Taking a break from my blog series, I've decided to move all my reviews about my characters to this page. It will be updated once the characters are updated or the meta game has changed. I am also going to shorten it just to give a brief rundown on the heroes and my ratings based moves and stats. Also, please note that this is not a review for just PvP, this is a review for how the heroes work overall in both PvP and PvE.

Personal advice: Always try to get every hero in the game, because

1. Each hero gives you a bonus total to your PvP status, yes even the worst heroes are worth getting for the stats alone. Tacticians increases health and stamina, Blasters increases attack, Brusiers increases defense, Scrappers increases accuracy, Infiltrators increases evasion, and Generalists gives out a smaller bonus for all statuses. You can change a hero's class if you buy an alternate costume, I would recommend keeping the statuses in balance of each other in PvP. A small increase in attack at the expense of evasion won't hurt you but if you clearly have a lot more tacticians than any other class, that might affect you in a bad way.

2. The worst character in the game might become the best character from a simple update. Playdom is trying to make the game as balanced as possible but lets face it, they are still a long ways from making that happen. Some heroes haven't been updated since the start and it clearly shows while others were once the No.1 choice for PvP and now you barely see them on defense teams. Dismissing a character completely because they are weak now is very foolish, once they become powerful, you will complain that you don't have enough CP and you should have bought them earlier.

3. They may be required for a mission. We are all familiar with Spec-Ops and the Season 2 Chapter Mastery and that epic bosses are required for a Spec-Ops character (more on that later). While general consensus agree that newer characters do take priority over older characters as a deploy requirement to encourage getting new characters, that is not always the case. There are times where you may need another character that you may dismiss for whatever reason and suddenly complain that you need that character because you are low on CP. Do not complain about it when you need them, always try to get them as soon as possible. There are plenty of missions where you can farm for easy CP and the mission mastery rewards on Season 1 and Spec-Ops does offer CP rewards. If you are lucky, the daily bonus spin will give you even more CP in addition to the ones you farm. In short, there are plenty of ways to get CP and to be prepared once you need a character required.

4. Spec-Ops heroes are a special case, originally they were believed to be lost forever if you didn't complete the Spec-Ops. Over time, they were periodically released for a limited time and eventually, they were given out for 200 CP permanently. If you started the game after a Spec-Ops, then you can ignore this but to those who dismissed the spec ops, you are turning away the opportunity to get a free character as well some items that can be powerful and training your Agent and heroes. And yeah, sure they can be released later but for 200 CP. You may think, but the heroes required for the spec-ops are mediocre. I say read No. 2 again because you just turn down the chance to get a character for a cheaper price and that character may be required for another spec-ops deploy (Gambit, Hercules, Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, and Wasp are some examples of that) so you are going to spend the CP anyway.

Note: This is incomplete, I will be adding more heroes overtime so please be patient.

Starting Heroes

Iron Man-Tales of Suspense #39 (Mar. 1963)

Iron Man Dialogue 5

Iron Man

There are a couple of different types of movesets for Iron Man based on what alternate costume you got. If you have his original, MK V or Avengers costume, it's very basic. His L9 is the only one worth using since it becomes more powerful every time it is used but it uses up a lot of stamina so put a couple of ISO-8 staminas on him. His MK V alt gives him a shield that restores his stamina at the start which is nice but it is only there for a limited time and his L6 doesn't do the same thing. His Avengers outfit is a good alternative if you can't get his MK 42 alt since it allows him to have a chance to do a follow up attack on every attack and chance to counter if there is another Avengers outfit. If you have the MK 42 outfit, then his strategy changes, he now has a chance to gain a shield when attacked, has a chance to summon Iron Man armors when an ally attack or is attacked and his moves are now different. His L2 and L6 are now reliable moves against more than one enemies his L1 has a chance to do a follow up attack, and his L9 removes shields.  His Age of Ultron outfit is similar in his default outfit, the only difference is that he has a passive that allows AoU outfits to gain Boon Buster and his L2 has a chance to cause bleeding and it is a ground attack.  His Hulkbuster mode makes him both a blaster and brusier, to get that, his power level must be at least 50% which you can get by using different attacks in his MK 43 mode.  His L1 causes exhausted and staggered, his L2 causes neutralized and increases the attack of his L2 in Hulkbuster mode and L9 in MK 43 mode, his L6 causes straining which can be either a single target or AoE and does a follow up until he has 30% Power left and his L9 Exploits Strain. Both of his E-Iso is nice but not a must have to get. His A-Iso is really only useful if you don't have his last two costumes.

Black Widow-Tales of Suspense # 52 (Apr. 1964)

Black Widow Dialogue 4

Black Widow

Many people argue that out of all the starting heroes, Black Widow is the best and its easy to see why. Her attacks are simple but they all work well, her L1 only applies combo set up unless you have her E-Iso which gives her disadvantaged, good for countering her weaknesses. Her L2 gives her weakened and incapacitation, her L6 removes any buff and her L9 is a good set up to stop the opponent. Her Avengers outfit gives her the same passive as Iron Man's own Avengers outfit while her Grey Outfit gives her the advantage of another class depending on her current class. Her AoU outfit allows fellow AoU members to give all their single target attacks stealthy and has a chance to counter attacks with a move depending on how she got hit so potentially, she can counter 2 times. All in all, a simple yet effective character worth leveling up.

Hawkeye-Tales of Suspense #57 (Sept. 1964)

Hawkeye Dialogue 4


Hawkeye may not seem like much but once you level him up to at least level 9 and get one of his alts, then he's a good character. I'm not really going to comment on his L1 and L2 because they are basically the same with the difference between them is one is AoE and the other is not. His L6 stuns the opponent or a good replacement if you have a bad arrow in his Heroic Age alt. His L9 is what makes him shine in that all his attacks are now critical hits and has a chance to do more than one follow up attack. His Avengers alt gives him the same passive as Iron Man and Black Widow's own Avengers alt (noticing a pattern here?) but his Heroic Age is gives him a lot of options for debuffs at any given situation and his AoU costume allows him to counter any ranged attacks as well as interrupt them. Plus, no matter his costume, he never usually misses. His E-Iso gained from Season 2 allows him to go first in combat, something that is always useful no matter what while his E-Iso gained from the Runaways Spec Ops allows him to preemptive counter attacks to those who have Pinpoint Target, another useful E-Iso. He gains a lot more versatility when paired with Kate Bishop, which shall be covered in her section.

15 CP Heroes

Cyclops-The X-Men #1 (Sep. 1963)

Cyclops Dialogue 3


Cyclops is pure support, simple as that. While he does give out good damage, all his attacks and passive support the party in different ways. His L1 gives the opponent flank, allowing allies to finish them off, his L2 does disadvantaged, removing any advantages an opponent has, his L6 is a good defensive passive that allows the team to counter, and his L9 gives all the opponents incapacitation. His passive gives allies morale boost whenever he gets hit. His alts have some options to his team, his Phoenix Five alt gives the team a chance to do critical hits and ignore defense while his chapter mastery reward gives him a chance to save allies from death and give them an extra turn, making him an excellent support character, a must have. His E-Iso gained from his heroic battle is decent enough but you can ignore the other one since he is not meant for pure power.

Invisible Woman-The Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961)

Invisible Woman Dialogue 2

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman is a personal favorite of mine, she may not seem like a lot at first but there are two things you need to know, her L1 and L6 does deadly critical which combined with her high accuracy, allows her to deal heavy damage regularly. Her L2 is nothing special at first but here are two things you need to know, one is that her counter allows her to use her L2 if any of the team is not shielded and two is that if you give her the circulating E-Iso, her shields prevent debuffs. Her L9 allows her to lock an opponent out of the battle which is useful if they become too powerful. Her Future Foundation alt is in my opinion, the best because she adds an extra shield to her team, which means that the team can have two shields at the same time. She can probably use a change or two but as of right now, she can still hold her own against her fellow 15 CP heroes.

Iron Fist-Marvel Premiere #15 (May 1974)

Iron Fist Dialogue 2

Iron Fist

There is one thing that allows Iron Fist to stand out in compared to the rest of the heroes, his combo breaker passive. It allows him to prevent any opponent to counter or do a follow up attack and even attack them if they do although if he misses, it still happens. His L1 and L2 are basic combo attacks but his L6 is good if an ally is in a pinch and his L9 can prevent stuns from happening. His chapter mastery outfit is excellent in that his attacks become a lot deadlier and his L6 now heals all allies and prevents debuffs if he uses his L9. Plus, they throw in a magic debuff prevention for fun and he reduces magic damage. His A-Iso gives his L6 rising up which is always useful. His store E-Iso is alright but is nothing compared to his Heroic battle one in that it throws all counter and follow up strategies out the window.

Ms. Marvel-Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (Mar. 1968)

Ms. Marvel Dialogue 3

Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel doesn't really shine too much until you get her either of her costumes. Her L1 and L6 are basic attacks but her L2 gives her two moves after the next round and her L9 allows her to power up her attacks and give her the ability to heal from energy attacks. Her passive also allows her to reduce energy attacks on her and regain stamina if she gets hit by one. Her original alt allows her to avoid an attack and gain an extra turn, something that is always useful. Her chapter mastery reward changes her from a powerhouse to a support character that honestly suits her better. Each of her attacks allow her to gain a buff to the entire party from increase damage to quick actions on buffs to the infamous follow the lead buff. Plus, she gains a passive the prevents exploit damages which still dealing good damage. Both her E-Iso are good so its up to you to decide which one you want.

She-Hulk-Savage She-Hulk #1 (Feb. 1980)

She-Hulk Dialogue 2


She-Hulk, unlike most brusiers in the game, usually does massive damage on the first round rather than later on thanks to her L9 which gives her two turns, it can then be comboed from her L2 to her L6, allowing her to heavily damage the opponent, especially if they are a scrapper. Her L1 does help prepare for you to do it again in case the battle becomes longer. Her passive allows you to gain more opportunity debuffs so her L6 hits for more damage. Her chapter mastery reward makes her immune to burning, poison, radiation, chilled, and fear effects as well as giving the opponent pain each round as well as slightly change her L1 to deal more damage. Her A-Iso makes her L1 an even bigger set up for more damage and her E-Iso from her heroic battle gives her the same passive as her cousin. Her store E-Iso has a chance to prevent attacks, something that is always useful.

23 CP Heroes

Black Cat-The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July 1979)

Black Cat Dialogue 2

Black Cat

Black Cat hasn't really changed that much since she was first released but she is still able to hold her own in PvE though by now, she could use an update. Her L1 gives out bleeding, her L2 reduces the enemies' stats, her L6 greatly increases her stats, and her L9 has deadly critical and exploits bleed. Combine that with her alt which gives her L1 three stacks of bleeding and her L6, her L9 can cause massive damage. Her Lucky E-Iso is ok but her Startling is much better as it takes advantage of her ability to cause bleeding. Her A-Iso gives her L6 hexed, causing them to miss and take damage.

Colossus-Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

Colossus Dialogue 3


Colossus can use a bit of an update right now, his L1, L6, and L9 aren't really anything special since his L1 just have exposed, his L6 exploits exposed, and his L9 is a ground attack that has slowed. His L2 is one of the few protects that reduces damage and can be used as often as possible but nothing else is offered. His Modern costume is a joke as the passive can easily be removed and not there throughout the entire battle while his Phoenix Five costume does give him both more tanking options as well as randomly healing his allies. On the flip side, he is cheaper than most characters. His E-Iso is basically a counter, nothing special though could be useful if combined with his L2. Speaking of L2, his A-Iso gives his L2 Covered on everyone which is a good back up if someone can bypass protect.

Dr. Strange-Strange Tales #110 (July 1963)

Dr. Strange Dialogue 2

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange has a lot of support any team can appreciate in this game. His low stamina is made up by his Mystic Energy and Power of Principalities passive and he can make more than one attack if he gathers enough energies. His L1 can speed up the process and his L2 is a great healing move. L6 is one of the best AoE in the game, specifically if you give him his Modern costume since all his offensive attacks now inflict Bane. His L9 is one of the most powerful shields in the game. His E-Iso from his heroic battle is useless but the one from the simulation can make him more powerful if used correctly. His A-Iso gives his L9 phased which allows him increase defense.

Luke Cage-Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1 (June 1972)

Luke Cage Dialogue 2

Luke Cage

Cage can easily tank and counter at the same time thanks to his L6. Once he gains five Knuckle Ups, he can either use his L2 for massive damage to one opponent or L9 to slowly damage all of them. Once he becomes Nul, he will destroy infiltrators in PvP and can perform his L6 better thanks to his L1 having fatal blow. Once he has five divine hammers, then he can use his L9 to slowly kill his opponents. His Nul costume also gives him the Worthy passive like She-Hulk. Either of his E-Isos are good, one allows him a chance to gain an extra turn after an ally attacks and the other allows him to remove a debuff if he has a knuckle up, for the one you get in his Heroic Battle, divine hammer works like knuckle up in the case of the E-Iso's effect so do not worry about it being useless for Nul. His A-Iso is only good for his default costume but honestly, he doesn't really need it for Nul.

Sif-Journey into Mystery #102 (Mar. 1964)

Sif Dialogue 2


Sif is my go to girl for if I need to defeat an enemy quickly in PvE who happens to have an infiltrator. I use her a lot and she can easily defeat boss battles quickly if you have her Modern outfit thanks to her Tempered Steel. That being said, unlike Thor who can wreck enemies quickly with his hammer and Valkyrie who can protect her allies from certain death, Sif lacks a specialization to make her stand out more to other scrappers. Still, no character can say that they can defeat a boss in less than 3 rounds with anyone else. Her E-Iso is situational, probably better if you use it for her Modern outfit. Her A-Iso however, makes her forgettable L6 into something very useful, Berserk for all your heroes.

33 CP Heroes

Human Torch-The Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961)

Human Torch Dialogue 2

Human Torch

Not as powerful as he was when he was first buffed, Human Torch is still good for burning the opponent as much as possible. He does have a decent combo between his L1 and L2 and his L6 is great for opponents who don't have ranged attacks but at the higher levels, you'll find better burning options. His L9 is useless since it attacks his allies as well as his enemies, no other move has that. His passives are pretty good however in that he can avoid attacks, regain health, be immune to burning and power up from fire attacks, and his alt gives him a free attack whenever. His E-Iso does allow him to catch up by having all his attacks potentially gain pyrophoric and melt armor.

Kitty Pryde-Uncanny X-Men #129 (Jan. 1980)

Kitty Pryde Dialogue 2

Kitty Pryde

The first character who has ever used Phased, Kitty is nothing special with her default costume. Once she is in her Shadowcat costume however, she can potentially do three counter attacks at the same time, especially if she is equipped with her E-Iso. You want to level her up to 9 in order to make the best use of her Shadowcat costume since then, you can use her L9 to use phased a little longer. Unlike other phased characters however, you can't use it as much as you want but she does deal major damage if you use her L2 so take advantage of that if you can. On the flip side however, the phased update has really allowed her to gain a little momentum since she's the only character who can cause even more damage from phased thanks to her L2 and her L9 causes burning 100% of the time.

Mr. Fantastic-The Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961)

Mr. Fantastic Dialogue 2

Mr. Fantastic

There is one problem Mr. Fantastic has that prevents him from being an excellent character, his damage is really poor. While there are other characters who have low damage, they often use their abilities to make up for it. Mr. Fantastic sadly does not have that luxury. His L1 has an ability that is redundant thanks to his Future Foundation outfit, his L2 has one of the lowest damage in the game, and his L6 while it is one of the best AOE if he gets a critical hit, doesn't happen too often though if you give him Iso-8 health, he's a surprisingly good tank thanks to his passive. Plus, his L9 is confusing, whether you should use it to start the battle to cut the opponent's health in half or if you should use it later to recover your stamina. His E-Iso does help that but it should be used for an A-Iso instead. His actual A-Iso does make his L1 useful as it gains restrain

Spider-Woman-Marvel Spotlight #32 (Feb. 1977)

Spider-Woman Dialogue 2


Spider-Woman is unique in that she has the ability to manipulate the opponent by either having them hit each other or prevent them from attacking through her L9 and L6 respectively. Her L2 gives her biofeedback which counts as poison and gives them a chance to be stunned while her L1 is a simple attack although her A-Iso does give it exploit stun to combo with her L2. When she's in her Worthy outfit, she gains the usually Worthy passive, her attacks now have shield breaker, she can't be stunned or delrious, and resist criticals. In her attacks, she gains runes on her L2, L6, and L9 which has different effects which are better effects of the ones that are replaced, are permanent, and if they are removed somehow, the opponent receives a negative effect. Her E-Iso from her Heroic Battle is decent enough, can control the battlefield more. In her store bought E-Isos, one of them she can counter any attack, and the other is only useful if she's a worthy in that her runes do not expire at all. Even without one of her E-Iso, she does have some defense in that there's a 50% chance she will counter any attack so she's not totally defenseless.

Thing-The Fantastic Four #1 (Nov. 1961)

Thing Dialogue 2


There is one thing that lets Thing stand out in compared to other tanks, his L6. It is a fantastic protect ability that uses a shield, gains an extra turn when attacked, and gains stamina when hit. If you have his E-Iso, it allows him to reduce damage. So why isn't he as well respected as other tanks? Because the rest of his moves aren't as great and he does pretty average damage. His alt does allow him to tank better thanks to increase defense if hit. Still, he is a step up from Colossus in that his tanking ability does more than reduce damage.

48 CP Heroes

Daredevil-Daredevil #1 (Apr. 1964)

Daredevil Dialogue 3


Daredevil's passive may not seem much at first but once you reach the start of season 2, you'll value the amount of times you are unaffected by blind and cower. His L2 gives him stealthy as well as an increase in accuracy and evasion, his L1 has internal bleeding and pressure points, his L6 allows him some degree in countering, and his L9 is an excellent finisher. He has two A-Isos, one gives him hemmorhage to his L9, making it an even better finisher while his other gives his L6 reckless rage. Assailing E-Iso is decent giving that he has pressure point and his other one gives him paragon exploiter to all his moves. If he has his second heroic E-Iso, then he will gain an extra turn if he gets attacked by a melee attacker.

Nightcrawler-Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

Nightcrawler Dialogue 2


The thing to know about Nightcrawler is that while he is passable in his normal outfit, once you get his alt, he becomes a lot better. The thing to notice is that his L2, L6, and L9 all have a debuff to weaken a status. His L6 takes advantage of that by allowing him to chain attack all the opponents who have any of those debuffs. Another thing to notice is that all of his attacks are stealthy so you don't have to worry about protect or counter effects. His passives give him a trickster version of a tank although it may be a bit of a risk, the passive from his alt gives his L1, L6, and L9 bleeding in addition to hemmorhage for his L1. His E-Iso is pretty good, preventing any debuff for the first few rounds and his A-Iso is good as well, gives his L1 paragon exploiter.

Phoenix-The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

Phoenix Dialogue 2


Phoenix is unusual in that she is one of the few characters who can actively bring anyone back to life, either herself or any other hero. Her L1 and L6 are annoyers in that they can prevent the death of someone. Her L9 is a game changer in that it does massive damage and can remove any debuff you have although Life and Death must be activated before using it. Her Phoenix Five costume, an exclusive, has a chance for heroes to gain psychic energy to their attacks and are guaranteed to hit. Her White Crown brings back Death and Rebirth if she uses her L9, both are good outfits and its up to you to decide. Her E-Iso is a bit of a joke, could be an A-Iso instead.

Quicksilver-X-Men #4 (Mar. 1964)

Quicksilver Dialogue 3


Even to this day, Quicksilver is still one of my favorite characters to use and honestly, I felt that I would still like him if he was a 90 CP character. But I digress, why is he great? Well, he can attack for two turns even if he has exhausted, he can gain stacks of quickness thanks to his L1 that allows him to counter as well as any infiltrator, his L6 allows him to punch as hard as any brusier, his L9 is one of the best stunners in the game, and his two alts are great, his Blue Costume allows a random attack to happen at any given time, basically his L6 without consuming quickness while his AoU allows him to defend allies low on health and can interrupt melee attacks while both of those passives will allow him to counter once either of them are activated, three chances to counter. His E-Iso is alright but there are probably better options you can give him. Oh, and did I mention that he attacks first all the time? Something extremely useful.

Storm-Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

Storm Dialogue 2


Storm is a good hero to choose if you want to attack more than one enemy at the time. Not many heroes can say that they have two catastrophe attacks but she does and they are both good. Her L6 is a good start up to anything as well as giving the opponents chilled, her L1 has static charge and can be added to all enemies as well as deal electrical damage to those who have protective shroud, her L2 gives allies a chance to avoid attacks as well as other benefits, and her L9 is a good offensive and defensive ability. Her passive reduces damage from elemental attacks and her alt extends that protection to all allies as well as a chance to randomly attack enemies with lightning. Her E-Iso can be used to skip a step in her moveset.

War Machine-Iron Man #118 (Jan. 1979)

War Machine Dialogue 2

War Machine

Like our favorite snarky billionaire, Rhody has different movesets based on what outfit he is wearing. Unlike Stark however, it is basically the same idea, just that it the alt has more debuffs. His L1 penetrates shields and has a very low stamina cost, his L2 and L6 continuously attack if there is a compacitor charge, and his L9 is a game changer. His Original alt no longer makes his L9 a risk as well as doing a massive AoE attack while his Iron Patriot outfit gives him a chance to put up a shield as well as add some stuff to some of his moves such as give his L6 radiation exposure and his L9 giving him true strike and always critical to his moves. His passive gives opponent targeted before they attack and his E-Iso adds disadvantage to it as well.

90 CP Heroes

Amazing Spider-Woman-What If? Vol 2 #105 (Feb. 1998)

Amazing Spider-Woman Dialogue 2

Spider-Woman (Mayday Parker)

Mayday is more aggressive compared to the rest of the Spiders, if she is paired with another one, she'll most likely be the main damage dealer but you won't realize it until you level her up properly. Her passives allow her to dodge attacks and apply dizzy and gain magnetic velocity after attacking, increases her attack and gain a chance for an extra turn. Her L1 applies incapacitation and disoriented, her L2 gives three stacks of webbed to one enemy and one to the rest, her L6 is a quick action that applies magnetic and grounded and her L9 is a finisher that has deadly critical, exploits magnetism and webbing. She has an alt that allows her to pre-emptly counter webbed enemies and her L1 applies stealthy. She also has an A-Iso you can buy from the store that gives her L6 rattled which works well with other Spiders who usually have something to counter or follow up.

Beast-The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

Beast Dialogue 2


There are two types of moveset for Beast, his default and his Horseman of Pestilence. In his default costume, he is mainly used as a counter user. He gains more power if he does not attack directly, thus he has abilities that allows him to counter attack such as his L2 and L6. His L1 applies Generalized to destroy any class advantages and his L9 removes protect and counter attacks. Once he becomes a horseman, his strategy changes drastically. He is instead a debuffer in that he prevents any effects that removes debuffs from everyone. On the flip side for allies, damage over time effects are reduced and all attacks have a chance of applying the same debuffs the attackers have to the opponent. His L2 does indirect protection and his L6 showers debuffs. His L1 is not too different, only adding nanoplague and his L9 is a finisher. He has an E-Iso but its better to use it in his default costume than as a horseman.

Black Knight-Avengers #47 (Dec. 1967)

Black Knight Dialogue 1

Black Knight

Black Knight is a cross between a bleeder and a magic protector. His passive prevents magic effects such as deathfrost and soulfire from happening as well as reducing magic damage. One thing to note is when to use his L1 because it replaces his other passive with one that does follow up to bleeding targets and replace his L6 with a move that does massive damage. His L2 reverses the effect, protecting allies, powering up his next L1 attack, and his L6 does hemmorhage. His L9 is the same regardless, and AoE that doesx bleeding, intimidate, and cornered. His first E-Iso gives him a chance to reduce damage and his A-Iso applies hemmorhage to his L9, very useful while the other gives him some form of healing on his L2 which is not bad and gives it some more use instead of changing stances.

Black Panther-Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966)

Black Panther Dialogue 1

Black Panther

In order to maximize Black Panther's usefulness, you need to have him take as much turns as possible for his abilities to be activated. You need to first use his L1 and then his L2 for both of his buffs to show up, once you do that, then you use his L6 and turns two simple stat increase buffs into two team killing buffs that can easily end a match as quick as possible. His L9 removes a buff, is vibranium damage, and can short circuit mechanical opponents. His E-Iso makes his L9 deadly by applying hobbled and all attacks become stealthy when combined with his L6, allows him to counter attacks if an ally is attacked. It becomes even more useful when equipped with his first A-Iso, his L9 becomes a quick action, allowing all three potential buffs to become even more powerful. If you equip him with his second A-Iso, his L2 allows him to recover some health, which makes his L2 universally useful even if you didn't use his other moves.

Captain America-Captain America Comics #1 (Mar. 1941)

Captain America Dialogue 5

Captain America

In his default as well as his three other alternate costumes, Cap is very simple, one of his passives allows a boost in status to your team and the other reduces damage. His L1 causes dizzy, his L2 allows the next attack to deal more damage, his L6 is a good set up to ranged attacks, and his L9 is a superb tanking ability. His WWII outfit gives him Shield Guard but it can be removed easily. His Avengers outfit gives him a chance for the team to do a follow up and counter if there is another Avengers outfit. Meanwhile, his AoU prevents exploit effects and reduces DoT effects to any AoU memebers. Once he changes to his Steve Rogers outfit however, he has three stances he can use, each with its own passive. Ranged Awareness allows you to dodge ranged attacks with his L1 doing impaired, his L6 doing flanked, and his L9 setting up ranged attacks. Offensive Operation allows him to counter an attack directed to an ally, have his L1 do neutralize, his L6 applying fumbling, and his L9 setting up melee attacks. His Counterintelligence counters enemies doing a buff or debuff attack, have his L1 do depower, his L6 apply generalized, and his L9 apply exhaustion. This makes his Steve Rogers uniform one of the most versitile characters in the game. His first E-Iso counters attacks with his L6 and his second gives him a chance to go first in combat, I'd use the latter over the former if you have his Captain Steve Rogers, otherwise its up to you. His A-Iso is good although a bit redundant if you use it on his Captain Steve Rogers.

Captain Britain-Captain Britain Weekly #1 (Oct. 1976)

Captain Britain Dialogue 1

Captain Britain

If there is an item that best describes Captain Britain, it would be the word bulldozer. He is one of the best Paragon Exploiter users out there thanks to the fact that all of his first three attacks can lower the opponent's stat in some way. Plus if he attacks an opponent who has weakened, dizzy, exposed, or slowed, he will gain an extra turn. He becomes weaker if your teammates die but becomes stronger if the opponent's teammates die so you have to make sure your allies are safe as well somehow. His E-Iso gives his passive a bigger chance to reduce any damage he receives, something that turns him into a tank and damage dealer although its up to you if you want to use something else instead. His A-Iso gives his L6 weak point, allowing some team synergy.

Doctor Voodoo-Strange Tales #169 (Sept. 1973)

Doctor Voodoo Dialogue 1

Doctor Voodoo

Jericho has a lot of versatility that makes him worth getting, his L1 is a decent Soulfire/Bane combo that neutralizes buffs, his L2 allows him to give health to the entire team after attacking, and his L9 allows him to choose an ally to use two extra turns in a round, albeit at the expense of the other two characters' turn. His L6 gives you more than one option in his attack, his bottom one gives a debuff that does damage if it is removed any way, the one above it prevents opponent's critical while absorbing their stamina for the party, the second top is an AoE that gives the opponent Dark Void and Deathfrost (if a bit costly) and his top one allows you to control an opponent. His passive is pretty much the same as Black Knights Pentecostal. His E-Iso gives the team damage reduction which is always useful and compliments well to his passive. His first A-Iso makes all of his L6 have a shared cooldown in exchange for being a quick actionm while his second A-Iso restores the team's stamina.

Fandral-Journey into Mystery #119 (August 1965)

Fandral Dialogue 1


Fandral is one of the few characters who have two classes at the same time, meaning that he can hold his own against blasters and tacticians but conversely, is weak to infiltrators and scrappers. He is clearly meant to work with Hogun and Volstagg but can still hold his own by himself. His L1 has pressure point and causes follow up and counter attacks to deal more damage, his L2 allows him to preemptly counter attacks and cause depower, his L6 allows him to recover health, remove debuffs, and cause disengaged, and his L9 is a good set-up to bleeders. His passive allows him to give the opponent distraction which helps his defense, his E-Iso from Season 1 adds migraine to his passive and his season 2 E-Iso allows him to do a follow up and counter when an ally attack or is attacked respectively. If he is partnered with Hogun or Volstagg, then the chance for his passive to activate increases and when he does his L6, his allies do it as well.

Gambit-Uncanny X-Men #266 (August 1990)

Gambit Dialogue 1


Initially, you'll think that Gambit has low damage. However, he makes up for it with easily being able to set up criticals thanks to his ability to gather kinetic charges. His L1 allows him to gather two to four, his L2 is a set up to his L6 as well as gaining extra turns if he has kinetic charge, his L6 does even more damage for every kinetic charge, and his L9 gives the opponent fumbling as well as removing debuffs. His passive is simple but counter attacks are always useful and it does gain kinetic charge. His E-Iso can be either good or bad depending on your view of how much you use kinetic charge although its always good to get more and it is easily synergized with his L9. His A-Iso will help take advantage of his E-Iso in that it gains flanked to his L9, allowing him to gain more Kinetic Charges.

Gamora-Strange Tales #180 (June 1975)

Gamora Dialogue 2


Gamora's main ability involves making sure that the opponent no longer recovers from defeat, two of her moves have doom which causes massive damage if removed, her L1 also has bleeding and her L2 in addition has cower and despair. Her L6 has demise and mangled, activating demise and prevents restoring health as well and her L9 has fatal blow and deadly critical. Her passives are excellent, chance to dodge and everyone has true strike which causes all avoidance effects to become useless. If she has her Guardians uniform, then all her attacks will always hit, yes regardless of passives or her accuracy and it affects other heroes with Guardians uniforms as well.

Gorgon-Fantastic Four #44 (Nov. 1965)

Gorgon Dialogue 1


Gorgon both hits like a truck and gives out boosting status effects as well as debuffing the opponent with demoralized and intimidate. If he teams up with an Inhuman, then they get an ability that prevents status debuffs like weakened. Like Captain Britain, his attacks are used to set up his L9 but he also has Finest Hour on it as well, useful considering his passive. His L1 applies weakened and exposed, his L2 applies dizzy and slowed, and his L6 applies grounded and flanked. The difference between his and Captain Britain's L9 is that while Captain Britain can use his often and can still attack, if Gorgon uses his L9, then he loses a turn so be careful when to use it.

Groot-Tales to Astonish #13 (November 1960)

Groot Dialogue 2

I am Groot

Groot is a bit of a risky character because he always protects your allies. If he gets hit, he can easily counter it with his passive which gives out cower and whithered to attackers. He has two forms, his Flora Colossus and his Cutting Form. In his first, his L1 has pressure points and gives himself the ability to give bleeding to those that attack him, his L2 is a quick action that applies hobbled, broken will, and off balanced, his L6 does a follow up if the opponent has a passive such as weakened as well as giving the opponent grounded and his L9 is used as a finisher. If he drops below health, he becomes a cutting and all his attacks have the ability to heal himself as well as give out buffs. To compensate, his allies defend him until he becomes a Flora Colossus again. If he has his Guardians outfit, he and other Guardians are immune to fatal blows and reduce damage if their healths are below 35%. If you have is E-Iso, than he takes reduce damage from DoT effects which allows him to tank even better.

Hercules-Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1965)

Hercules Dialogue 1


If Hercules has a buff that increases one of his statuses, then he can hit harder and take reduced damage and if he has all four of those buffs, then he will always cause critical hits. Each of his moves gives him an increase in status, L1 does fortified, L2 does agile, L6 does focused, and L9 does strengthen. Plus, his L1 and L6 causes the opponent to hit less depending on their attacks. His L2 allows him to protect and counter and his L9 is a massive AoE. If he gets hit, there is a chance he restores stamina. His E-Iso helps him get Blessed of Olympus sooner and both his A-Iso affects his L2, one makes it a quick action while the other gives him a chance to get other buffs. Its up to you to decide which is better, I personally prefer quick action but the other might work as well.

Hulk-The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962)

Hulk Dialogue 3


Hulk really doesn't have too many debuffs in his movesets but makes up for it with sheer power. Whenever he gets hit, starts his turn, or uses his L1, he gains Hulk up which increases his attack and accuracy. If he uses any of his other moves, then he consumes Hulk Up for extra damage. Gathering Hulk Up is pretty easy so you don't have to worry about consuming it. He has three costumes to choose from, his World War Hulk outfit gives out Warbringer, allowing the team to gain war frenzy which works like Hulk Up, making him even deadlier. His Avengers outfit works the same way as all the others while his Grey Hulk outfit changes his style slightly, he can't gain Hulk Up if hit but conversely, his L1 now gives him two Hulk Ups. He also gains a passive that gives out random effects while at the same time, counters the opponent, making him potentially more versitile. In his AoU outfit, no AoU members can have their attacks interrupted in any way and he gains two Hulk Ups each turn and will consume a Hulk Up to gain an extra turn. Some of his attacks are slightly changed, his L2 now has Pressure Point, his L6 now has Wind-Up and Breakthrough, and his L9 now has Paragon Exploiter and Catastrophe. Two of his E-Iso helps him with defense, its up to you to decide if you rather have increase in defense for each Hulk Up or a chance to reduce damage and resist criticals while the third is useful for his AoU outfit.

Kamala Khan-Captain Marvel Vol 7 #14 (Sept. 2013)

Kamala Khan Dialogue 1

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Right now Kamala is being leveled up, she will be reviewed once properly leveled.

Karolina Dean-Runaways #1 (July 2003)

Karolina Dean Dialogue 1

Karolina Dean

Karolina is best paired with either an energy based hero or one that works well with shields. Her passive allows her a chance to heal from energy attacks as well as gaining Empyrean Energy from anyone using an energy attack which increases attack and restores stamina. Her L1 also gives her Empyrean Energy as well as increase the damage of the next attack, her L2 adds Shield Slam to the team and gives out a shield that is immune to blind and dark abilities, her L6 stuns enemies and applies melt armor to them and her L9 is an AoE finisher that has the added effect of doing more damage against shields. If she has her E-Iso, she has a chance to cause blind and migraine to an opponent before they attack.

Kate Bishop-Young Avengers #1 (April 2005)

Kate Bishop Dialogue 1

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Appropriately, Kate works very similarly to Hawkeye, in fact pairing her with Clint would be your best option because they both follow up on each others single attack and if they attack someone with pinpoint target, their effects will activate (Hawkeye will perform a follow up attack, Kate will gain an extra turn). She also has another passive that will attack an enemy if they make a move. Her L1 is an attack that has pinpoint target, her L2 gives her a wide variety of effects depending on the arrow used and can be either single or AoE, her L6 is an AoE fatal blow, something that is very rare in characters, and her L9 has Paragon Exploiter as well as Exploit Shield, Exploit Stun, and ignores phased. As mention before, pair her with the original Hawkeye to get the best use of her.

Medusa-Fantastic Four #36 (March 1965)

Medusa Dialogue 1


In an odd way, Medusa works like both a tank and a counter attacker, her moves as well as her passive hair raiser allows her to take reduce damage while protecting an ally, if she activates her class ability, then she will counter while defending. Her other passive gives her the ability to give the team increase stats as well as Inhuman allies immunity to Opportunity debuffs. Her L1 does massive damage if she has a critical and allows her to intercept attacks, her L2 reduces melee damage as well as stopping scrappers, her L6 reduces ranged damage as well as stunning the opponent, and her L9 allows her to intercept all enemy attacks as well as preventing healing abilities.

Molly Hayes-Runaways #1 (July 2003)

Molly Hayes Dialogue 1

Molly Hayes

True to her abilities in the comics, Molly hits hard, almost like a wrecking ball but man does she eat up a lot of stamina, even when you have a couple of stamina isos equipped onto her. Fortunately, her L6 does make up for it in that she first protects then counters enemies and then she can completely restore her stamina and continuously attack until she needs to recharge. Her L1 is a set up to her L2 which is used as a finisher while her L9 is a good way to weaken the opponents. Her first passive activates brusier's abilities for the first round and her second allows her to shrug abilities that loses her turn. Her E-Iso from Season 2 allows her to regain some health by eating a candy and her other E-Iso from the Runaways Spec Ops allows her a chance to not be stunned after using her L6.

Quake-Secret War #2 (July 2004)

Quake Dialogue 1


True to her name, Quake focuses on Sonic and Ground attacks. Her passive allows her to gain rising up whenever someone uses a Sonic attack and her other one allows her to dodge range attacks. Her L1 gives the opponent flanked, combo set up, and foreshock which gives them extra damage against ground attacks, her L2 gives out grounded and shell shocked, her L6 is an AoE that locks out melee attacks and if any opponent uses anything else, then they take ground damage, and her L9 is a finisher that applies finest hour, brutal strike, catastrophe, and deadly critical. Make sure you pair her up with anyone that has a Sonic or Ground attack as she can take advantage of it. She can pair pretty well with Avalanche as they both focus on ground and sonic based moves.

Rogue-Avengers Annual #10 (Nov. 1981)

Rogue Dialogue 3


Rogue can absorb a class either through her passive or her L2. Once she does, she gains the positive aspects of the class without any of the disadvantages while remaining a generalist. Her L1 will be your main source of damage, her L6 allows her to restore health, and her L9 sets her up with her L2 and L6. If you have her famine outfit, she removes buffs from the opponents team thanks to her passive, her L1 adds withered, her L2 adds disadvantaged and drained, her L6 adds starving and drained energy, and her L9 applies reduced potential, basically weakening the opponent on all her moves. Her Modern costume allows her to keep all her absorbed class so you can have her do follow ups, counters, and take an extra turn at the same time although you may not get all five classes from PvE. Her E-Iso is kind of pointless since Kree Speed allows you to use both moves during its effect.

Scarlet Witch-X-Men #4 (Mar. 1964)

Scarlet Witch Dialogue 3

Scarlet Witch

Unlike most Blasters who are very much damage focus, Wanda focus more on manipulating the probability of the battle to your favor. Her L1 allows the opponent the chance to miss a turn and get hit for a small damage, her L6 allows her and her teammates to heal and turn debuffs into buffs and her L9 allows the opponent to be showered with debuffs and her and her teammates to be hit with buffs. Her L2 is extremely powerful, especially if the target is hexed. Her chapter mastery outfit allows her to premptly counter with her L1, allowing the opponent a chance to miss and take damage and you can even use her L2 on your first turn which is situational but her AoU outfit is a lot better in that her attacks have a chance to lock out the opponent and all attacks will gain a random attribute like quick action or exploit attrition, which really suits her playstyle. Her Heroic Battle E-Iso is ok but her store one is a lot better. Her A-Isos affect her L9, its up to you if you rather have more buffs or give the opponent more debuffs.

Spider-Gwen-Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (November 2014)

Spider-Gwen Dialogue 1

Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)

Spider-Gwen doesn't have as much punch when it comes to other Spiders but she does make up for it by being extremely compatible with almost all the Spider characters out there. Her passives allows her to do a follow up attack on webbed targets with her L2 and dodge and counter opponents that attack her although the latter passive is a little bugged as it only dodges one hit. Her L1 applies webbed and exhausted, her L2 applies Pain Train, her L6 is a quick action that has a chance to apply webbed to the opposing team and breakthrough to her which also has catastrophe, and her L9 is used as a finisher for webbed opponents and it has deadly critical as well. Make sure you give her as much Attack Isos as much as possible to make her more effective.

Spider-Man-Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962)

Spider-Man Dialogue 4


Spidey doesn't really have too much flash compared to most other heroes in this game but depending on the costume he has, he doesn't really need it. His L1 applies webbed which gives out other debuffs as well depending on how many times he is webbed, his L2 is a quick action that allows him to dodge attacks and gain an extra turn, his L6 becomes more powerful if the opponent is webbed, and his L9 stuns the opponent. His passive allows him activate his class ability more often and turns into Great Power, giving him more damage on your next turn. If he gets his black suit, he does more damage against webbed targets, his future foundation outfit allows him to gain evasion if he gets hit, and his Amazing outfit allows him an extra turn if he does a counter or follow up, it won't affect his L2 so you may have up to three turns in one round. He has two E-Isos, one is basically the same as Hank Pym's passive while the other powers up two of his moves. His first A-Iso makes his L6 even more powerful if it is a critical hit and his second one gives the same move Disadvantaged.

Spider-Man 2099-Spider-Man 2099 #1 (November, 1992)

Spider-Man 2099 Dialogue 1

Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)

Miguel has some amount of versatility compared to most of the Spiders in that not only can he focus on webbed but also the poison and bleeding debuff and doing follow up attacks even when not attacking infiltrators. His passives allow him to preemptively counter enemy attacks and provides targeted to the enemy as well as mirror image to the team. His L1 applies webbed and straining, his L2 provides 1-3 stacks of bleeding, envenomed and biofeedback, his L6 gives the opponent flanked as well as additional damage from follow up attacks and his L9 is a finisher with exploit webbing, poisoned, does critical damage to webbed targets and hemmorhage. His passive does give him some support if you want to combine him with a heavy hitter.

Thor-Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962)

Thor Dialogue 5


Thor is a bit of a tricky character to use. One of his biggest strengths is the amount of damage his L1 and L9 can do. Once he gains two Might of Mjolnir, both of those attacks have a very likely chance to kill the opponent. The tricky part is how to get those two stacks of Might of Mjolnir. The normal way is to use either his L2 or L6, one use for damage while the other is a quick action buff. If you give him his Modern Uniform, he'll gain two of Might of Mjolnir from the start which allows massive damage from the beginning of a match, but it runs the risk of being removed, which makes his Modern Uniform useless in some situations, while his Avengers Movie costume allows him to do a follow up attack and a counter attack for an ally if there are two Avengers Assemble passives. His Mighty outfit is slightly different where he can have another Might of Mjolnir and have a passive that randomly attacks enemies anytime. If he has his AoU outfit, he can prevent debuffs on the first round of combat and his L9 can reapply it but gains a cooldown. His E-Iso allows his moves to gain electrical damage, useful if the opponent has static charge, which adds to his L6. One of his A-Iso also adds static charge to another move, his L2 while the other one adds another stack of Might of Mjolnir to his L6.

Tigra-Giant-Size Creatures #1 (July 1974)

Tigra Dialogue 1


Unlike most bleeders, Tigra can counter those who have immune to bleeding with shred which works the same as bleed for the purpose of other effects such as her passive which reduces damage from opponents that are bleeding. Her L1 does bleeding/shred and the next attack becomes a critical attack, her L2 is a quick action that applies hemmorhage, her L6 powers up her stats if she gets hit, and her L9 allows her to do a follow up attack on those who have bleeding. If she has her E-Iso, then she can perform a follow up attack on bleeding opponents, slowly bleeding them dry. Her A-Iso is surprisingly good, guaranteeing bleeding thanks to Cat-Astrophe and Stealthy. She works better when paired with another bleeder so keep that in mind when you use her.

Thundra-Fantastic Four #129 (Dec 1972)

Thundra Dialogue 1


Thundra is definitely useful if you are trying to get rid of a pesky protector. Her L1 and L2 are designed to both weaken the opponent and strengthen her at the same time while her L6 is used to maximize as much damage as possible. Her Pressure Point and Rising Up is a bit too unpredictable though at times if you are relying too much on her L6. Her L9 is a safer option where it would both strengthen her and weaken her opponent at time same time. Both her passives are excellent where one makes her an excellent tank while the other is the reason why she's an excellent protector destroyer. Her E-Iso is very useful, prevents her buffs from being removed by effects, her A-Iso is not too shabby either, gives you more options to use her L9.

Union Jack-The Invaders #7 (July 1976)

Union Jack Dialogue 1

Union Jack

While Union Jack's damage may be low but he makes up for it for being able to preemptively counter attacks as often as possible. His L1 allows him to counter ranged, his L2 allows him to counter melee, his L6 allows him to counter buffs as well as remove them, and his L9 gives the opponent flanked as well as all allies agile. His passive allows him to do a follow up attack with any teammates who have countered or use a follow up attack. If he does a counter based on the moves he makes, it does some pretty heavy damage, again making up his initial low damage. Both of his A-Iso are very handy, the first one gives his L9 a quick action. Sure it adds a cooldown but considering that you no longer have to seek an infiltrator to do two types of counters, it makes it worth it. The second one allows him to counter defensive abilities with his L6, making him virtually able to counter anything.

Wasp-Tales to Astonish #44 (June 1963)

Wasp Dialogue 1


Wasp is better used as a support character who showers the opponent with opportunist debuffs and so should be used with a character who is focused on those debuffs. Her L1 applies impaired and biofeedback, her L2 applies distraction and removes buffs, her L6 gives her nimble and gives the opponent off balanced and staggered, and her L9 applies cornered and winded as well as exploiting opportunist debuffs. Her passive allows her to counter any opponent who attacks the team and its pretty powerful when it hits. Her E-Iso allows her to do that every time, which is bound to annoy the opposing team. If she has her A-Iso, her L1 gets incapacitation which is a bit redundant considering that biofeedback can stun though incapacitation does have an increase chance.

Wolverine-The Incredible Hulk #181 (Nov. 1974)

Wolverine Dialogue 3


Wolverine is probably the catalyst for every bleeding team out there, his L1 gives the opponent two stacks of bleeding and ravaged, his L2 is a powerful move that exploits bleeding, his L6 is a good set up to his other moves and his L9 is in case you want to avoid any effects that are activated. One thing to note is that all of his moves have the Adamantium effect, allowing him to ignore any defense the opponent has. He can recover his health every round and reduce the effects of bleeding and poison as well as potentially avoiding any death. His passives allow him to protect more often if he has higher health and counter if he has lower health. His brown and tan outfit gives him an extra turn if any of those passives are activated, something that is very useful. His X-Force outfit however, is only useful if there is an X-Force team and even so, you may be better off using his other outfit. His first E-Iso is useless but his second makes it harder for the opponent to avoid Wolverine's attacks. His A-Iso makes his L6 an even better set up to attacks by giving it mangled.

Spec-Ops/200 CP Heroes

Mockingbird-Astonishing Tales #12 (June 1972)

Mockingbird Dialogue 2


Unique even to this day, Mockingbird has the ability to change classes based on who attacked her, usually she changes to the counter class of the opponent. Her passive allows her to gain an extra turn if she changes classes, allowing her to take advantage of her new class. While this makes her vulnerable to another class, her E-Iso from her heroic battle allows her to counter that weakness by changing before the opponent attacks. Aside from her passives, her L1 gives out pressure point, her L2 allows her to stun an opponent, her L6 allows her to change classes before she attacks while taking advantage of both her L1 and L9's deadly critical, and her L9 would be her finisher. If she is wearing her Nekkod outfit, then she gains the usual worthy passive, all her allies are immune to water attacks, has a chance to do a follow up attack, and may gain a tactician or brusier bonus for two rounds. In addition, her moves may get a new passive if she has her Into the Deep buff. Her L1 will gain rising up, her L2 will remove a buff and if she has Into the Deep, she will add buff blocker, and her L9 will add rising up. Her L6 will also extend, the first move will allow her to add Into the Deep which works like critical intel but with the addition of waterlogged and drowning but gains a cooldown of four rounds and her second L6 will gain the team a shield and rebuff if Into the Deep is active. Her store bought E-Iso gives her a 100% chance for an extra turn when she switch classes and the second adds rising tide to the start of combat and all her attacks gain exploit waterlogged. Her moveset would be best suited to have her fight alongside a paragon debuff user.

Emma Frost-Uncanny X-Men #129 (Jan. 1980)

Emma Frost Dialogue 2

Emma Frost

Emma is a psychic user, someone who basically avoids any reaction an opponent makes from attacking. Her L1 has a small amount of damage on its own but if the opponent attacks, then they take massive damage, her L2 is a stun move, her L6 allows her to remove debuffs from an ally and give them increased stats while restoring stamina to all allies, and her L9 is a powerful AoE that gives out migraine. Her passive allows her a chance to significantly reduce damage for one round. If she is wearing her Phoenix Five outfit, then she is able to give an ally a passive that works the same way as her L6 without any cost randomly. Her E-Iso allows her to activate her passive more than once a round and her A-Iso gives out mind control to her L1, allowing it to be used for something else in case her opponent already has mental scarring.

Magik-Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

Magik Dialogue 2


In order to use Magik, you have to gather two soul charges, you can do that by using either her L1 or her L9. Soul Charge increases the chance for her passive to be active that allows her to summon eyebats that can damage the opponent as well as add more abilities to her L2 and L6. Her L1 also adds bane and gives Magik a chance to avoid and counter an attack, her L2 inflicts deathfrost while also adding soulfire and dark void for every soul charge, her L6 ignores defenses while if you get soul charges, it becomes a finisher, and her L9 always hits while giving out pressure point. Her default costume has a chance to do a fire attack if attacking or attacked which is always useful while her New Mutants costume is very situational which allows the team to avoid area attacks including catastrophe attacks. IF she has her E-Iso, then her passive adds other DoT effects while if she has her A-Iso, her L1 now gives out two soul charges instead of one.

Ghost Rider-Marvel Spotlight #5 (Aug. 1972)

Ghost Rider Dialogue 1

Ghost Rider

All of Ghost Rider's moves and even passive are meant for something, to set up from his L2. His L2 becomes more powerful if the opponent has Sin. The opponent can get Sin from one of his passive where if he gets attacked, the attacker gets sin. They can also get sin from his L1 which also gives them dark void, poisoned, and soulfire depending on the debuffs they have. His L6 applies melt armor to one enemy and soulfire to the opposing team while his L9 is a quick action AoE that allows him to gain attack. His other passive allows him to be immuned to burning, take reduce damage from non-magic attacks, and have a chance to survive fatal attacks. If he has his first E-Iso, he will regain half his health if he is reduced to 0 for one time and his second E-Iso will give him enranged if he is hit just like a brusier. His A-Iso allows his L1 to apply sin to every opponent which allows him to use his L9 more efficiently.

Valkyrie-The Avengers #83 (Dec. 1970)

Valkyrie Dialogue 1


Valkyrie is a high risk, high reward type of character in that she protects her teammates by sacrificing herself while at the same time, make her more powerful. Her passive allows her to restore health if an ally is defeated or saved by her L6 as well as protect allies who are critically at low health although she can't do that if she herself is low on health or they are affected by her L6. Her L1 becomes more powerful when she has lower health, her L2 gives the opponent static charge as well as giving them a debuff where if they die, Valkyrie's team regains health. Her L6 allows her to give a chance for her allies to restore health to 25% if they are KOed while her L9 is a good AoE that can shut down counters. If she has her E-Iso, she gets an increase in status if an ally is KOed, something better used for PvP than PvE, while her A-Iso makes her L6 a quick action and guarenteed to be affected.

Havok-Uncanny X-Men #54 (Mar. 1969)

Havok Dialogue 1


Havok is one of the few characters who can easily one shot an opponent. The key to that is to gain as much Cosmic Energy from his passive which allows him gain it during his turn or when an energy attack is being used. His other passive allows him to gain an extra turn if an ally is attacked, which makes him a bit more aggressive as well as compensate one of his weaknesses. His L1 cost no stamina, removes shields, applies melt armor, and removes buffs, plus the damage is pretty good considering that it cost nothing. His L2 would be his finisher in that it does massive damage even when not critical, gains more damage if he has cosmic energy, and has Paragon Exploiter although he loses a turn. His L6 is a set up to his L2, plus it gives the opposing team exhaustion which allows him to counter tacticians. His L9 gives him five cosmic energy, restores his stamina, and the next attack becomes a critical hit. If he has his E-Iso, it allows him to protect allies from energy attacks which is good because he takes reduce damage from those and if he has his A-Iso, it removes his one big weakness for using his L2 although it gains a cooldown to compensate.

Hank Pym-Tales to Astonish #27 (Jan. 1962)

Hank Pym Dialogue 1

Hank Pym

Dr. Pym is someone who should be paired with that can take advantage of opportunity debuffs or people who can take advantage of his passive. The first round will have all of his moves be able to hit, the second round will have all of his moves critically hit, and the third will have all of them ignore defense. If he is paired with Beast, Black Panther, Hulk, Iron Man, Magneto, Mr. Fantastic, or Spider-Man, they gain the buffs as well. His L1 applies cornered and exhausted, his L2 applies staggered and fumbling, his L6 applies neutralized and off balanced, and his L9 exploits opportunity debuffs. His E-Iso gives him a chance to avoid attacks and two of his A-Iso adds another debuff, one of them adds hobbled to his L2 and the other adds winded to his L6.

Vision-The Avengers #57 (Oct. 1968)

Vision Dialogue 2


Vision has perfect stats, allowing him to be Isoed to pretty much anything you want him to be, whether as an attacker or a defender. His passive allows him to phase and avoid attacks, be immune to bleeding, and gain an energy charge each round as well as from energy attacks. He can change from a blaster to an infiltrator thanks to his L2, one of his A-Isos allows him to gain benefits from the change such as instant phased if he switches to an infiltrator and gaining five energy charges if he becomes an blaster. Each class has a different moveset, his blaster is basically a set up to his L9 while his infiltrator moveset allows him to take advantage of his phased ability. His other A-Iso gives his blaster L9 exploit radiation and phased advantaged. However, while he can do two roles, he has trouble trying to do both of them pretty well. That is unless he has his AoU outfit, arguably the best one right now. Depending on if he's in his ranged or melee mode, he can take reduce damage from range or melee attacks on the respective modes, allows AoU members not to have their attacks locked out, his ranged L1 has buff blocker, his L9 exploits strained, his L1 and L9 melee now applies straining, and his L6 causes downgrade and reduced potential. Buy his AoU outfit as soon as you can, right now!!!!

Rescue-Tales of Suspense # 45 (Sept. 1963)

Rescue Dialogue 1


Rescue, unlike most heroes, is purely used for support. That isn't to say that she can't attack at all, as she does have one attack but its weak and mainly used to make sure she has something to defend herself. She is one of the best shield users and defenders in the game considering the fact that one of her shield covers all her allies, it causes them to gain some health, and remove current debuffs, while her other doubles her as a defender with the ability to magnetize her opponent and doesn't overwrite her other shields. Her L9 removes all debuffs from her and buffs from her opponents while her L1 removes follow ups and countering abilities. Her A-Iso removes debuffs from all your teammates as well. Her passive removes a harmful effect except for stun and exhausted each round.

Wonder Man-Avengers #9 (Oct. 1964)

Wonder Man Dialogue 1

Wonder Man

Like Groot, Wonder Man will always protect allies from single target attacks, with his attack and defense increases the lower his health becomes instead of switching forms. To compensate this he is also immune to damage over time effects meaning that he can't be slowly defeated. His L1 and L2 allows him to better defend himself by giving the former impaired as well as giving him rising up for his L6 and giving the latter winded and hobbled. His L6 would be his finisher in that it does massive damage to one opponent and if he survives, gives him exhausted. His L9 allows him to recover if he defends and gets hit and then gain an extra turn. If he has his A-Iso equipped, then his L9 is activate for another turn and it can't be removed by any effects. If he has his E-Iso equipped, then he will protect AoE as well.

Daimon Hellstrom-Ghost Rider (vol. 2) #1 (Sept. 1973)

Daimon Hellstrom Dialogue 1

Daimon Hellstrom

Using the Son of Satan is a bit of a risk, especially if he is not leveled up properly without the moves used to make him last longer. His L1 gives him burning which allows him to counter any attack against him, its a bit small but but definitely worth keeping. His L2 and Darksoul passive allows him to survive longer and gives him dark void, allowing him to regain health if he attacks. His last two moves should be used if he is severely low on health, his L6 removes his debuffs if he needs to while his L9 heals him or an ally and keeps burning and dark void if used on him. His E-Iso allows him to revive once per round which increases his survivability while his A-Iso gives the opponent bane if his L9, not particularly useful.

Ares-Thor (vol. 1) #129 (June 1966)

Ares Dialogue 1


When using Ares, he combines bleeding with trying to take down the opponent as quick as possible. His passive allows him to counter and perform follow up attacks when an ally attacks or is attacked. His other passives gives him some survivability by giving the opponent broken will and intimidated. His L1 applies bleeding, ravaged, and tenderized, his L2 applies hemmorhage and despair, his L6 is a quick action that applies weak point, hitting even harder, and his L9 is an AoE that has a chance to cause stun and removes buffs as well. If his E-Iso is equipped, all of his attacks become stronger the more he loses health, his first A-Iso gives his L6 disadvantaged to counter any class advantages while his second gives his L1 three stacks of bleeding.

Black Bolt-Fantastic Four #45 (Dec. 1965)

Black Bolt Dialogue 1

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is a good defensive character due to his Ambient Charge passive where him and each ally gains one each time they attack or are attacked and it reduce damage for each stack up to a maximum of 50%. At first, his attacks are a little weak without proper Isoing but once you get to his level 9, he becomes a dangerous character. His L9 is dangerous once everyone reaches a certain amount of Ambient Charge since it consumes all Ambient Charges for extra damage. Otherwise, his L1 had deadly critical and gives him an ambient charge, his L2 gives him two turns the next round, gives everyone an ambient charge and prevents counters, and his L6 causes incapatitation and neutralizes buffs. Since he is an Inhuman, he gains the buffs from other Inhumans and his Inhuman ability allows a chance when any Inhuman not in battle to give him their effect for one turn.

Heimdall-Journey into Mystery #85 (Oct. 1962)

Heimdall Dialogue 1


Heimdall is a slow character to level up, I mean really slow. He is also a good example of why you shouldn't judge a hero when you try him in a team-up battle. He has the typical Asgardian passive as well as a new one, one that pretty much destroy infiltrators and specifically Elektra. All his attacks may not seem special until you get his L9 which gives all your team members Strengthen, Fortified, Agile, and Focus. With that, you can then take advantage of his L1 as it has Finest Hour and deadly critical. Other than those two, his L2 has a chance to give out Off Balanced and Winded to opponents as well as a chance to completely negate any attacks they use. His L6 is good for a set up while you wait. If you have his E-Iso, he can prevent counters from happening. Be sure to give him Iso-8 that increases his accuracy, stamina, and evasion as he'll really need it.

Nico Minoru-Runaways #1 (July 2003)

Nico Minoru Dialogue 1

Nico Minoru

Nico has by far the worst health anyone has ever had, even if you focus all of your Isos on her health, you are very lucky if you even manage to get four out of five bars filled. However, to make up for this, she will come back to life if her health is depleted for the first time and will remove debuffs and gain haste. Her attacks become more powerful if she is bleeding, fortunately she takes reduce damage from bleeding so you don't have to worry too much about it. Her L1 gives the opponent bane and herself bleeding, her L2 has a couple of options from soulfire, to frozen, chilled and stunned, to adhesive x and constricted and if she is bleeding, she can give an ally rising up and an extra turn. Her L6 have options of causing fear and intimidated, significantly lower the opponent's stats and power, cause chaos shot, and if bleeding, a massive attack that exploits attriction. Her L9 heals her and gain three stacks of bleeding as well as lower damage taken. You are going to need the Resonate E-Iso to make up from her bleeding damage, her personal E-Iso is a decent second choice in that it gives her some healing abilities to allies.

Iceman-The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

Iceman Dialogue 2


True to his name, Iceman focus on the chilled debuff but he is also a decent tank if used properly. His passive allows him to reduce damage from fire and ice attacks and prevents burning, chilled, and pyrophoric. His L1 takes advantage of chilled opponents, his L2 and L6 gives chilled to all enemies or one respectively, his L2 also causes disabled and his L6 gives the opponent exhausted and frozen. His L9 sheilds the party and gives him Dead of Winter which allows him to regain health if he is KOed and gives more effects to his attacks. His L2 gains frostbound, his L6 prevents the opponent from using melee attacks, and his L9 restores health. His Death outfit adds preventing resurrections to his abilities, his L1 now has brutal strike, his L2 stuns, his L6 now has fatal blow, and instead of his L9 giving out shield, it gives the opponent doom and despair though if he uses up a dead of winter, he gains the same abilities he would have gotten as Iceman for his respective moves as well. He gains two passives, one allows him to counter chilled targets and another gives him Dead of Winter if he defeats an opponent.

Falcon-Captain America #117 (September 1969)

Falcon Dialogue 1


Jokes about Captain Falcon aside, Sam is more of a support character than a damage user, even his passive pretty much speaks of support in that he can reduce damage for the team if they are over 80% health. His L1 gives the team rising up and an extra turn in exchange for him losing a turn, his L2 gives everyone the ability to counter as well as dodging attacks and if he attacks, he gives everyone rising up, his L6 gives the opponent stun and exhausted. This will probably be your only reliable single attack. Meanwhile, his L9 guarentees everyone critical hits on their next attack and gives a chance for a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to attack the opponent. His E-Iso gives him nimble, since you are probably going to use his L2 the most, its not really worth using. His A-Iso however is much more useful as it gives his L9 shell shocked which really makes it a good AoE.

Anti-Venom-Amazing Spider-Man #569 (October 2008) (Eddie Brock first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #18 (September 1986))

Anti-Venom Dialogue 1


Anti-Venom combines the ability of a cleric with that of an exploiter in a very weird way. Unlike most symbiotes, he takes reduce fire and sonic damage as well as the typical symbiote effects of restoring health and stamina each turn and removing a debuff. He also removes buffs from the opponent when attacking and being attacked. His L1, L2, and L6 have a chance to remove debuffs with his L1 causing bleeding and ravaged, his L2 applies opportunist, webbed, and depower, his L6 exploits opportunity and bleeding as well as causing hemmorhage, and his L9 completely removes effects as well as generalize the opponents, the twist being that if it somehow removed, then they get damaged. As a symboite, he can use the Genetic Memory E-Iso which allows him to give a symbiote ally increased stats and he has his own E-Iso which allows him to avoid an attack.

Cannonball-Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (September 1982)

Cannonball Dialogue 1


The trick to use Cannonball is how well you are able to use his Kinetic Field. If he has the buff, all attacks at him deal no damage, he can't get any harmful effects, and pretty much counts as a shield. His passive allows him to dodge damage, be immune to ground attacks, and gain rising up if avoided that way. If an ally dies, he gains increased stats. His L1 breaks shields and causes shield slam if he has kinetic shield. His L2 gives him a kinetic shield, if he already has it, it is replaced with an attack that has finest hour and deadly critical. His L6 gives him breakthrough if he has a kinetic shield, as well as gives the opposing team winded, off balanced, and exhausted. Finally, his L9 gives the opponent melt armor and grants him an extra turn, allowing him to combo into his L2 if he has Kinetic Field. If he has his A-Iso from Spec Ops, then his L9 will remove debuffs on him.

Star-Lord-Marvel Preview #4 (January 1976)

Star-Lord Dialogue 2


Star-Lord pretty much works well with the rest of any of the Guardians of the Galaxy members though he is still a good support character with anyone as well thanks for his ability to handle many opportunity debuffs. His passive allows him to to give an ally increase stats and an extra turn and will attack anyone who has an opportunity debuff attacking someone, especially if its a Guardian member. If he's in his Modern outfit, he loses the latter passive in exchange for a morale effect that allows everyone to join in on an attack. Aside from that, his L1 gives the opposing team impaired and cornered as well as giving the team rising up, his L2 cost low stamina but has a low chance for hitting but may hit three times, and causes pain for each hit and an increase chance to stun, his L6 deals fumbling, hobbled, and winded, and his L9 haves options of either burning and neutralize, chilled and demise, fatal blow as well as high critical, or can exploit bleeding, opportunity debuffs, and lowered stats effects.

Ka-Zar-X-Men #10 (March 1965)

Ka-Zar Dialogue 1


Ka-Zar has both the advantages and disadvantages of both a scrapper and a brusier so while he has twice the strength, he also has twice the weaknesses. His passives allow him to take reduce damage from bleeding opponents, reduce damage if he is over 80% health, and gains empathic bonds if he attacks. His L1 causes bleeding and exhausted, his L2 provides hemmorhage, impaired, and tenderized, his L6 gives him some protect and defensive options by countering, and his L9 is an AoE exploiter. Overall, just another bleeder but bleeders are generally useful overall.

Blade-The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July 1973)

Blade Dialogue 1


The Daywalker has many ways to take advantage of bleeding targets, he can dodge them, his L2 can restore health and gain Quickening if he attacks a bleeding target, his L6 applies hemmorhage as well as applying incapacitation and fatal blow and when his passive of countering is activated, he uses his L6. He can also apply three stacks of bleeding from his L1 and if he has Quickening, he can use his L9 to gain two turns, removes debuffs, increases stats for a turn, and can gain stamina as well from his L2. He also has nothing to worry about with psychic and delerium debuffs as he is immune to them, which can make him a handy psychic counterer if used right. If he has his A-Iso, then his L1 becomes magic, ethernal, and gain up to three stacks of internal bleeding.

Crystal-Fantastic Four #45 (December 1965)

Crystal Dialogue 1


Crystal can use both fire based attacks and ice based attacks yet unlike most of them, can take advantage of these opposite elements by scorched and frigid, if the opponent gains either of them, Crystal can use the opposite element for extra damage, plus both scorched and frigid have extra effects, the former can remove buffs and the latter can lock out attacks as well as turn quick actions into normal ones. Her fire attack is her L1 and her water is her L2. If she uses either of them, her L6 has an extra option of causing an AoE version of each element. His L9 is an AoE that can ground flying opponents, causing them to be hit by ground attacks as well as giving them staggered and off balanced. Like the former two, her L6 has another option of an AoE but instead it causes blinded. Regardless, her L6 always has an option of causing a shield effect that may interrupt attacks as well. Her passive allows her to counter opponents if they are burned or chilled but not if she is poisoned. Her Inhuman ability allows her to use her L6 anytime to an ally, an increased chance if the ally is an Inhuman.

Beta Ray Bill-Thor #337 (November 1983)

Beta Ray Bill Dialogue 1

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill may look like a Thor clone but he is far from it, his passive is more defensive than Thor in that he protects allies and gives allies an ability to dodge attacks. As far as class goes, he has both the advantage and disadvantage of a blaster and brusier, making him potentially a heavy hitter. All of his attacks have something to do with electricity and protecting allies, his L1 provides covered to allies and crackle to enemies, his L2 gives the opponent cornered and himself breakthrough, his L6 gives him a shield and the opposing team static charge and ozone, and his L9 exploits effects that have to do with lightning. His E-Iso from his heroic battle allows him to do a lightning follow up attack. It may be a little harder to do both at the same time so decide if you want to go on the offense or defense.

Chase Stein-Runaways # 1 (July 2003)

Chase Stein Dialogue 1

Chase Stein

Chase is probably one of the first characters that can truly be called a lockdown character in that he can prevent people from using certain moves. His L1 has the option of locking either melee, ranged, or defensive attacks which each provided an additional effect. His L2 applies flanked and disadvantaged which can be comboed into his L1 providing two of his L1, his L6 allows him to counter attacks using his L2, and his L9 can weaken the opponent and force them on the defensive. His passive allows him an empathic link and also allows him to counter attacks based on what they did.

Ultimate Spider-Man-Ultimate Fallout #4 (August 2011)

Ultimate Spider-Man Dialogue 1

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Honestly, there is not much to say about the Ultimate version of Spider-Man, they are built very similar, one of their passives is practically the same thing while the other works the same way as Peter Parker's L2 in a sense except instead of gaining an extra turn, he counters. Their L1s are even the same thing. There are some key differences though, his L2 gives the opponent straining, envenomed, and incapacitation, his L6 is almost like Spider-Man's L6 except it also exploits stun and gives the opponent combo setup and his L9 gives everyone stun but he loses a turn. Ironically enough, he works well with another Spider-theme person.

Ant-Man-Marvel Premiere #47 (April 1979)

Ant-Man Dialogue 1


Ant-Man does have some similarities to both Hank Pym and Wasp but there are a couple of differences as well. His passive allows him to be revived if he gets knocked out the first time as well as buff him and allows him to do a follow up attack if he attacks an intimidated opponent. His L1 allows him to apply pain to the opponent as well as exposed and wide open if they already have pain, his L2 gives the opponent opportunist debuffs and intimidate, his L6 has exploit opportunity and finest hour and his L9 gives the opponent grounded as well as disadvantage. It should also be noted that his L2 and L9 both have Ants! which acts like summon except that it has increased chance of critical. Definitely pair him up with any opportunist hero.

Silk-Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1 (June 2014)

Silk Dialogue 1


Silk combines the general use of a Spider with the moveset a Generalist usually use. Her passives allows her to block, protect, and counter generalists and generalized enemies as well as applying rising up and a chance to counter and dodge attacks regardless of class. Her L1 applies 1 to 3 stacks of webbed, her L2 applies combo set up and wide open, her L6 gives opponents generalized, lock-on, and off balanced, and her L9 exploits webbing, combo set up, and has snared target and rising up. She works well enough alone but having another Spider really does help her a lot.

Spitfire-Invaders #7 (July 1976)

Spitfire Dialogue 1


Right now Spitfire is being leveled up, she will be reviewed once she is properly leveled

PvP Heroes

Deadpool-New Mutants #98 (Feb. 1991)

Deadpool Dialogue 2

You see that player, I'm better than Wolverine. Buy me now.

Deadpool is pretty much a troll, anyone who is using him in PvP is a troll. His L1 is simple but effective, his L2 punishes powered up opponents while removing buffs if he is OP, his L6 removes debuffs on him on any turn while adding debuffs on the opponet if he's Imba, and his L9 does a crazy amount of damage while being stealthy and gaining true strike if he's OP, increases crit chance, damage, and ignore defense if he's Imba, and it can even exploit anything the opponent has if he's Totally Broken. His passive allows him to recover health each time he is hit, gaining stacks of healing for each hit, he also has a laptop that can nerf the opponent or forces them to refresh. Both of his passives pretty much keep his trolling effect, one gives him bleeding to his L1 and gives a reverse version of Wolverine's Come at Me Bub passive while the other allows him to regain health if he dies the first time. His A-Iso may seem stupid at first since it gives the opponent increased stats with his L1 but if you combine it with his Uncanny X-Force outfit, it pretty much sets them up for extra damage.

Cable-New Mutants #87 (Mar. 1990)

Cable Dialogue 1


Cable is the first character to have more than four moves in the game. Instead of recharging, he can switch between his TO-Control with his TO-Overdrive moveset. His TO-Control involves deception where his L1 ignores Avoidance effects and punishes weakened opponents, his L2 helps him dodge attacks, his L6 is a good set-up to opponents and his L9 allows an ally to gain another turn without wasting his own. Once he switches to TO-Overdrive, he gains more powerful attacks, his L1 exploits makes counter, protect, and follow up useless, his L2 can stun the opponent, his L6 increases non-psychic attacks and his L9 gives a chance for the opponent to protect your allies from their allies. His E-Iso are ok, one can do preemptive counters while the other guarantees that psychic attacks will hit.

Psylocke-Captain Britain, vol. 1 #8 (Dec. 1976)

Psylocke Dialogue 2


An excellent support character, Psylocke can easily allow her to wade through both powering up the team and countering fellow psychics. Her L2 gives her and her ally increased stats and a chance to do a follow up attack from an ally's attack while giving Psylocke a chance to avoid an attack. Her L6 is a great shield effect that ignores psychic attacks and it can be stronger if she has Psionic Shadow. Her L1 does a good amount of damage and her L9 prevents spamming attacks. Her passive is pretty good if she is attacked and will always happen if she is up against other psychic. Her E-Iso gives the team her L2 from the start which unlike Rogue's E-Iso is actually useful as it can give her some more aggressive choices while her first A-Iso allows her L9 some lockdown potential and her second gives her L1 quick action, allowing her some aggression. Her X-Force costume continues her use as a support character in that X-Force characters attacks gain stealthy and true strike.

Punisher-The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (Feb. 1974)

Punisher Dialogue 1


The Punisher has about the most versatility any hero has in the game, he can literally change in the blink of an eye and it would be impossible to list both the strengths and weaknesses of all of his classes but they are all good in their own way. One thing that is noticeable is that he can carry one advantage of his passive to another one, for example, having the tacitcian mode attack a blaster and then switch to scrapper to attack an infiltrator, start as brusier and then switch to infiltrator, and so on. His passives does make up for some of the classes shortcomings but he's not synchonizable with a lot of heroes and is a bit of a glass cannon. Both of his E-Isos are good, his Season 2 allows him to change class when he is attacked while his Runaways Spec Ops allows him an extra turn if he is below 30% health which can make a big difference. He also has two A-Iso, one allows him to gain the class benefit if he changes with his L2 although that costs a cooldown while his L9, which originally causes Paragon Exploiter and Intimidate from all his classes gives it Brutal Strike as well as Exploit corruption and attriction.

X-23-NYX #3 (Feb. 2004) (Actual First Appearance Was X-Men: Evolution Episode "X-23 (2003)")

X-23 Dialogue 2


X-23 is more than she seems, it may not seem like she has speed and her Passive Weapon X Programming may seem like it hinders her at first but once leveled up, she becomes a monster and a good choice for bleeding teams. Her L1 is good for enemies that don't have bleeding and to increase bleeding damage, her L2 is an excellent AoE that causes hemorrhage and a higher chance to cause her to do a follow up attack if one of the opponents has Trigger Scent, her L6 is powerful if the opponent is bleeding, and her L9 is excellent for preventing resurrection effects. Plus, her Healing Factor works the same as Logan which is a big plus. Her War outfit gives her small changes but they still benefit her in that she gains Warbringer, her L1 adds blind rage and pain, her L2 gains pain, her L6 gains paragon exploiter, and her L9 is stealthy. Her A-Iso gives her L2 pin cushion although oddly enough, it does not work with her War outfit while her E-Iso applies trigger scent if she doesn't have berserking rage.

Fantomex-New X-Men #128 (Aug. 2002)

Fantomex Dialogue 1


Honestly, Fantomex can use a bit of an update, his L1 gives everyone focus, his L2 gives him a passive that allows EVA to counter or do a follow up attack, his L6 is a stealthy attack that disorients the target and his L9 can only be used if he used his L2 and deals extra damaged if focused. He can naturally resist psychic attacks and his passive allows him to avoid other attacks, the chances increases if he is with an X-Force member. His A-Iso allows EVA to attack before he does his L1 and his E-Iso allows him to do a follow up attack if an enemy attacks its ally, which makes him some use for delrium teams.

Shatterstar-New Mutants vol.1 #99 (Mar. 1991)

Shatterstar Dialogue 1


Shatterstar is kind of an odd character (but not a bad character) to use. He may seem like he is trying to inflict as much damage as possible to the opponent but in actuality, he softens up the opponent so that way the other heroes can hit them hard. His L1 allows any damage source to hit harder, his L2 prevents Shields, his L6 inflicts a crazy amount of damage if the opponent is protecting, and his L9 gives him an extra push. His first passive helps him survive longer and his second one is great against tenderized opponents. His E-Iso gives out Warbringer which can be useful as it gives him an extra push if you don't have the World War Hulk or War outfit and his A-Iso gives out Pain Train, softening the opponents even more.

Red Hulk-Hulk vol. 2 #1 (Jan. 2008) (Thunderbolt Ross first appeared in Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962))

Red Hulk Dialogue 1

Red Hulk

Red Hulk is more of a thinking man's Hulk than the original Hulk. While he can deal as much damage as Hulk, you need to be smart with the moves you choose with him or else he may hinder you. His passive gives him extra damage and unlocks more passives for him but if he gains 10 Heat, he does an attack that hurts both friend and foe while stunning him on his next turn. His moves are pretty good, his L1 allows him to deal extra damage on melee, his L2 allows him to prevent him from overheating, his L6 is an excellent protect move that also heals him while absorbing the opponent and his L9 is devastating, if unreliable. His first E-Iso allows him to start with 40% heat, giving him a head start with his strategy and his second E-Iso removes his biggest weakness to his passive by only attacking the enemy when he has 100% heat and he will not be stunned when he does it while his A-Iso allows him to get 30% heat if you use his L9.

Angel-The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

Angel Dialogue 2


Depending on his costume, there are two ways you can use Angel. In his default costume, all of Angel's attacks are meant to support the entire team as a whole rather than damage the enemy as hard as possible. His L1 gives out a random buff to all your heroes, his L2 trades his turn for an extra turn to each of his allies, that's four turns instead of three each round, and his L6 helps his allies survive longer. If your ally is low on health, his L9 is handy to have plus it restores their stamina. His Techno-Organic Wings allows him to dodge better while his Essence Reading passive prevents class advantage. In his Archangel outfit, he gains health an stamina if someone dies and all X-Force members gain fatal blow on their L9s. His L1 gives the opponent pain, his L2 gives them nanoplague, his L6 prevents healing, and his L9 can bypass any resurrection and its actually quite powerful for a fatal blow attack. He actually does pretty good damage in his Archangel outfit, its up to you to decide which one suits him best, it even reflects in his A-Iso, one gives his L1 in his modern costume Finest Hour while the other turns his L6 in his X-Force outfit into an AoE.

Bishop-Uncanny X-Men #282 (Nov. 1991)

Bishop Dialogue 1


Bishop is a bit of a situational character. He has two sets of moves, his L1 does increased damage to anyone with a buff, his L2 disrupts tech based characters as well as gaining Potential Energy (though the damage is small), and his L9 increases his tech attack while increasing the next damage on all enemies. If he either gets attack by kinetic, energy, elemental (while having a chance to protect from those attacks), or psychic or uses his L6, he then switches to his Focus attacks he can either use his L1 or L6 to attack with the amount of damage based on how much Potential Energy he has, use his L2 to increase his status or L9 for regeneration. His passive allows him to take reduce damage from the previously mentioned attacks. Both of his E-Iso allows him to gain Potential Energy faster, one from his own attacks and the other from his allies using energy attacks.

Spiral-Longshot #1 (Sept. 1985)

Spiral Dialogue 1


Honestly, I don't know what to make of Spiral. I don't think she's bad but her moveset is a bit off. I think she is trying to be a support character but the way her moves are used, its a little odd. I will do my best to describe her however so here goes. Her passive allows her to dodge an attack, counter it with her default L6 and gain an extra turn. Her L1 is a basic move, her L2 gives the opponent bane and depower, and her L9 gives out stun and exhausted. Her L6 depends on what move you did last time, normally and if you use an L6, it would give all the enemies pressure point and the team rising up, if she used her L1 last, it is an attack that gives the opposing team weak point and the team mirror image, her L2 changes it to the opposing team breakdown and your team bulidup, and if her L9 was the last one used, it disorient the opposing team and gives your allies a guarantees chance of a critical hit. Her E-Iso allows her to have all her L6s as a multi action, again I don't know what to make of it if its good or bad.

Domino-X-Force, vol. 1 #11 (June 1992)

Domino Dialogue 1


Domino's strength lies not in her moves but in her passives, one allows her team to produce more critical hits while the other allows a chance to either dodge attacks, counter them, do a follow up, ignore enemy defense, or avoid debuffs. These passives allows her to support the team and ruin any type of strategy the opponent has out the window. Aside from this, her L1 has paragon exploiter and disadvantage, her L2 can cause some random debuffs and can be a quick action, her L6 gives the opposing team pressure point and all allies rising up and her L9 causes incapacitation and disoriented. Her A-Iso adds bleeding and exhausted to her L9.

Agent Venom-The Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 (February 2011) (Flash Thompson first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug 1962)

Agent Venom Dialogue 1

Agent Venom

Ok, yes Agent Venom is one of the few characters to have a weakness, yes he has the ability to change to another class at any moment but despite the handicap, Agent Venom is not a bad character by any means. His Symbiote passive allows him to recover health, remove a debuff, and survive KO hits. His L1 applies cornered and wide open, his L2 has locked on and disadvantaged, his L6 appliesx hobbled and pressure point, and his L9 applies bleeding and burning to other enemies and becomes more powerful the lower his health is. If he changes form, he has a chance to attack another target but he turns into a brusier and his L1 applies exploit shield and paragon exploiter as well as shield breaker, his L2 exploits opportunity, his L6 gives him a follow up attack, and his L9 is an AoE that exploits attriction, boon buster, and exploits shield as well as giving webbed to all enemies. Finding a way to balance the two is hard but worth using if possible. Like Anti-Venom, he can used the Genetic Memory E-Iso and he does have his own which allows all allies to gain combat awareness at the start of each turn.

Hogun-Journey into Mystery #119 (August 1965)

Hogun Dialogue 1


Similar to Fandral, Hogun has two classes, infiltrator and scrapper. Despite not being an Asgardian, he still has the passive as well as a chance to attack while an ally attacks or is attacked. Unlike most counters, this one is unique attack in that it gives the opponent pain and target focus. If the ally is Fandral or Volstagg, the attack is guarenteed. As far as his strategy goes, he is basically a heavy hitter, using his L1 as a build up with wind up and breakthrough and his L9 has deadly critical, ignores defense and ignores avoidance effects. Aside from that, his L2 gives the opposing team flanked and fumbling and his L6 allows him to recover health, remove debuffs and increase counter and follow up attacks and other Warrior Three members use their L6s as well. His E-Iso from Season 1 allows him to be immune to flanked, fumbling, off-balanced, and winded, extremely useful considering his build up, his Season 2 E-Iso gives him warbound like World War Hulk, X-23's War outfit and Shatterstar's E-Iso, and if you have his A-Iso, his cooldown on his L2 is reduced and it can be used at the start of the battle.

Rocket Raccoon-Marvel Preview #7 (June 1976)

Rocket Raccoon Dialogue 2

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon can attack more than once each turn as long as he has some ammo left. The amount of ammo he uses depends on the attack, one for his L1, two for his L2, three for his L6, and five for his L9. He starts out with three but fortunately, he doesn't waste ammo if he counters or does follow up attacks and his passive allows him to join in on any of those. His L1 causes pain, his L2 causes targeted and melt armor to one enemy, his L6 gives the opponent pyrophoric, causing a massive chain reaction if he uses his L1 multiple times and his L9 has combustible and exploit opportunity. He's not a heavy hitter but causes little damage when you combo his L6 to multiple uses of his L1. If he runs out of ammo, he can replace them using another attack by extending his recharge or choosing anything. If he has his E-Iso, he starts off with 5 ammo, a bit situational. His Guardians uniform allows him and other Guardians to always cause critical to attacks.

Drax-Iron Man #55 (February 1973)

Drax Dialogue 2


At first glance, you see that Drax has the build for a bleeder yet you wonder where the heck is bleeding on any of his attacks. The key is to use his L2 on every turn in order for him to have bleeding and if he does not get hit, increases the power of his L2 to gain critical hit and even heal from bleeding targets. His L1 locks out the next move the opponent uses and tenderizes them, his L6 applies hobbled and ravaged, and his L9 has brutal strike, deadly critical, and exploit bleeding. He takes reduce damage from bleeding opponents, can only be bleeded for one turn, and applies mark for revenge if he is attacked. In his Guardians uniform, he and the other Guardians attacks now apply hemmorhage. Fortunately, all of his fellow guardians either also have bleeding or can attack multiple turns to take advantage of it.

Karnak-Fantastic Four vol. 1 #45 (Dec 1965)

Karnak Dialogue 1


Karnak can pretty much counter as much as he can thanks to his passive, the chance increases if its a fellow Inhuman. He can also take reduce damage from counter and follow up attacks as well. All of his attacks will hit and causes critical hit as well, his L1 causes disadvantage, his L2 gives all enemies weak point, combo set up and wide open, his L6 applies pressure point and removes buffs, and his L9 has paragon exploiter and fatal blow. All in all, very simple and easy to use but useful.

Nova-Marvel Point One #1 (November 2011)

Nova Dialogue 1


First off, lets get out of the way and ignore the fact that this is not Richard Rider and put aside any fanboy rage about something. Now for Nova, he requires a lot of build up in order to potentially use his two best attacks. His L1 has an option of a single target attack that increases Nova's Accuracy and decreases the opponent's accuracy and evasion or an AoE that increases Nova's Attack and Defense and decreases the opponent's own attack and defense. His L2 is a quick action that applies opportunist, his L6 has deadly critical and if Nova has Control, Catastrophe while if he has Mastery, has paragon exploiter, exploit opportunity and intimidate. His L9 has high critical, if he has Control, it will always hit and is stealthy and if he has mastery, it ignores defense and gains fatal blow. His passive allows him to dodge attacks and counter them with his L2. If you can manage to get both his control and mastery, it could be a game changer. Hi A-Iso gives him extra incentive to getting both control and mastery as his L2 will give him an extra turn if he has both control and mastery.

Angela-Spawn #9 (March 1993) from Image Comics (First appearance in Marvel was in Age of Ultron #10 (June 2013))

Angela Dialogue 1


The key to using Angela is her L1, which gives an enemy Mark of the Huntress, always hitting a target and gaining health if the opponent is defeated as well as giving bleeding and ravaged from her L1. All of her other attacks and even her passive benefit from her opponent having Mark of the Huntress. Her passive counters opponents who have them and even those who don't with a different move, potentially countering four times. Her L2 removes debuff, causes hemmorage, and if the opponent has Mark of the Huntress, gives buff blocker. Her L6 gives those with Mark of the Huntress Intimidate and Cower as well as giving Angela rising up and blessing. Her L9 applies finest hour, and if the opponent has Mark of the Huntress, exploits bleeding and if Angela defeats them, gains an extra turn. She has a passive similar to most Asgardians with the twist being that she gains health and stamina if an opponent is defeated. If she has her E-Iso, then she will regain all health if she defeats an opponent with Mark of the Huntress.

Victor Mancha-Runaways vol. 2 #1 (April 2005)

Victor Mancha Dialogue 1

Victor Mancha

Another electrical user although he makes a good user of the magnetized debuff as well as being excellent with mechanical and tech enemies. He also has quite a number of defensive passives, one that can restore health as well as remove a debuff, one that has a chance to revive him if he dies, and one that makes him resistant to a few debuffs including obsolete tech. His L1 allows him to critically hit magnetic targets, his L2 gives everyone static charge and magnetized as well as downgrade, his L6 gives him a shield that allows him to protect and counter those who have static charged, and his L9 applies the opponent incapacitation as weill as fried circuits to mech targets. He may not be the best at everything he can do but he does have enough versatility to adjust in case there is a counter to what you are focusing him on.

Deathlok-Original Sins #1 (June 2014) (Deathlok first appeared in Astonishing Tales #25 (August 1974))

Deathlok Dialogue 1


Ironically for his class, Deathlok works best against those who take advantage of extra turns. To start, his passive allows him to take significantly reduced damage from guns, is immuned to bleeding, burning, chilled, and obsolete tech, and every time an opponent attacks, they gain combat data, different from the other combat data as far as effects goes, even if the opponent doesn't attack you. His L1 does extra damage for each combat data on the opponent, his L2 is an AoE that destroys shields, his L6 applies neutralized and exhausted as well as it being a quick action in case you need to shut down extra turns, and his L9 removes buffs as well as doing extra damage to opponents with buff. He does require some leveling up before you see how he works but once you do, you won't have to be worried about extra turns.

Spider-Man Noir-Spider-Man Noir #1 (February 2009)

Spider-Man Noir Dialogue 1

THE Spider-Man

The simplest out of all the Spiders out there, even simpler than his mainstream counterpart, that doesn't make Noir any less than the other Spiders out there. Pretty much he is built around the other teammates performing counters and follow up attacks. His passives allows him to preemptly counter stealth attacks and a chance to dodge attacks as well as more importantly, perform a follow up attack whenever a hero does a counter or follow up attack. His L1 applies flanked and webbed, his L2 has snared target and wind up, his L6 applies target focus and combo set up and his L9 is a finisher that has exploit combo and webbed. Make sure you pair him with someone who does follow up and counter frequently.

Spider-Girl-Amazing Fantasy #1 (August 2004)

Spider-Girl Dialogue 1


Spider-Girl is in the process of leveling up, she will be reviewed once properly leveled.

A-Bomb-The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962)

A-Bomb Dialogue 1


Right now I do not have A-Bomb, he will be reviewed once I have him.

Misty Knight-Marvel Team-Up #1 (March 1972)

Misty Knight Dialogue 1

Misty Knight

Season 24 is out so obviously no one has Misty Knight, a review will be up once she is generally released

Collection Heroes

Magneto-The X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963)

Magneto Dialogue 1


There are two things to know about Magneto, one is that he has higher than average stats so you may get 5 bars on all of his stats sooner than expected, two is that he is focused on the magnetized debuff. If the opponent in the team has any sort of metal, then they will automatically be magnetized and to those that won't, then he can simply use his L1 to magnetize them, in addition to that, to those that are already magnetized, they receive extra damage. His L2 will stun the target with a higher chance being stunned if they are magnetized, his L6 exploits the magnetized debuff and his L9 gives the team a shield when if it is removed, they will gain an extra turn and it doesn't cost any stamina. His passive allows him to critically hit magnetized targets, be immune to magnetized, and preemtly counter magnetized targets. With one debuff, he can really change the battlefield to your advantage. One of the few lockbox heroes to have an E-Iso, his replaces Magnetized with Polarized, which means it can't be removed at all, making him even more deadly.

Omega Sentinel-X-Men Unlimited #27 (June 2000)

Omega Sentinel Dialogue 1

Omega Sentinel

Despite being able to take two turns per round, Omega Sentinel is best use as a support character. Like Vision and Punisher, she has the ability to change classes, a Scrapper, a Brusier, and a Tactician. Her scrapper moveset is more of offensive, her brusier is more defensive, and her tactician is more of a support moveset. Some of her moves allow her to grant buffs to allies which allows her to act as support regardless of the class. Its a good idea to focus on her support abilities because her scrapper L9 becomes more powerful if it has a buff. Her passive changes depending on her class, her scrapper moves allows all her moves to exploit any defensive abilities like protection and shield from her moves, her brusier stance takes significantly less damage from counter and follow up attacks, and her tactician mode allows her to join in on counter and follow up attacks. She also has perfect stats so feel free to customize her stats to your liking. If she has her E-Iso, she can gain the positive aspect of the class attacking her, giving her more versatility.

Juggernaut-X-Men #12 (July 1965)

Juggernaut Dialogue 1


Juggernaut has one of the most devastating moves out there, his L6. This move can ignore protect and most avoidance effect, has a very high critical hit chance, and deals a lot of damage, especially if he is enranged. His L9 allows him to get it quicker while increasing his attack (as well as his allies). His L1 gives him momentum so he can use his L6 again and his L2 prevents shields from stopping him and if he equips his A-Iso from Spec Ops, then he may keep his momentum after using his L6. His passive makes him immune to psychic attacks, as well as being stunned and lockdown effects as well as restoring stamina each round, giving him some survivability so if you are afraid of losing a turn, Juggernaut may be worth using.

Constrictor-Incredible Hulk #212 (Jun. 1977)

Constrictor Dialogue 1


Constrictor is a very unpredictable character that is best used for ending the battle as quickly as possible. His L1 is the reason he can go toe to toe with Infiltrators and come on top thanks to generalized, his L2 allows allies to hit the opponent harder or combine it with his L6 for a guarenteed critical hit damage, and his L9 is a massive AoE that allows him to use another move. What makes him unpredictable is his passive Quartermaster, which allows him to use an item without consuming it, even in PvP. The reason it is unpredictable is because you may use a stat increase item when low on health or a healing item when he really doesn't need it.

Satana-Vampire Tales #2 (Oct. 1973)

Satana Dialogue 1


Satana has perhaps the steepest learning curve out there. Like her brother, you need to level her up in order to maximize her potential but she is an all or nothing character. All her attacks gives her debuffs that actually power up both her and her teammates. Her L1 weakens her opponents, her L2 allows weakens defenses allowing the team to do massive damage, her L6 removes two of her worst debuffs as well as giving options of healing, an AoE that deals more damage if she has debuffs, or a single attack that applies cornered and her L9 gives her survivability while allowing a decent amount of damage as well as fatal blow to the opponent. If she or her teammates gain weakened, exposed, dizzy, or slowed, they gain a massive stat increase which eventually balances out once you have all four. If she has bane on her, her attacks have a chance applying soulfire and if affected by sin, her attacks become more powerful. Her E-Iso has a chance to give the opponent distracted, which may help her survivability.

Elektra-Daredevil #168 (Jan. 1981)

Elektra Dialogue 1


Elektra's attacks are simple, yet effective. Her first passive blocks and counters melee attack while her second makes all her attacks stealthy. All her attacks also have Internal Bleeding which is a passive that can't be removed or prevented by normal means. Her L1 has hemorrhaging attack, her L2 gives the opponent flanked for either her or her allies to take advantage of, her L6 is an AoE that increases the effect of her internal bleeding effects and remove stealth effects for fun and her L9 automatically kills opponents who's health are low enough. If she has her E-Iso, then she will gain close quarter combat if she gets attacked, like a scrapper. Because of her internal bleeding passive, she can really make a difference for some bleeding teams, especially if you are against cleric teams.

Thane-New Avengers vol 3 #10 (Sept. 2013)

Thane Dialogue 1


So M:AA did a first by adding a completely new character during a storyline. Thanos Jr. (apparently if you want to believe the rumors) is not that bad of a hero. His attacks are pretty powerful, even if you are at level 1 and his passive is good for the start of the battle but could use something else that lasts longer. He can seemlessly switch between an offensive powerhouse and a support character for both strengthening his allies and weakening his enemies. His L1 is excellent where it prevents counters, protect, follow-up, and avoidance effects on the opponent while gradually giving them Exhaustion and eventually, stun. His L2 is a good protection against effects to an ally and recovers them once its removed, even if its expired. His L6 prevents buffs on the opponent including ressurection effects and his L9 is a decent AoE while healing his allies.

Note: Special thanks to Potkettleblack for stating his first appearance.

Loki-Journey into Mystery No. 85 (Oct. 1962)

Loki Dialogue 1


When you first look at Loki, you realize that he is wearing an entirely different outfit, one that looks similar to what he wore in the movies. What you see in his moveset also hints that he works differently than from the boss Loki you'll face in Season 1 where he confuses the opponent rather than deal direct damage. To start, he has a passive that allows him to dodge an attack and then countering them, applying Bane to the enemy. His L1 have three options that allow an guarantee hit on all three options, the difference being that one has Deathfrost, one has Soulfire, and the last has Dark Void. His L2 can confuse the opponent with a chance of damaging them and applying debuffs and the enemy will heal whoever they hit instead of hurting them. His L6 is a free action that gives the target the opposite of whatever buffs they have and harms the target if they attempt to heal while giving them a class disadvantage. Finally, his L9 buffs his passive while giving the opposing team disoriented. If he has his E-Iso, then he will prevent and counter any magic attack.

Sabretooth-Iron Fist #14 (Aug. 1977)

Sabretooth Dialogue 1


Sabretooth is perhaps the villain you least expected that becomes a hero. He has some similarities to Wolverine but there are key differences to take note of. First off, his healing factor is weaker than Wolverine and X-23 at first but he is guaranteed to be revived if he is knocked out and then gains two turns each round. He also gains up to five stacks of bloodlust for each enemy he attacks that has bleeding. His L1 provides bleeding, ravaged, and pain as well as guarenteeing the next hit to be a critical hit, his L2 Exploits attriction and becomes more powerful the more he has Bloodlust, his L6 gives him a free action in that he gains berserker, and his L9 hemmorhages and has a chance to stun the opposing team. His E-Iso gives him Frenzy from the start but he can't survive being KOed the first time, a high risk, high reward effect depending on if you are doing PvP or PvE.

Moonstone-Incredible Hulk #228 (Oct 1978)

Moonstone Dialogue 1


Moonstone mainly focuses on the phased buff and how to take advantage of it. Her passive is really unpredictable although it could help out in a pinch like cower or shell shocked. Her L1 locks the opponent's next move out and deals extra damage if she is phased, her L2 blinds the opponent and applies phased to her, her L6 grounds flying enemies, exhausts them, and increases melee attacks, allowing her to set up her L1, and her L9 takes a full turn to charge up but then deals massive AoE damage which is a bit situational. Ironically, she works best when not facing her the class she can take advantage of to maximize her use of phased. If she has her E-Iso, then she can counter those affected by her passive and her A-Iso gives her L9 phased advantage, giving her more options if she has phased.

Doctor Doom-Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962)

Doctor Doom Dialogue 1

Doctor Doom

Let me state this very clearly, I hate characters like Doctor Doom and Kang as those who can't pair up with any other hero at all. They have limited strategies, it would be more beneficial if you have two tacticians that can take five turns altogether, and altogether, they are no fun. But anyway I'm not hear to force my biaism on you, I'm here to tell you the best way to use Doom so here goes. In exchange for not being able to pair up with another hero, Doom has increased stats and can have two turns each round. He also has a passive that damages the enemy each round and applies cower to them. His L1, L2, and L6 have multiple options to choose from, his L1 can either apply weakened and impaired or it can take a fraction of an enemy's health in order to recover his stamina. His L2 can either apply chaos shot or it can leech an opponent's health and stats to gain increase stats and recover some health. His L6 can summon a servobot that can either give him the blaster, brusier, or scrapper bonus. Finally, his L9 has a massive attack that can destroy enemy teams. However, it can't be used immediately, he has to wait five turns at most and by then, he'll probably already defeat the opposing team. However, it can be sped up by using tech attacks and magic attacks increases its power. His E-Iso makes him immune to stun and exhausted, allowing him to use as many turns as possible.

Taskmaster-Avengers #195 (May 1980)

Taskmaster Dialogue 1


Like Mockingbird, Taskmaster can change depending on what class hits him and like Punisher, his moveset will change. The difference between the two is that he will remain a generalist, instead gaining the class benefits or in the case of another generalist, an increase amount of stats. Each of his moveset is meant to counter the class he absorbs with a bit of copying the classes general sticht and some bleeding effects as well. His L9 will always be copying the class's benefit such as gaining an extra turn in his tactician stance and increasing his stats in his brusier stance. If he changes his class, he will gain an extra turn. The amount of versatility in this guy is huge, plus none of his stances are useless in that there is always a back up plan just in case he changes or the opponent is immune to something.

Sandman-The Amazing Spider-Man #4 (September 1963)

Sandman Dialogue 1


Sandman is actually a very simple hero to use, a simple damage dealer but a very reliable one. His passive makes him immune to electricity, attriction debuffs and ground attacks and unlike flying opponents, he will remain using it after he is grounded. He also gains an increase stat every turn and has a chance to take reduce damage and counter attack. He L1 allows him to gain Grit faster as well as remove counter and protect effects, his L2 grants him a buff for increase stats and gaining a chance to dodge attacks, his L6 and L9 becomes more powerful if he has Grit and in his L6, he has finest hour while his L9 applies Pressure Point and Blind. Both attacks take massive damage for both a single attack and an AoE respectively plus its very easy to gain Grit. His E-Iso can turn him into a tank by giving him a passive to protect allies from single target attacks and gaining grit from each hit.

Avalanche-Uncanny X-Men #141 (January 1981)

Avalanche Dialogue 1


Avalanche is one of the few sonic users out there and his passive allows him and anyone using sonic and ground based attacks to take advantage of their moves but while there are plenty of ground users out there, the same can't be said for sonic right now. That being said, his passive allows him to gain increase damage if anyone uses those two moves and also if anyone uses them, then a debris will fall, giving the opponent extra damage as well as a chance to incapacitate. His L1 gives out opportunist debuff, his L2 removes buffs and prevents the next ones from applying, his L6 generalizes opponents as well as exhausts them and gives the team a small counter and his L9 is an AoE that exploits opportunity and deals extra damage for each Seismic Activity. His E-Iso increases the chance for debris to fall but it no longer incapacitates opponents.

Kang-Avengers #8 (Sep. 1964) (Actual first appearance was Fantastic Four #19 (Oct. 1963) as Rama-Tut)

Kang Dialogue 1


Once again, we have a character that cannot be used with other characters, something I personally do not like using and not only that, a character I see no reason to add as a lockbox hero so soon. Anyway, on to the strategy on how to use Kang. Kang has two stances he can use, his Future Knowledge and his Out of Time stance, each of them also has a passive, one can counter attacks while the other can avoid them, he can change stances with his L2 but must wait a round to change back so be careful. In his Future Knowledge stance, his L1 applies impaired to the opponent and Rally to him, his L6 locks out moves, and his L9 exploits opportunity, shields and those with time displacement, plus his L1 and L6 ignores protect and avoidance effects. In his Out of Time stance, his L1 applies increase damage to energy and temporal effects as well as neutralize, his L6 gives him a shield that doesn't expire by time, gives attackers time displacements, and evades time effects, and his L9 is an AoE that gives the opposing team Timestream Displacement and exhausted as well as ignore protect and avoidance effect. And to talk a little bit about Timestream displacement, unless the attack if temporal, if someone with this debuff gets hit, it will be removed and cause damage.

Fixer-Strange Tales #141 (February 1966)

Fixer Dialogue 1


You think with the title of worst boss ever that Fixer is going to suck but that is far from the truth. He can switch between three modes, blaster, tactician, or infiltrator. His passive makes him immune to bleeding, burning, chilled, and and obsolete tech as well as causing an explosion if he dies. He can change to another class with his L6 and each one gives him a passive, his blaster allows everyone to deal extra technology damage, his tactician takes reduce damage from counter and follow up attacks, and his infiltrator has a chance to apply hacked to an opponent. His L1, L2, and L9 pretty much does the same thing, a ranged attack that detonates a mine, a mine, and a shield. In his L1, his blaster mode exploits shield, does extra damage if she is shielded, and deals deadly critical, his tactician mode applies lock on, weak point and gives perfect shot to fixer, and his infiltrator mode turns it to an AoE that applies opportunist. His L2 blaster mine deals massive damage when it explodes, his tactician mine applies pressure point and incapacitation, and his infiltrator mine applies radiation exposure and bleeding. His L9 blaster shield reduces damage further, his tactican shield recovers health and stamina each turn, and his infiltrator shield if he gets hit, the opponent does not activate their class abilities.

Hybrid-Venom: Along Came A Spider #1 (January 1996)

Hybrid Dialogue 1


Hybrid pretty much has a lot of customization from outfits, E-Iso and A-Isos. You are going to have to look at his page to get an idea on what you want to do with him but here are some basics you need to know. No matter his costume, he will always have Symboiotic Relationship and he will always ignore stealthy attacks. His L1 exploits opportunity, his L2 reduces melee attacks and bleeds, his L6 reduces ranged attacks and gives a debuff when it the opponent attacks, they take damage and causes pressure point, as well as locking out a move, finally his L9 provides opportunist, fumbling, and removes buffs to the opposing team. For more information on how to use Hybrid, I will be doing a blog post later form some information and tips on how to use him.

Enchantress-Journey into Mystery #103 (April 1964)

Enchantress Dialogue 1


Enchantress does very low damage when you first have her. In fact, its a little too low to be of practical use. However, once you level her up, you realize that she is better use for confusion rather than a pure damage dealer. Her L1 will always hit and has chaos shot and bane for increase damage, her L2 and L6 are both free actions, the first one will give an opponent a chance to lose a turn and also protect opponents from allies attacks while the second one may attack an opponent and counter attacks allies who are charmed. Her L9 is a massive AoE that exploits attriction and delirium effects. Her passive allows her to use her L1 multiple times and she can use it more often if an enemy attacks their fellow allies. The trick is when to use her L1 and when to save the amount to use it for the next turn.

Destroyer-Journey into Mystery #118 (July 1965)

Destroyer Dialogue 1


The first hero we can truly call an it as it is just an inanimate object that moves, Destroyer has a simple strategy it uses, gather enough essence for its L6. Its passive pretty much makes it immune to stuff it should be immune to, fear and psychic effects, bio effects, bleeding, poison, stunned, lockdown, etc. It also gains essences for each move and gains stamina for each essence it has. Its L1 exploits stun, its L2 gives out shield breaker and incapacitation, and its L9 gives out melt armor and burning to the opposing team. You need essence in order to use its L6, you can have up to three and you have three options, an extra turn for each essence you gather, protecting and countering allies for each essence, the counter becomes stronger, and you regain health for each essence you gather. His moves are pretty simple but he does have some versatility you can use.

Superior Spider-Man-The Amazing Spider-Man #698 (December 2012) (Doctor Octopus first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #3 (July 1963))

Superior Spider-Man Dialogue 1

Superior Spider-Man

Spider-Ock is different from the other two Spider-Men in that he doesn't always concentrate on the webbed debuff. To start, his passive allows him to counter attacks regardless of class and counter again by showering the opponent with debuffs. His L1 gives the opponent webbed and fumbling, his L2 is a finisher that applies fatal blow and exploit bleed, his L6 has a chance to stack 1 to 3 bleeding, and his L9 is an AoE that applies downgrade and impaired. It would be a little more difficult for him to focus on webbing because usually by the time you have three webbed stacks, it'll be after a counter and then you are forced to just stick with the other two. He does boast more versatility than the other Spideys though.

Hyperion-The Avengers vol. 5, #1 (December 2012)

Hyperion Dialogue 2


While Hyperion is a brusier through and through, all of his moves have the ability to give him the advantages of other classes, his L1 gives him the scrapper bonus, his L2 the blaster, his L6 the tactician, and his L9 the infiltrator. This does not mean however, that his weakness to blasters is negated so watch out. His passives give him rising up whenever he is attacked and any effects that remove buffs are suppressed on him. Aside from what was mentioned on his movesets, his L1 also applies pressure points, his L2 applies melt armor, his L6 gives the opponent a debuff that will defeat them once their health is around 20%, and his L9 is a paragon exploiter AoE that deals deadly critical. He does pair well with a fellow paragon exploiter which are plenty of heroes around.

Blizzard-Iron Man #223 (October, 1987)

Blizzard Dialogue 1


Since there are so few ice themed heroes right now, Blizzard will have to take advantage of his abilities on his own. His passive allows him to take reduce damage each turn although he can't do it if he is burned and it gets removed if hit with fire or energy attacks. His L1 applies chilled and guarenteed stun if the opponent is bleeding, his L2 applies shield breaker, exposed, and bleeding, his L6 is an AoE that applies frigid to enemies with chilled as well as shield breaker, flanked, and frozen, and his L9 is an AoE finisher that is a ground attack that exploits bleeding, chilled, and deadly critical. Iceman, Storm, and Crystal are heroes who can be used well with Blizzard but bleeders work well too.

Baron Mordo-Strange Tales #111 (August, 1963)

Baron Mordo Dialogue 1

Baron Mordo

Right now I only have 7 out of 8 of the comic book covers for Baron Mordo. He will be reviewed once I get him.

Other Heroes

Squirrel Girl-Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2, #8 (Jan. 1992)

Squirrel Girl Dialogue 1

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is a joke character, there is no doubt about it. Does that mean she is an awful character? Far from it, her L1 increases the damage the opponent recieves and prevents annoying extra turn actions, her L2 is a great setup to kill the enemy as quick as possible and she gains acorns, her L6 allows her for a quick pick up and gains Nutty and an extra turn if she has Acorn Power, and her L9 is a hilarious parody of Akuma's Shin Goku Satsu that deals more damage if she has Nutty. Acorn Power allows her to increase her attack while her Nutty allows her to gain an extra turn and it stacks so five of them almost guarentees it. Her passive allows her to dodge attacks, gain Acorn Power, and be immune to targeting effects. If you have her A-Iso, her L6 will always work no matter what, something extremely useful.

Moon Knight-Werewolf by Night #32 (August 1975)

Moon Knight Dialogue 1

Moon Knight

Moon Knight's passive makes him interesting to use. He can switch between Generalist (his default class), Tactician, Infiltrator, and Scrapper, each with a different effect. His Generalist ability allows him to gain 10 retributions (which increases attack), if he counters, his Tactician gives him Captain America's passive and puts target focus and targeted on his L1, his Infiltrator gives him Spider-Man's passive and guarantees a hit and critical on his L6, his Scrapper gives him Wolverine's Come at Me Bub passive and his L9 gains 3 bleeding and ravaged. His L1 gains more hits each time he gains retribution, his L2 gives his opponent impaired and pain and gains quick action if he has retribution, his L6 gives the opponent winded and a chance to stun, and his L9 bleeds. If he has his A-Iso, his L1 exploits bleeding, making it even more damaging. Just know that he changes classes at anytime so he can be a bit unpredictable. His E-Iso allows him to gain retribution when an ally attacks.

Sunfire-Uncanny X-Men #64 (January 1970)

Sunfire Dialogue 1


Much like the Human Torch, Sunfire is a primarily fire based hero. Unlike him, he can get damage from fire attacks although at a reduce damage but he is also immune to burning and radiation exposure. In order to use him properly, you need to stack up on heated plasma which increases damage. He can either get it from his L1, L9, if someone who has burning attacks, or if someone uses fire attacks. His L1 causes burning and pressure point, his L2 has both boon buster and paragon exploiter as well as combustible, his L6 is an AoE that causes burning, melt armor, and pyrophoric, and his L9 allows him to gain a fire shield that causes damage to everyone if he is attacked and if removed, gains five heated plasma. If you use his L2 and L6, he will remove all of his plasma discharge so be careful when to use it. If you have his E-Iso, then he no longer attacks allies with his shield, making it less risky although a bit slower to gain heated plasma.

Volstagg-Journey into Mystery #119 (August 1965)

Volstagg Dialogue 1


The final member of the Warrior Three, Volstagg on his own is pretty much a bleeder, as reflected with his L1 and L9. Like Fandral and Hogun, he has two classes, a scrapper and a brusier. Aside from the Asgardian passive, he does have the ability to use his L6 anytime after he gets attacked and the best part is that it won't count as it being removed. His L1 provides bleeding, ravaged, and hemmorhage, his L2 protects allies as well as increase damage resistant and gives him fortified, his L6 is another healing effect like what Hogun and Fandral have only in his case, if he uses it, the team takes reduce damage over DoT effects, and finally, his L9 has paragon exploiter, exploits bleeding, and if he has well fed, increase the damage of it although it does have reduce accuracy. His E-Iso from Season 1 gives him Well Fed each round, while it may seem useless at first, it allows him to counter with his L2 and gain more damage from his L9 so it may be more useful than it seems. His Season 2 E-Iso gives him 13 Well Feds and Man in the Middle at the start of battle. If he has his A-Iso, then if he defeats an enemy, his L6's cooldown will end, allows him and fellow Warrior Three allies more opportunity to recover.

Shanna-Shanna the She-Devil #1 (December 1972)

Shanna Dialogue 1


While most heroes have the poisoned debuff in one form or another, Shanna is the first who can really take advantage of it. Her passive allows her to take reduce damage from poisoned targets and perform a follow up attack on them as well as having a chance to survive KO attacks. Her L1 gives the opponent winded, hobbled, and cornered, her L2 have three options, all of them having the poisoned debuff, one gives the opponent neutralized and her tiger fury, another gives the opponent staggered and her nimble, and the final one gives the opponent off balanced and her berserker, her L6 can heal an ally and give her two turns after a full round and her L9 applies flanked and disoriented. If she has her A-Iso, her L6 becomes a quick action. Aside from poisoned, she can also pair well with someone who can take advantage of opportunity debuffs so plan well on who she's paired with.

Morbius-The Amazing Spider-Man #101 (Oct. 1971)

Morbius Dialogue 1


While at first, you think that Morbius works well with only bleeder, he can also take advantage of those who uses delirium effects as well, mainly used as a finisher rather than a setter. Each round he gains hunger which increases attack and accuracy at the expense of defense and evasion, he also gains hunger if he attacks a bleeding target though in exchange, attacks are guarantee to be critical when he does it. There are two ways to voluntarily remove hunger, his L2 where he'll restore health, gains sated, and gives the opponent mangled and exhausted although allies may get disturbed (though it only really decreases stats by a measly one point so it may not matter, and his L9 when it becomes a free action when it consumes hunger as well as gaining some buffs although there is a chance he may gain debuffs as well. Aside from those two, his L1 has deadly critical and exploits delirium effects which is why he is useful for both bleeding and delirium teams and his L6 gives the opponent mind control, disoriented, and possessed in case there is no one who has delirium effects.

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