So the new Nightcrawler Alt is out, and he's been refactored!  And with that, there is a resurgance of the Bleed Team.  We're not just going to make a Bleed Team however, our team is also going to do follow ups, hence the "Salt" in our wounds (Bleeds).

Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler Inf Alt):

Noble Sacrifice: - A chance to protect his allies from any type of attack, and combined with his second passive he dodges a LOT.

Whiff of Brimstone: - The big one here that many people gloss over, is the fact that he cannot be Cornered or Off-Balance, which means he always gets his counter attacks, this is why we want the Infiltrator alt, and not the Scrapper.

All of his attacks are stealthy!

L1, L6, and L9 cause bleeding, and L1 causes hemmorhaging!

L1 - It doesn't mention this anywhere in the game, but the 60% chance of a follow-up attack is still there.  Another reasons we want Infiltrator NC, he's already got the scrapper bonus built into his L1!

L2 - A chance to stun is always nice when you need one, an ace in the hole.

L6 - A nice damage dealer when you've got the time to use it.

L9 - A stealthy AOE that makes all targets bleed (can even make Phased targets bleed), that also Slows (-25% EVA and Exposes (-25% DEF), and has no cooldown!?!?  Yes please!

But who do we partner with our revised Swashbuckling friend?


Trigger Scent goes off at the drop of a hat, giving a chance to follow up attack against bleeding targets.  When she goes berserk she does major damage to the enemy team.

L1 - Bleeding, Shred (for those who won't bleed), and Ravaged if you need someone to go down fast.

L2 - causes bleeding, hemmorrhaging triggers all the stacks of bleeds (even if the target is phased, it still triggers their existing bleeds).

L6 - good when you need to put down one enemy hard.

L9 - Nice against the Phoenix, as she pops her head up during the last days of PVP.

Tac Power Armor Agent:


Reboot - Makes us immune to DOT's, and gives a nice attack.

Rocket Pistol - Hits the main target, then follows up (more salt in the wound) with bleeding and burning.

Quantum Jumper - More turns for our bleeders are always good.

SoA - Pretty standard to get out of various situations.

Bleeding mechanic:

While the exact percentages/damages are unknown, early research shows each stack of bleed to be worth 5% of the average HP of the enemy team.

Offensive Gameplay:

Nightcrawler leads with his L9, subsequent turns can be;

  -vs Phased, keep going w/ L9, add more bleed.

 -vs target that needs to die, L1 or L6

 - vs target that he can't kill but needs to be stopped L2

X-23 leads with her L2, and prettymuch spams it to hemmorrhage the enemy.

- L9 if you need to get Phoenix out of the way.

The Agent uses Reboot to hit a blaster, or to try and make Optic camo work so the Agent can use the RP to target a blaster.

-If the Agent gets two turns (due to Reboot or being able to hit a blaster with the RP), first RP then QJ.

-If the Agent gets one turn, QJ is your best bet first, to give the Heroes more chances to make the enemy bleed/hemmorrhage.

Enjoy! And good luck with your PVP.


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