Great... Neglect leads to loss... And my PVP trio suffered those loss. I got like -32 points only because I forgot to replace blaster suit to tactician, and Batstone 2.357 Minigun to Web Blaster the last time I playes AA. What a bummer. Well, there's nothing for me to do but get those lost points back, or get so much more than I've lost. Good thing I did manage to get it back with the help of FF Infiltrator Spidey and Annihilus Blaster Human Torch. I'm keeping these duo for now until Scarlet witch reaches at least level 6, when she has Chaos Shield. For the moment, I can say FF spidey and Annihilus HT are deadly duo.

It's a shame I failed to get Emma Frost in Spec ops 2 but... What the heck. Scarlet Witch and Magik should suffice for now as far as recuiting new heroes is concerned. Speaking of recruiting new heroes... Funny how PD floods us of new heroes when some of them are not fairly priced. Some heroes are even priced so much more/less than their worth. Quicksilver, then now Hercules... I already got Quicksilver. Yeah, he takes two turns each round. But what the heck, his damage ain't that impressive though he do counter-attack and follow-up attack with tag team that damages all foes. Maybe he still needs more level-ups. Hercules? I heard rumors that he's one OP'd hero; but hell, I won't recruit him anytime soon as I don't have any CP's for the moment, and I don't know if he's worth recuiting.

As for new heroes coming up... Of all those incoming new heroes... I only want few of them: Psylocke, Valkyrie (reminds me of some Norse mythology themed Game) Doctor VooDoo, and Havok. I hope all those four won't require 90CP. My thoughts might change depending on how PD will build them up along with other incoming new characters. I might even recruit Captain Britain even if I don't even know him... If he's woth it.

For now, I'll just save CPs I get to spend with heroes when I need to (familiar in Spec Ops 3 deploys?)

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