Going on what we know about Vision he's fully capable of going Intangible and being quite the powerhouse offensively. So there's a good possibility he'll come with the Intangibility status, much like X-Ray, as a special thing he can do. Kinda like Kitty Pryde and her Phased.

While Vision can fly in the comics, but much like Thor, I don't think they'll actually make flying his natural stance/innate.


With his powerhouseness and considering the previous Spec-Ops heroes and the recent buff to Bruisers I think it's a safe bet to see Vision as a new Bruiser. I can also see him as a Tactician or Generalist

Other Changes

Assuming Vision is indeed given his Intangibility status chances are we'll get a buff to the Vibranium weapons and a possible resurgence of them. So far that's the only thing that can hit Intangible targets (i.e X-Ray) so they may make more, buff weapons with that trait, or do both. This also means Black Panther may get a new buff to go with this change which would make him appear more useable to counter the near instoppable status effect.

Or you know...I could be entirely wrong XD

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