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  • Duelmaster3000

    PvP dreamteam

    February 1, 2015 by Duelmaster3000

    In the PvPs, there're many creative team combinations that grant the victory. But for me, personally these are the PvP team-ups I use to triumph together with their E-ISO and A-ISO insertions

    This team is based into an offensive and tactical combat way, granting an advantage in both attack/defense sides

    Captain America ISO:

    The First Avenger - helps Cap ensure his tactical actions by moving first

    Concussed - while tanking with Shield Guard, Cap neutralizes opposing Melee power

    Thor ISO:

    Thunder God + Worthy - By using Inspire Bravery, he gets 2 stacks of MoM and applies Static Charge, dealing extra damage for his now electrical attacks

    This team also mixes attack and defense like the one described above, but is a bit more offensive due to Wolveri…

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