So Avengers Alliance for IOS has turned into armory wars, and you’ll need a decent standard to be competitive in PVP. There are two ways to do this, spend money, or farm for items. This article is going to talk about where and how to farm for these armory items.

As of this writing, the “Bottle of Bub” is the best 2 gold armory item, with a bonus of +996/+996. If you had 60 of these, your total bonus would be +59760/+59760. The best farmable item (ch 11.3), the Sword of the Barony, is +1103/+965. If you had 60 of these, your total bonus would be +66180/+57900.

Chapter 11 is your best bet for farming armory items.

Here’s where you can find the items


The Golden Range

Now when you are between levels 175 – 205, you’ll be in the golden range for deploy drops for the armory. Any deploys you complete, or lockboxes you open will have a chance to contain one of these items. As you level, the items will go down the list. But beware, as soon as you turn level 206, you’ll never see these items again as part of the deploys. You're going to want to stay in this range, and maximize your deploys/lockboxes as long as you can.


How to farm? We’re going to farm a mission by making sure we don’t bring it to 5 stars. We accomplish this, by ABORTING the mission, rather than clicking on the exit button after we finish the Epic Boss. This allows us to run the mission quicker and easier, as the enemies will not scale to our level. We want to run this battle as many times as we can, so we want to keep our XP gain from this level minimal, especially if we’re between 175 and 205, the golden range for deploys.

Where to farm? We’re going to look for the mission with the best weapons per run, which is going to be ch 11.3, which gives us shots at the Widow’s Kiss, the Fistborne Defibrillator, and the Sword of the Barony. It also has 5 deploys, which require Phoenix, a bruiser, an infiltrator, and two with any hero. It will take 110 energy to run the mission, but gives us 5 deploys and 2 roulette spins for armory items.

As a side note, while not the most efficient place for CP (see many other blogs on this site), your two roulette spins could produce CP as well. And since there potentially 2 good items on the boss spin, it increases your odds of getting something good for that spin, be it CP or a Armory Item.

I hope this helps those of you who are looking to improve your armory for free. It’s the best items we have on IOS without spending any money or gold.

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