Team “The Summers’ Revolution”

Hello all,

This is going to be one of my teams for FB PVP 18, and its written for use as an offensive team, though with a little though, might work as a defensive team too (Notes at the bottom).

We’re going to focus on the “Revolt 5” weapon, which can be won in Season 2, Chapter 2, Mission 4 challenge mode. Of all of the characters in MAA, I’ve found the only two who’s abilities proc with the Revolt 5, are Uncanny Cyclops’ “Uncanny Leadership”, and Havok’s Uncanny Coordination. Since the two of them share the last name “Summers,” we get the team name, “The Summers’ Revolution”

The way it works, is when the Agent takes QA shots with the Revolt 5, each shot has a chance to proc Cyclops and Havok’s abilities. If Cyclops gives the agent a 2nd turn, the agent can actually re-load, and fire 6 additional shots!

Uncanny Cyclops (Tactician) Lv13 E-Iso: Commanding E-ISO – gives morale boost. Lv8 A-Iso L1: Charged Kinetic – Deadly Criticals Lv14 A-Iso L2: Focused Martial – To help it hit Lv14 A-Iso L6: Gracious Augmented – No choice Lv14 A-Iso L9: Charged Ballistic – Deadly Criticals

Havok (Blaster) Lv4 E-Iso: Grounding E-ISO – we’re going to protect the agent if he doesn’t go first. Lv13 E-Iso: Unavoidable – we want Havok’s L6 to be able to hit anyone Lv8 A-Iso L2: Stabilizing Augmented – we don’t want Havok losing turns Lv14 A-Iso L1: Charged Radiant – Increased criticals, we’re taking down people fast Lv14 A-Iso L6: Aiming Augmented – this Catastrophic attack applies “Lock-On.” Since Havok can gain turns between the Revolt shots, this attack can help the Agent, especially if you get lucky and Havok gets a turn right away. Lv14 A-Iso L9: Gracious Augmented – No other choice.

Agent: (Generalist/Tactician) Slot 1: Revolt 5 (2.2.4 challenge mode epic boss reward) Slot 2: Custom Psychic Amplifier (2.5.4 challenge mode boss reward) Slot 3: Power Gauntlet (2.2.3 challenge mode boss reward) Slot 4: Any QA Item

If you’ve got the empowered armor, the Inspiring E-ISO’s Morale Boost is always good.

My personal QA item choice for the 4rth slot would be the Combat Coordinator from the Starlord Spec Ops. When the Agent goes first (and this item helps that), this team can potentially wipe out the enemy team before they even get a turn.

Ideally with the Combat Coordinator, the Agent goes first, fires off a shot or two, and Havok or Cyclops’ ability procs. When Havok procs, he fires off his L6, which is catastrophic, unavoidable, applies Lock-On, and potentially exposed. If Cyclops procs and gives the Agent an additional turn, the Agent can re-load the Revolt 5, to earn an additional 6 shots. Finally, the last blow can be with the Power Gauntlet, since it will be charged up from all of the Revolt 5 shots. Hopefully you’ve defeated the enemy before they can even get off an attack.

As a defensive team, I’d remove the Power Gauntlet, and add an additional QA, which forces the AI to use the Revolt 5, with its many shots. SoA, the Custom Chitter Chatter Box, Neurotrope, and many other QA items can be used here.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and its been somewhat useful for you, good luck, and good pvp.


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