Great. PVP tournament's over... 16 hours ago, I was worried that my team would drop to diamond league so I rushed to play PVP about one and a half hour before the tourney ends. My rank dropped -50 something so I really had to catch up. I only had the chance to fight thrice cause I still had to go to work. Good thing I won all of it.

Anxiety is all I feel all day long while in the office... Wondering if those three victories would guarantee me to stay on the same league....

Now... As I opened the PVP window... I was surprised to see this:


I was expecting the worse, but then good thing my team managed to stay in Vibranium league and get all those good stuff... Well, almost.

I failed to get Deadpool, but what the hell. I might get him sooner or later after a month. Besides, getting to research and get that power infiltrator armor is more that enough aside from getting all those silver, gold, and that weapon thingie. After all, I AM ORIGINALLY AN INFILTRATOR AGENT.

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