Team “The Art of Combo”

Hello all,

I’m mostly an IOS player, but started the FB version in an effort to learn more about the game.  I started a week into the Hogun Season, and missed ADA by 50 pts.  My 2nd season (Rocket) I cleared ADA with ~1750.  This season I’ve decided to put together a team for FB crowd to peruse and discuss.

This is going to be my team for FB PVP 16, and its written for use as an offensive or defensive team.  I'm used to IOS, where we only have one, so I tried to make it universal.

We’re going to focus on Ares “War Never Changes” passive, which lets team members join in on single target attacks, or to retaliate when an ally is hit with a single target attack, and Iron Fist’s “Combo Breaker” passive, that counters enemy counter attacks and follow ups.

Because their L1’s are going to Proc the most, we’re going to focus on those for our A-ISO, if your characters are under level 14.  And that’s also where we’re going to get our name, Art of War + K’un L’un Combo = “The Art of Combo”

Ares (Bruiser)

Lv4 E-Iso: Close Empowered – His level 1 is going to be proc’ing a lot, higher crits!

Lv13 E-Iso: Hardened Empowered – His level 1 is going to be proc’ing a lot, higher defense!

Lv8 A-Iso L1: Vorpal Augmented – Always nice to ignore defense

Lv14 A-Iso L2: Powerful Ballistic – Adds some much needed damage

Lv14 A-Iso L6: Advantageous Augmented – free debuffs based on class

Lv14 A-Iso L9: Powerful Kinetic – Extra damage never hurts

Heroic Age Iron Fist (Scrapper)

I prefer the Heroic Age Iron Fist over the regular Iron Fist, because of the Pure Spirit Passive, giving him resistance to magic attacks, and a whole other skill set when he uses Hidden Potential.

Lv13 E-Iso: Aggressive Empowered – His level 1 is going to be proc’ing a lot, and everyone’s follow up is melee

Lv8 A-Iso L1: Pulverizing Augmented – Everyone’s follow-ups are all melee

Lv14 A-Iso L2: Charged Martial – Deadly crits…

Lv14 A-Iso L6: Gracious Augmented – Only Option

Lv14 A-Iso L9: Gracious Augmented – Only Option

Agent: (Generalist)

Slot 1: Bashenga’s Blade (chapter 5 challenge mode mastery)

Slot 2: Custom Psychic Amplifier (2.5.4 challenge mode boss reward)

Slot 3: Quantum Jumper (bought in the store)

Slot 4: Any QA Item

The Agent’s items force it into a programmed AI: alternating Bashenga’s Blade and QJ because of Cooldowns.  The counter from Bashenga’s also allows Ares and Iron Fist’s L1 attacks to Proc more often.

Turn 1: Bashenga’s Blade

Turn 2: QJ

Turn 3: Bashenga’s Blade

Turn 4; QJ

If you’ve got the empowered armor, the Inspiring E-ISO’s Morale Boost is always good.

My personal QA item choices for the 4rth slot would be the Scroll of Angolob (farmed in incursions), for its ability to remove enemy Buffs, and your own debuffs, or the Custom Chitter-Chatter box (2.5.3 challenge mode boss reward) for its ability to put Flanked and Cornered on an opponent.  If you have it, the Neurotrope can be awesome too (buffs and more counter attacks).

So the Agent has a single target melee attack, Iron Fist only has single target melee attacks, and Ares L1 is a single target melee attack.  Iron Fist’s L1 will apply Wide Open when it hits, and his attack will get stronger with every attack, and with every combo-break.  Ares L1 will ignore defense, stack bleeds, and ravaged.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and its been somewhat useful for you,  good luck, and good pvp.


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