The grueling struggle in M:AA's 1st tournament that lasted for a month (which seemed like forever for me) finally came to a halt. My team (My agent[Tactician], FF Spidey[infiltrator], and Magik [Scrapper]) managed to remain in Vibranium league. My galvanic arm had been of great help for my agent to prevent being counter-attacked (especially against infiltrators) and it's almost always guaranteed to hit (but no crit). Phoenix pinion also prevents being counter-attacked and helps giving bonus damages to poisoned foes (due to magiks' uhmmm... swarming poisonous flying demons stuff?! haha I forgot whatchamacallit)and to burning enemies as well when magik unleashes hell with a single soul charge. But what helped me most are two gadgets: Quantum Jumper (one worth buying of all the gears that needs gold to purchase. Glad I took PotKettleblack's advice about what's the right gear to buy from gold), and Magnetic field generator (an epic boss reward from C4M4. So lucky to have one) as they give me free turns.

By remaining at the vibranium league at the end of the tourney, I got 100,000 silver, 10 gold, focal plasma cannon (a pretty good weapon for me), and my most favorite of all my rewards: Infiltrator's power trench armor. Aside from it's flashy visual effect, it has shock absorption buff that CONSTANTLY reduces melee damage by a quarter percentage. Very helpful especially when against a scrapper, which are almost all of its kind rely more on melee attacks. I'm originally an Infiltrator agent, so I really should love this armor.

But what's on my mind right now is: What ISO-8s should I give this armor...? Maybe assorted ISOs to balance its stats, or splurge it with more ISO8 with evasion, making him more difficult to get hit? Any advice will be appreciated.

As of spec ops 4, I only have but two more tasks left to accomplish. I don't have Gambit, Hercules, nor Daredevil; and I only have 16CPs so far (And I just don't want to spend CP to anyone of them... Though I'm have second thoughts to Daredevil.) So I have no choice but to skip this one. As for the last task (3 stars to all missions), yeah, quite easier to accomplish; but I need more unstable ISOs. Sometimes I wish that the daily rewards would stop giving me those stupid helmets or skulls and start giving me unstable ISOs... Speaking of stupid, I kind of regret placing my signpost to PVP armory; but what the hell. If it weren't for it's massive defense bonus it gives, I wouldn't have remained in Vibranium league.

I'll just check out some free stuffs for fb players and see if they have already given free unstable ISOs. It'll be of great help for me.

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