Just a little blog post for me to log how much I need to fight my way through to get to the bosses in Season 2.

MGeffro already did a guide for heroic battles and incursion farming so that's all covered (also this is a sneaky way for me to be able to find those again).

Again, stealing from MGeffro:

Event Value
Low threat 1
Medium threat 2
High threat 3
Deploy 1
Mini-boss 3
Heroic battle  0
Incursion 0

Notice that unless you want to spawn an epic boss there is usually no reason to wait with the mini-boss to do a two- or three-bird.

Chapter 1

Mission Boss Requirement
Mission 1 - Artificial Sweetener Sugar Man 6
Mission 2 - Trans-Atlantic Mystique
Mission 3 - Sword in the Stone Dragoness
Mission 4 - Vulture, MP Vulture
Mission 5 - God Save the Queen Selene ~12-14
Mission 6 - To Catch a Thief Fixer

Chapter 2

Mission Boss Requirement
Mission 1 - Antiquity Living Pharaoh 9
Mission 2 - Eight Fingers Abomination
Mission 3 - Foggy Vision Titanium Man ~9-10
Mission 4 - The Sting Viper
Mission 5 - Rehabilitation The Hood 9
Mission 6 - Rock Candy Living Monolith

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