Hello everyone,

New to the site, but a longtime player on IOS.

Inspired by PKB, I created a spreadsheet that can help you determine what ISO's to put on what character. This sheet is mainly for the IOS version, it might work on Android, I don't know.

The file is found at:

If you're upgrading from an older version, you just need to copy and paste the Iso-8 you added to a character, not the worksheet, there are new calculations in the document.

Input Page


This is where things begin. Enter all of your information into the Yellow Boxes. a lot of the rest will calculate for the other pages.

On the right shows your overall stats, and the breakdown of where your stats come from.

The lower right allows your to adjust your armory, and see what your stats would be like if you raised your armory values.

PVP Character Stats: PVECharStats_zpsb506c84b.jpg

The character stats page lists the stats for every character and alt costume based on your agent's stats and the iso you have added, as well as your hero and armory bonuses.

Hyperlinks allow quick access to that characters ISO page.

On each character page is the suggested Iso-8 setups by PKB and Shade99.  If you click on their name, it'll direct you to their blogs!

Hero Setup:


This is home to the Base stats of all heroes. The heroes base stats are determined by a percentage of your agent's base stats. This page also shows all released class options, and the maximum number of each class you can have.


This is my new toy. It will help you develop your overall PVP strategy. You can choose whatever heroes you want, and it will show you step by step how your bonuses affect their stats.


My theory is that we should not be treating our stats as if they exist in a vacuum. Hero Bonus, Armory Bonus and ISO-8 all need to be coordinated for a better PVP team.



On the armory page, there are 12 spots per level grouping (1 to 29, 30 to 59, etc) for you to put the item name, the offensive value in the red box, and defensive value in the blue box. The totals will be calculated on the upper left.

This allows you to see your whole armory at a glance, and see where you can upgrade things.

The right side of the page shows the current best 2G items you can buy, and the best farmable items for your armory.

The lower right allows you to enter the items of your armory and the quantities you have in a different format, which some may find easier to read.

Hero Bonus:


On the left side, enter your hero bonuses in the yellow boxes, and pick the appropriate number of heroes of each level in the drop downs.

This allows you to play with your hero bonuses on the right hand side. Want to see what it'll look like when they're all 12? Want to chance a scrapper to a bruiser and see the benefits? Now you can!

PVP Choices: PVPChoices_zps7a6a9390.jpg

Enter your PVP weapons in the yellow boxes, and their action types and cooldowns in the appropriate drop downs. This will show you all of the options for your A.I. to use in PVP.

I'm working on the 2nd and 3rd rounds.



This is the meat and potatoes of the file. Each character already has a page generated for themselves, but if you want to look at a variation, use the Matrix page.

In Cell B2, choose your level range, this will determine your Iso-8 type.

Then you can pick Iso-8 for your Sockets 1-8.

On the Iso-8 Total line, it will show the total added to that stat.

The character PVE Stats line is your character's total stats for PVE, (PVP has additional factors).

The 5 bar, and needs lines are inspired again by PKB.

5 bar minimum stats is a calculation of what your stat needs to be to reach 5 bars. I've only done this for Health, Attack, Accuracy, Defense, and Evasion.

I agree with the PKB philosophy of 5 bar Attack and Accuracy, and Defense or Evasion.

The "Needs to reach 5 bars" is how many points you still need to put into that stat to reach the 5 bar level. The 5 bar status is a percentage of your agent's stats, so as your level increases, the current Crystal Iso's will not be enough to 5 bar all of the areas you want, we will need Reactive Iso's to be able to do that. The threshhold for this seems to be around level 200.

The last two lines show your hero bonuses, and PVP stats is your stats for PVP (minus the armory)

Angel: Angel_zpsf250d82a.jpg

I quickly Iso'd up Angel using PKB's guides so you can see a completed page for a character.

I hope the file helps you, and I look forward to being a contributor to the site.


PS - I don't know if PKB will ever read this, but if he does, I'd love to include your ISO setups as part of my spreadsheet.  They're pretty much the definitive guide for players.

Version 2.1

-Added Agent PVP Armors

-Added Hank Pym

-Minor formula fixes

Version 2.2

-Added Black Knight, Captain Britain, Red Hulk, Angel

-Added Main Character page (with hyperlinks to each character/alt)

Version 2.22

-Added Vision, Omega Sentinel, Blaster Ageis Armor

-Character attributes that reach 5-bar status on the Character Stats page change colors.

-Re-color coded some of the armory page to aid in reading.

Version 2.3

-Separation of PVE and PVP character pages

-Armory page redone

-Hero Bonus page added

-PVP choices calculator added

Version 2.31

-Added Bishop, Elektra, and Tac Ageis Armor

Version 2.33

-Added Rescue, and PKB and Shade99 Iso-8 Setups on each character page!

Version 3.2

-Total Overhaul after figuring out the armory

-Many characters/armors added

-Dyne's PVP Theory tool Added

Version 3.2.1

-Added Daimon Hellstrom and Satanna

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