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  • DyneDenethor

    Team “The Summers’ Revolution”

    Hello all,

    This is going to be one of my teams for FB PVP 18, and its written for use as an offensive team, though with a little though, might work as a defensive team too (Notes at the bottom).

    We’re going to focus on the “Revolt 5” weapon, which can be won in Season 2, Chapter 2, Mission 4 challenge mode. Of all of the characters in MAA, I’ve found the only two who’s abilities proc with the Revolt 5, are Uncanny Cyclops’ “Uncanny Leadership”, and Havok’s Uncanny Coordination. Since the two of them share the last name “Summers,” we get the team name, “The Summers’ Revolution”

    The way it works, is when the Agent takes QA shots with the Revolt 5, each shot has a chance to proc Cyclops and Havok’s abilities. If C…

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  • DyneDenethor

    Team “The Art of Combo”

    Hello all,

    I’m mostly an IOS player, but started the FB version in an effort to learn more about the game.  I started a week into the Hogun Season, and missed ADA by 50 pts.  My 2nd season (Rocket) I cleared ADA with ~1750.  This season I’ve decided to put together a team for FB crowd to peruse and discuss.

    This is going to be my team for FB PVP 16, and its written for use as an offensive or defensive team.  I'm used to IOS, where we only have one, so I tried to make it universal.

    We’re going to focus on Ares “War Never Changes” passive, which lets team members join in on single target attacks, or to retaliate when an ally is hit with a single target attack, and Iron Fist’s “Combo Breaker” passive, that counters enemy co…

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  • DyneDenethor

    So Avengers Alliance for IOS has turned into armory wars, and you’ll need a decent standard to be competitive in PVP. There are two ways to do this, spend money, or farm for items. This article is going to talk about where and how to farm for these armory items.

    As of this writing, the “Bottle of Bub” is the best 2 gold armory item, with a bonus of +996/+996. If you had 60 of these, your total bonus would be +59760/+59760. The best farmable item (ch 11.3), the Sword of the Barony, is +1103/+965. If you had 60 of these, your total bonus would be +66180/+57900.

    Chapter 11 is your best bet for farming armory items.

    Here’s where you can find the items

    The Golden Range

    Now when you are between levels 175 – 205, you’ll be in the golden range for depl…

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  • DyneDenethor

    So the new Nightcrawler Alt is out, and he's been refactored!  And with that, there is a resurgance of the Bleed Team.  We're not just going to make a Bleed Team however, our team is also going to do follow ups, hence the "Salt" in our wounds (Bleeds).

    Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler Inf Alt):

    Noble Sacrifice: - A chance to protect his allies from any type of attack, and combined with his second passive he dodges a LOT.

    Whiff of Brimstone: - The big one here that many people gloss over, is the fact that he cannot be Cornered or Off-Balance, which means he always gets his counter attacks, this is why we want the Infiltrator alt, and not the Scrapper.

    All of his attacks are stealthy!

    L1, L6, and L9 cause bleeding, and L1 causes hemmorhaging!

    L1 - It do…

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  • DyneDenethor

    Team Delay

    April 17, 2014 by DyneDenethor

    Team Delay (for IOS)

    So the last day of PVP is always crazy for everyone, a frenzied and furious paced event.  But what if we could slow it down?  What if we could slow down our opponents?  Most of us can win with any team, but we still lose 75-100% of our AFK’s.

    During the season, you should be building the highest rating you can, and trying to maintain it.  This strategy is to try and slow the loss of points on the last day.  This will not help you if you aren’t above where you want to be.  With the slower Challenge Point regeneration, and the lack of gifting Challenge Points at times, this strategy comes into play.

    While there is no limit to the number of people who can attack us at once, we can make their games longer.  Sometimes you reac…

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