Team Delay (for IOS)

So the last day of PVP is always crazy for everyone, a frenzied and furious paced event.  But what if we could slow it down?  What if we could slow down our opponents?  Most of us can win with any team, but we still lose 75-100% of our AFK’s.

During the season, you should be building the highest rating you can, and trying to maintain it.  This strategy is to try and slow the loss of points on the last day.  This will not help you if you aren’t above where you want to be.  With the slower Challenge Point regeneration, and the lack of gifting Challenge Points at times, this strategy comes into play.

While there is no limit to the number of people who can attack us at once, we can make their games longer.  Sometimes you reach a level bracket where the same 3-4 people are attacking us over and over again.  We’re going to lose 75-100% of our AFK’s, let’s see if we can limit how many times someone can hit us, by creating a “Delay Team.”

IOS battles are much faster than FB battles, with most only lasting 1-2 rounds.  Let us assume:

1 round = 1 minute.

Each battle normally goes 2 rounds.

Each AFK I lose -10 pts.


So in the last 20 minutes of PVP, I could theoretically lose -100 pts per opponent.

(20 mins = 20 rounds = 10 battles X -10 pts per battle)

In the last 60 minutes of PVP, I could theoretically lose -300 pts per opponent.

(60 mins = 60 rounds = 30 battles X -10 pts per battle)


If I create a team to prolong the games, “Team Delay”, and the games are extended to 4 rounds.

1 round = 1 minute.

Each Delayed battled goes 4 rounds

Each AFK I lose -10 pts.

So in the last 20 minutes of PVP, I could theoretically lose -50 pts per opponent.

(20 mins = 20 rounds = 5 battles X -10 pts per battle)

In the last 60 minutes of PVP, I could theoretically lose -150 pts per opponent.

(60 mins = 60 rounds = 15 battles X -10 pts per battle)


By making the games longer, my opponents can attack me less, which has four benefits:

1.       I lose less points per opponent.

2.       I lose rating slower.

3.       My opponents gain less points.

4.       By less people gaining less points, ratings don’t rise as quickly.

I can still be attacked by multiple people, but I can’t be hit as many times, by the same people.



Now for the Team, Heroes First:

Who are the most pain in the butt, hardest heroes to deal with?  Weighing passives/resurrections/skills, here is who I feel best creates the longest, pain in the rear, games.



Misdirection is the key here, a 20% miss chance for any and all attacks.  While mathematical evidence shows that things don’t proc more when AFK, it sure feels like it.  And in the IOS version, his Misdirection is given to the whole team, even after his death. 

His attacks aren’t too shabby either. 

L6 is Stealthy, and can make the opponent attack their own people, helping you win. 

L2 attacks everyone, and also creates follow-up attacks, and counter attacks, which also extend the game.

If there’s a Blaster on the enemy team, I like to use his L6, then L2 (if there are no infiltrators).

Iso –

Premium – 3xSpry, 3x Stalwart, 2x Refined Chaotic

Non-Premium -  3x Spry, 3x Bulky, 2x Chaotic



Cable randomly spawns shields to protect himself, again, making him take longer to kill.

Cable’s L2 provides Distraction, and gives a good chance of the next attack missing, and also provides him with Mirror Images, making him harder, and takes longer to kill.

His L9 gives a free turn, which not only creates turn advantage, but takes more time.

If he goes into T-O overdrive, there’s another lengthy animation.

Iso –

Premium – 3x Violent, 3x Stalwart, 2x Patient

Non-Premium – 2x Violent, 2x Steady, 1x Forceful, 1x Exact, 2x Stalwart


The Agent can go a couple of different ways depending on your meta:

Generalist Suit for no advantages/disadvantages.

Bruiser Suit for the extra HP and DEF. (If you’re facing a lot of Jug/QS)

Infiltrator Suit for the counters. (If you’re facing a lot of Tac Cap/Nix)


Agent Equipment:

Ideally, you’ll want things that protect, counter, give increased turns, stuns the enemy, or have passives that process regularly.

HoarFrost Mace: Keeps the Agent alive longer, draws attacks.

Scroll of Angolob: Removes debuffs, enemy buffs, long animations.

Quantum Jumper: Extra turns make for a longer game, and turn advantage.

Warbringer Axe: The passive processes every time you are hit, which extends the game.

Signpost/Hotshot: Good chance to stun the enemy, Signpost animation is long.

Radian Cannon: This thing processes constantly, adding turn advantage and time.


So one Combination could be Mace/SoA/QJ/WBA

A more offensive minded combination SP/HS/WBA/QJ or SP/HS/WBA/SoA


Hero Bonuses:

We’re gonna shift our hero bonuses for the last bit, again, the ideal situation is that you’ve built up a huge lead in rating, and you’re trying to slow your fall.  You will never be able to attack as much as you get attacked.

We’re gonna shift our hero bonuses to:  Tac/Gen/Bla/Bru/Inf/Scr

More HP is always a good thing.

Generalists add to every stat, and the only one we’ve got that can switch is coming from Scr.

You still need to be able to do damage.

Eva isn’t as important as Def at higher levels, but still reduces critical hits.

Fantomex builds ACC for the team w/ his L1, and we’ve got a LOT of Scr right now.



So the name of the game is to slow your fall the last day, and if you try the team, you’ll find out it’s not the worst on offense once you get the hang of it.



Does it work?  I was getting a 30-40% AFK with it, and people I know who fought me said it was a pain, and the games took forever (4-6 turns).


Good luck, and thanks for reading



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