Hi everyone! Now that Season 6 is live, I've seen lots of teams that are completly based on something, which turns out to be pretty interesting since the strategies are very good and hard to beat, here's what I've seen so far and some of my toughts of Teams that would be fun or Useful to Play In PvP

Team Stealthy.- Quicksilver/Nightcrawler/Tactician Black Widow                                                        

All the attacks of Black Widow in this suit are stealthy, so Nightcrawler are as well, and the first two abilities of Quicksilver are stealthy too, this causing that you don't have to worry about tanks, counter attacks, etc. So you are free to hit anyone you want!

Team Bleeding.-Any pair of this heroes: Tigra/Wolverine/X-23/Black Cat/Black Panther/Swashbuckler Nightcrawler.

Bleeding is one of the greatest debuffs in the game IMHO, since everytime you attack you bleed out and lose a very decent amount of health, plus, most of this characters can deal more damage with each stack of bleed (Wolvie, Black Panther, Tigra, to name a few) and usually attacks that exploit bleeds are deadly.

Team Resurection.-Any pair of this heroes: Valkyrie/Phoenix/Ghost Rider/Wolverine/X-23 This team can be very very annoying because they simply just don't die, with Phoenix being the Queen Of Resurection and Valkyrie the Queen of Team Healing/Self Healing, I highly recommend this teams to last longer in battles and prevent to be OHKO'ed by the oppositte team in just one move *cough*Modern Thor*cough*, also Wolverine and X-23 can survive fatal damage and auto-heal the next turn if they survive, after the nerf, Ghost Rider is not longer as reliable as before, back in the day he could survive even 7 times in a row or more, but he can get reduced damage quite often.

Team Multi Class.- Mockingbird and Punisher Class disadvantage can be your doom in PvP, you have to be very careful with your meta, and everyone hates facing the exact opposite class of everyone in your team, but this guys are the definition of versatile since they keep changing classes like crazy, so you never have to worry about which enemies you are going to face in PvP, you can always have the class advantage if you play wisely.

Team Shield.- Dr.Strange and Invisible Woman This is other of the most annoying teams in PvP, since both can spam and create a lot of powerful shields that absorb a huge amount of damage, and that can save your allies in a lot of ocassions, since the recent Patch Notes, this team got nerfed and its efficiency was lowered, but it still can be very useful at lower Levels.

Team Just Wait and Boom.- Any pair of this Heroes: Hulk/Magik/Ghost Rider/Captain Britain/Modern Thor This team is based on waiting a few turns to build damage a lot, Hulk can get angrier and gain atk and acc each time he gets attacked, combine that and any of his abilities and you can be damaged really bad. Magik only has to use her L1 twice (better if there's an Infiltrator enemy around) and her chance to spam demons is increased, also the damage she deals is increased and she gains aditional abilites such as Presure Points, Stun, Soulfire, to name a few. Ghost Rider puts sins anytime an enemy attacks, which lowers the defense of the current enemy, but the thing doesn't stops there, when he uses his L9 he gains attack equally to the stacks of Sin per Enemy, and since Sin stacks 7 times at max, he can get a max amount of 21 stacks of Vengance, and you don't want to be around him if he attacks. Britain gains Gift of Merlyn wich boosts his stats very decently after an enemy dies, and has a chance to gain it if the enemy he is attacking has Slowed, Dizzy, Exposed, or Weakened.

Team Clean Slate.- Any pair of this Heroes: Emma Frost/Phoenix/Ghost Rider/Magik/Black Widow Even Playdom says that in their Pro Tips while the game is loading, "Damage over Time effects is the key to win PvP" and that is true IMHO, Having Burning/Soulfire/Chilled/DeathFrost/Biofeedback etc. while having Bane can easily decimate your health to 1/4 so that is why this team is useful and has it's advantages. Emma can clean all your debuffs in just one move, but the party doesn't end there, she buffs your stats to the heaven and restores a lot of stamina. Ghost Rider, Magik and Black Widow do the opposite, remove all the beneficial statuses of the in a second, and the damage is nice with their respective abilites which can be crucial to win a battle, but my favorite of all them is Phoenix, not only cleans your team and the other, but her Phoenix Fire can do a very decent amount of damage and give your allies another chance to survive, so that can be a match turner.

Well, this are the teams I've faced so far in this season, and some of them in previous season, feel free to add any idea to the teams, share your experiences and how the teams that you faced work. Have a nice day.

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