Been a while since I posted a blog on here.  BTW, my CTCBITG will continue soon, it's just that this year I was swamped with schoolwork because it was my last year.  I should be able to continue off with what I posted last time.  I'm sorry everyone for the long delay but again, life takes priority before anything else.

Anyway, SDCC will arrive near the end of this month and I figure that I share some characters I wish can be added in the game soon.  I will be describing some characters that I want to be added, some basic information about them, powers they have, and why I think they can be in the game.  Unlike the last time, I will focus less on balancing classes we have at the time of this writing and just focus on some characters that I want to see.  Hope you all enjoy the list and feel free to share what you want.

1. Dazzler-Uncanny X-Men #130 (February 1980)

Dazzler is still someone I personally would want to see.  With the ability to convert sound into different forms of light from holograms to laser beams, Alison Blaire is a force to be reckon with.  While in the past she was very reluctant about being a hero, recent events allowed her to willingly step into the heroic spotlight (no pun intended).  And before anyone asks, no she will not be in her disco outfit.

2. Chase Stein-Runaways vol. 1 # 1 (July 2003)

It wouldn't make sense only having one member of the Runaways as a playable character.  Now that Nico joined S.H.I.E.L.D., it now makes sense for the rest of the Runaways to join up with them despite their natural distrust with adults.  Chase doesn't have any powers of his own, however he comes equipped with his Fistigons, rocket boots, goggles, and a dinosaur.  Although he's often considered to be a hothead, he will stand by his friends to save the world.

3. Pete Wisdom-Excalibur vol.1 #86 (February 1995)

Pete stands out among other candidates for already being a secret agent, only for the United Kingdom instead of S.H.I.E.L.D..  However, combining that with his mutant ability to shoot hot daggers allow him to be a valuable member of the alliance.  He is already deploy material and has loads of history both for the X-Men and the United Kingdom.

4. Shang-Chi-Special Marvel Edition #15 (December 1973)

One of the greatest martial artists of the Marvel Comic Universe, Shang-Chi has been a bit reclusive until recently when he joined the Avengers.  Sure, he was originally made for a license that was expired a long time ago but now he is considered to be an indistinguishable member of the MCU.  Sadly, he is not a very well known character but I think this game will be enough to help him boost his popularity.

5. Molly Hayes-Runaways vol. 1 # 1 (July 2003)

Arguably, the youngest hero that would be in the game, Molly follows a couple of niches that may seem cliche but would make her fit within the game.  She would be one of the few child heroes available, one of the few non-X-Men mutants, an obvious choice for a brusier, and another member of the Runaways.  Molly's childish nature would also make an interesting contrast to the relatively normal Nico and the troubled X-23.

6. Multiple Man-Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 (February, 1975)

What's better than one guy?  How about one guy that manages to duplicate himself into an army.  Jamie Madrox comes a long way from his original, boring self thanks to the magic of one of my favorite comic book writers, Peter David.  With his ability to absorb any knowledge his dupes have, Multiple Man is a very versitile hero to have around and if somehow a hero falls, he can easily step in and create a dupe to cover you.

More will be added later on.

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