In the PvPs, there're many creative team combinations that grant the victory. But for me, personally these are the PvP team-ups I use to triumph together with their E-ISO and A-ISO insertions

Team Avengers: Capt. America and Thor

This team is based into an offensive and tactical combat way, granting an advantage in both attack/defense sides

Captain America ISO:

The First Avenger - helps Cap ensure his tactical actions by moving first

Concussed - while tanking with Shield Guard, Cap neutralizes opposing Melee power

Thor ISO:

Thunder God + Worthy - By using Inspire Bravery, he gets 2 stacks of MoM and applies Static Charge, dealing extra damage for his now electrical attacks

Team X-Men: Wolverine and Storm

This team also mixes attack and defense like the one described above, but is a bit more offensive due to Wolverine

Wolverine ISO:

Hunting Instinct - makes easier for Wolverine to target a foe with his attack, rendering them defenseless

Mangling - The deadly Feral Ambush is now meaner, due to neutralizing the target's ability to heal or bolster themselves

Storm ISO:

Wind Shear - Grants evasion to attacks, but if I use Storm's L9, she'll get Wind Wall, powering up the defensive duty

Chain Lightning - If Storm has Elemental Mastery, her L1 will give Static Charge to all enemies, which shall trigger twice due to the follow-up electrical attack

Team X-Men #2: Cyclops and Nightcrawler

This team is most focused into evasion, in order to foil the opponents offensive duty

Note: In this setup, I use Nightcrawler's Swashbuckler and Cyclops P5 alts

Cyclops ISO:

Inspiring Leadership - Giving a boost to all stats increases the offense/defense resilience at battle

Grace - By using Evasive Maneuvers, restoring Stamina makes my team prone for battle

Nightcrawler ISO:

Pious Prayer - Preventing debuffs renders the party safe from any harm at the start battle

Knocking - By usiing his L9, Nightcrawler renders the whole foe's party even more defenseless, due to the chance of Stunning the targets

Team X-Men #3: Phoenix and Kitty Pryde

This team involves the combination of Phoenix's Mind Link and Kitty Pryde's Phased status, absorbing any attack

Note: In this setup, I use Kitty Pryde in her Shadowcat outfit

Phoenix ISO:

Consuming Fire - Worsens the condition for the opponent by using her L1, removing all buffs and dealing DoT

Grace - Use Mind Link as the core of the strategy, and never run out of Stamina

Kitty Pryde ISO:

Dragonfire - Following-up with Lockheed may help deal increased damage

On Call - Using Lockheed as a QA may help now and then

Team WCA: Hawkeye and War Machine

This team is based on the number of critical hits dealt by the whole party

Note: In this setup Hawkeye uses his Heroic Age outfit

Hawkeye ISO:

Hawkeye's Initiative - Having Hawkeye attack first puts his striking abilities prior for higher success

Bursting - His L6 bursts shields, making it easier to deal damage

War Machine ISO:

Strategic Advantage - Pinpointing the foe's weakness to keep them from using their class advantage at battle

Auto-Updating - Using his L9 not only charges his power to the max, but he also deals further damage at his Tech attacks

Team Heroes for Hire: Luke Cage and Iron Fist

This team consists into using the offensive Iron Fist and the defensive/countering Luke Cage with his L6

Luke Cage ISO:

Street Cleaner - For each Knuckle-Up, Luke gets freed from his nasty debuffs

Hangin' Tough - His defensive ability also grants endurance to all counters and follow-ups

Iron Fist ISO:

Killer Instinct - Counters all follow-ups and counters from the opponent, but it may override Luke's Hangin' Tough

Lifting Spirits - By healing Luke with his L6, Iron Fist turns Luke Cage's defense even tougher by raising his stats

Team PhD: Dr Strange and Mr. Fantastic

This team uses many effects to chip away the foe's health, rendering them defenseless

Note: I vary between both Dr. Strange's Blaster and Tactician alts

Dr. Strange Tactician alt ISO:

Siphoned Power - By increasing Strange's stats every time he gets Power of Principalties, he'll be in for a huge attack soon

Blessed - Strange's L2 boosts significantly the healing

Hexing Touch - Strange's L6 deals Hexed

Dr. Strange Blaster alt ISO:

Baleful + Combat Casting - Bolts of Balthakk exploit attriton and is now Stealthy, turning it quite deadly

Mr. Fantastic ISO:

Overclocked + Obsolescence - Bifurcator hits all foes and restrains use of Tech abilities by them

Team Shinobi: Daredevil and Psylocke

This team involves offensive and countering ability

Daredevil ISO:

Sensitive - All attacks gain Paragon Exploiter

Manriki - His L9 is more cruel due to Paragon Exploiter and Hemmorhage

Psylocke ISO:

Mental Preparation - All allies are able to counter with increased power

Hayai - Turning Psylocke's L1 into a QA allows me to use L9 at the same turn and inflict a guaranteed crit

Psychic Shock - Psylocke's L9 shall cause more havoc by reducing her target's potential

Team Royals: Capt. Britain and Black Panther

This team involves full-on attack power and exploiting ability

Black Panther ISO:

Panther's Bite + Reflexive - With his L9 becoming a QA, and granting a new ability beyond Panther Stance, he is more than powerful

Rejuvenating - While using Panther Stance to grant powerful Buffs, the Black Panther may recover energy to carry on the battle

Captain Britain ISO:

Pendragon - Turns Cap even sturdier if he's got Roar of Valor

Overwhelming - All foes get Weak Point, harshly increasing Cap's L9 damage along with Paragon Exploiter

Note.: I'm still hesitant about putting Merlin's Wisdom as Cap's E-ISO ability

Team Heavy Metal: Red Hulk and Hercules

This team involves a sturdy, defensive strategy with both Heroes

Red Hulk ISO:

Boomshakalaka! + Endothermic - At the start of the combat, RHulk uses his L9 and gets 80% Heat

Hercules ISO:

Marble Counter - Countering with both Gift of Battle and Column Down help fulfill Blessing of Olympus

Guffaw - After using Gift of Battle, Herc is free to use another move at the same turn

Note.: I'm still deciding about putting Hercules' Vigor as his E-ISO ability

Team Warbound: Union Jack and Sif

This team is based into the fruition of counters/follow-ups

Union Jack ISO:

Bounding - Increasing attack every time he counters/follow-ups turns his attacks quite deadly

Surprise Attack - At the moment, this A-ISO is bugged, but should they fix it, I would begin to use it

Victorious - Turn his L9 a QA, that'll help greatly while he gets a free attack at the same turn

Sif ISO:

Berserker - Combo any counter/follow-up with Allied Forces makes Union Jack get a free attack

Vampiric Strike - Her L2 deals increased damage and heals Sif for each stack of Bleeding

Team Mutant Twins: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Combine the offensive power of QS and the ominous powers of SW, then there'll be a terrific party

Quicksilver ISO:

Frictionless - Turn Quicksilver's counters endless by having at least one stack of Quickness

Suterusu - If QS L6 becomes Stealthy, it becomes even more impossible to avoid or counter

Scarlet Witch ISO:

Controlled Chaos - Chaos Shield should never miss/fail to ensure full performance

Breaking - Probability Field will cause more havoc to the opponent

Team Light-finger: Black Cat and Gambit

This team is based into the pinpoint accuracy of dealing massive damage via combos

Note: In this setup, I use Black Cat Scrapper and Infiltrator outfits

Black Cat Infiltrator ISO:

Deja-vu + Jinx - Following-up with Unlucky Strike causes Hexed, making the foes backfire most of their attacks

Vorpal - Her L1 now Ignores Defense, becoming more offensive

Black Cat Scrapper ISO:

Lands on her Feet + Manifesting - Stroke of Luck grants an Extra Turn and guaranteed chance for critical hit

Hemorrhage - L1 deals additional damage for each stack of Bleeding it induces

Gambit ISO:

Eight Card Stud - Use Ace of Spades thrice, then Ragin' Cajun with 5 stacks of Kinetic Energy, the damage shall be strict

High Card - Ace of Spades gets more accurate, especially for the combo described above

Team Ultimate: Cable and Punisher

The name says it all

Cable ISO:

Thoughtful - Psychic attacks shall never miss, turning them quite unstoppable

Manifesting - His L9 (at T-O Control Mode), grants both Extra Turn and a certain crit, a greatest opportunity at battle

Punisher ISO:

Real Combat - Upgrades his class-changing ability, so that it triggers upon being attacked

Fatal Fender - His Battle Van is going to be even deadlier with such Attack Buffs

--idiota3000 14:37, February 1, 2015 (UTC) Duelmaster 3000

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