Hey everyone, its me ESFjellin.  You may remember me from such blog posts as PVP Season 17:  Training in my Chevy for a Karnak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak and PVP Season 16:  Drax is here:  In blog form.  Anyways, I feel like putting some thoughts about the game down on the paper of the Internet, so I have created this nifty little blog to do just that.  This will probably be a running sort of blog, and if I remember to, I'll add dates/times to the posts as well, just to keep track of the time frame and what-not.  

10/11/2014 9:30 EST:  I really liked my title of the PVP 17 blog.  Really dissapointed when told that this was the Alpha season and relly didn't count for anything.  Such a waste of a good title.  Then we had the Beta season and now we are going to get a Gamma season, before we get the real season (supposedly).  I know there has been some backlash with the whole treatment of this upcoming PVP season, but I would rather them get it right before releasing it Live, and if it takes another testing season with minimal prizes (not gonna complain about free silver, gold or PVP items that are better than what I was using) then so be it.  The Level 60 cap during the Beta season seemed pretty keen, save for the Agent's damage that was still level based (50k crits against someone with 8k health or an Agent with Hotshot that would destroy teams in one shot sort of thing).  Hopefully Gamma season will fix that then we can get onto the real deal, cause I want me some Karnak.  

Close to hitting a major milestone in my MAA lifetime.  I am 7 heroes away from having all Level 14s.  Fandral, Volstagg, Squirrel Girl, Union Jack and Heimdall are my remaining 13s ready to train, while I have Ka-Zar (6 ready for 7) and Kang (currently training to 6) still a ways away.  A lack of Silver didn't help matters, as I ran out about 2 months back or so, due to training costs and lack of Group Bosses.  I feel good about this, and at this point I should be able to keep up with things especially with my new work schedule (12 hour flight missions...bleh).  I don't have all of the alts, and don't really care to grab those that I don't have, unless I have more than enough CPs.  I have the important ones (Blaster and Tact alts) and will get those when more become available.  I have enough CPs to grab any new hero (or alt) that gets released, so I guess until I accumulate the required CPs to grab every alt I am missing and go on a big spending spree, I will continue to be victimized by the random away screen messages.  

Been leveling up Ka-Zar and Kang through 1.10.6 (Zar for the bosses and when Kang is full of XP.  Soon when I feel like it, Zar will get the 1.12.2 treatment, as I need nothing from the Spec Ops anymore).  Both are pretty cool to use.  Ka-Zar can be equipped with that awesome Scrappy E-ISO, so his attack can be boosted pretty good and Kang is decent as well.  I usually keep him in his glowy-purple form, for the extra dodgeyness, but will play around with him a bit more once I get him to 9.  Doesn't seem as PVP worthy as Doom is, and it looks like a well placed Mystic can really take Kang out of the equation.  At least Doom can still deal some damage when hit with a Mystic.  Time will tell with these fellas.  

10/13 9:46PM EST:  Heimdall going to 14 and Ka-Zar to 8.  Tomorrow morning I'll be able to send Volstagg on his way and then I just have Fandral to go and my 13 to 14 heroes will be complete!  Much easier to train Kang and Ka-Zar at that point and hopefully will be able to keep a nice stockpile of Silver on hand for new heroes that get released.  In the meantime, I guess I'll try and catch up on those E-ISOs im missing.  I have 42/67, but am missing some notables, such as Cap and his Discus, Doom's and Mr F's (I really hate this fight.  I mean I loathe it), and some others which I don't consider greatly important (could be ignorance on my part).  I have all the A-ISOs, so I am patiently waiting for Chapter 2.7 and the new ones that are supposedly coming with 2.2.  Plenty of energy to spare, so farming awaits!  I could always go for the Custom weapons in the meantime, have the Chapter 2 ones and some of the better ones out there.  Desicions, desicions....Did pick up a Rocket Pistol with some Gold I had lying around.  I LOVE this weapon.  Hits like a truck and has some nice debuffs attached to it as well.  I only wish that if the initial shot missed the original target, that the splash damage misses the targets as well.  

10/18 5:55PM EST:  All heroes not named Ka-Zar and Kang are now 14!  Whaa-hoo!  But even better....Chapter 7!  I'm fighting Kurse on normal mode right now, but so far this Chapter has been pretty snazzy.  Lots of cool speculation as well, with a weapon that deals increased damage against Undead and Vampiric foes (possible Blade?!?!) and some of the dialogue in Chapter 2 dealing with a possible Oceanic presence or something...could this mean Namor pops up down the line?!?!  Also, the story mentions that Reptil has been killed, so that is a bummer.  I quite enjoyed him in the Super-Hero Squad Show.  So far have done a few instances of heroic fights (Chapter 1 and 2 twice and 3 once) and have not gotten any E-ISOs (I don't think I ever acquired and E-ISO on the first attempt) and I got Daredevil's A-ISO from the Epic battle against Mysterio.  On to Chapter 4 now and I can't wait to see where the story progresses from here!

10/25 10:05AM EST:  Chapter 7 completed a few days ago, Bruiser Cage is gemmed and ready to go.  Going back through the missions to grab the A-ISO and whatever E-ISOs I am so lucky enough to get.  So far in about 10 runs of 2.7.1, I have not gotten any yet, but hopefully that changes soon!  Leveling Gorgon up through the missions and like his potential.  Excited about Blade and the other acquirable hero coming in the new Spec Ops.  Hope its Morbius!  

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