs.  Will get ready for the real season though when it starts!

PVP Wheel:

Day 1 - Soporific Poison x2

Day 2 - 5 Battles

Day 3 - 1 Command Point

Day 4 - PVP Attack Item

Day 5 - 5 Battles

Day 6 - 1 Command Point

Day 7 - PVP Defense Item

Day 8 - 1 Command Point

Day 9 - 10 Command Points

Day 10 - PVP 50/50 Item

Day 11 - 5 Battles

Day 12 - 1 Gold

Day 13 - PVP 50/50 Item

Day 14 - PVP Attack Item

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