Have you noticed how some of the characters powers don't go with what they normaly have in the comic books? 

I have noticed some that i should think Playdom should change. For instance spidermans second power "spider-sense" can anyone tell me why spiderman should already just have spider sense on him? He should have to turn on spider sense he should always have it like in the books. Another thing spiderman should have is a power that shoots an enormous web on all enemies that deals stun and reduiced evasion as well as puting webbing on them so that his next attack does more damage.

Another one i noticed was Wolverine, In the books wolverine's claws are made of a special materal (adamantium) which in the comic books can CUT THROUGH ANYTING! In MVA his claws get stopped by shield or simular effects. Another thing with Wolverine is How can they put healing as one of his powers? In the books he doesn't turn on his healing he just does it all the time. I understand that by using the healing power you increase the healing bonus that he gets every turn but in the comic books his healing power never goes up or down, it is the same all the time. He should also have an ablility called Super Sense where he can using his smelling senses to find targets, just like in the book. it wouldn't be one of his powers just one of his ablilities and it would stay on him the whole time. he would be able to find anyone anywere because of his nose. (kind of like Daredevil's Radar Sense ablility.)

Then what about kitty pride? In the books she can phase through electronic things and do a ton of damage. Shouldn't she get a huge bonus when attacking things that use electricity like robots, ironman, war machine....ect? Also with her, she should have phase as a power that appears when she is attacked some of the time. (kind of like invisable women's invisability).

I think with Ms. Marvel she should absorb energy as just one of her nature abilities, it should be a move.

Phoenix 3rd power Mind Link should give everyone increased evasion and should give them a chance to cordinate attack with phoenix or cyclops if you have him on the team. 

All brusiers should get engraged that stayes until you attack and they should all get angry (like Hulk) and have that stay until they attack. 

I think it would be cool if all tacticians got an extra turn when attacked by blasters. 

With blasters i think it would be cool if they got a extra damage patch after attacking a brusier so that for the next two turns all their attacks do more damage even if it is to another kind of player. 

With Nightcrawler, he should be able to avoid attacks completly some of the time because of his teleportation. 

You shouldn't be able to poisen Colossus because in the books he is 100% steel. and you can't poisen steel...its metal. Also his Steel Curtain power should just be an inheirt ablility, meaning that he would just sometimes protect others from attacks in a defensive position, meaning that he would take less damage. 

Iron man should not have too recharge or he should get stamina every turn becuase in the books and movie the thing powering his suit is the arc reacter which creates limitless power. this should be the same with War machine. I also think it is stupid that they can bleed, come on! they are covered in metal suits. 

With Ghost Rider i think it would be awesome if he could inhance the weapons and armor of people on your team because in the movie he is able to take weapons and make them more powerful like his bike (by the way they need to make a new bike for him that has the cool look of the movie) so if you had ironman or war machine he could inhance them with his Ghostyness. 

Quicksilver should have more of a high evaision because of his speed.

Lastly is Rogue, Rogue should have both her Absorb Power and Drain Essence powers be one power in which she absorbs both the enimes health and their power. i think it would be nice if when she drained their power and essence that she would gain positive physical attributes of the hero (like immunity which the asgardians have, thor,  Sif and Valkyrie) and that she would also have their memories i.e. getting a weakspot on them that lasts forever becuase of what she knows. 

if you have anything to add i would love comments!


Deadpool out....

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