Keeping track of what Empowered Isotope-8 and Augmented Isotope-8 that I already have is getting quite tricky (I have several of them twice because I thought I was still missing them). 

Empowered Isotope-8:

Gift of the Bard for Fandral in 1.2.6

Eight Card Stud for Gambit in 2.1.1

Revivify for Wolverine in 2.1.2

Pious Prayer for Nightcrawler in 2.1.3

True Love for Spider-Woman in 2.1.4

Marble Counter for Hercules in 2.1.5

Baleful for Dr. Strange in 2.2.1

Discus for Captain America in 2.2.3

Swarming for Wasp in 2.3.5

Superconductor for Magneto in 2.4.1

Bulk Up for Hulk in 2.4.2

Berserker for Sif in 2.4.3

Atomic Buster for Colossus in 2.4.4

Sweet Nothings for Santana in 2.6.4

Augmented Isotope-8:

Misfortune for X-23 in 2.2.2


Huldran's Call from 2.5.5

Things I would buy if they came up for sale again:

Cosmic Cardinal

Dragon's Foot

Demon Set

Heavy Ion Beam

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