• Dusk0104


    The master of hitting things but not much else...would be nice if he had something to make him stand out a bit more as a character so I actually have a reason to use him.


    Dear Odin you used to be so powerful and threatening at the beginning of the game to being near suicidal to use now. As my favorite character, you need to improve. I think a moveset change is best for him to make him better. Maybe with the new suit give him a leadership themed buff. It's good his moves have a few diverse uses but their just not that impressive or great at this all...

    Iron Man

    Anything will do to make him better. The moves are nice but SOMETHING to make him stand out and be special.


    He's just not tha…

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  • Dusk0104


    Going on what we know about Vision he's fully capable of going Intangible and being quite the powerhouse offensively. So there's a good possibility he'll come with the Intangibility status, much like X-Ray, as a special thing he can do. Kinda like Kitty Pryde and her Phased.

    While Vision can fly in the comics, but much like Thor, I don't think they'll actually make flying his natural stance/innate.


    With his powerhouseness and considering the previous Spec-Ops heroes and the recent buff to Bruisers I think it's a safe bet to see Vision as a new Bruiser. I can also see him as a Tactician or Generalist

    Other Changes

    Assuming Vision is indeed given his Intangibility status chances are we'll get a buff to the Vibranium weapons and a p…

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