• DrParadox

    M:AA Wishlist No. 2

    July 5, 2014 by DrParadox

    Been a while since I posted a blog on here.  BTW, my CTCBITG will continue soon, it's just that this year I was swamped with schoolwork because it was my last year.  I should be able to continue off with what I posted last time.  I'm sorry everyone for the long delay but again, life takes priority before anything else.

    Anyway, SDCC will arrive near the end of this month and I figure that I share some characters I wish can be added in the game soon.  I will be describing some characters that I want to be added, some basic information about them, powers they have, and why I think they can be in the game.  Unlike the last time, I will focus less on balancing classes we have at the time of this writing and just focus on some characters that I w…

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  • DrParadox

    Since New York Comic Con is coming up and its considered to be the other convention where Playdom goes to, I'd figure I'd share characters I personally want to see in the game.  Unlike most Marvel games, M:AA has a nice balance of characters from different teams from X-Men to the Avengers to other characters from well known to obscure.  These are my choices based on my personal favorites, fan favorites, obscure characters, and to balance character classes.  Also keep in mind this is in no particular order.

    Since Black Bolt has been released, I'd figure why not have his wife join him in the game.  Medusa is perhaps the most involved member of the Inhumans where she often goes to Earth to the point where she can tolerate its air pollution, a …

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  • DrParadox

    Hero Reviews

    May 3, 2013 by DrParadox

    Taking a break from my blog series, I've decided to move all my reviews about my characters to this page. It will be updated once the characters are updated or the meta game has changed. I am also going to shorten it just to give a brief rundown on the heroes and my ratings based moves and stats. Also, please note that this is not a review for just PvP, this is a review for how the heroes work overall in both PvP and PvE.

    Personal advice: Always try to get every hero in the game, because

    1. Each hero gives you a bonus total to your PvP status, yes even the worst heroes are worth getting for the stats alone. Tacticians increases health and stamina, Blasters increases attack, Brusiers increases defense, Scrappers increases accuracy, Infiltrato…

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