I have always considered myself a traditional gamer. My expertise being obscure J-RPGs, I was always willing to shell out a considerable amount of money to obtain the latest copy of a game. I would always turn up my nose at games that were pay to play, valuing the substantial package of a self-contained, closed world with its own completion rate. Social games on Facebook and more casual games on smartphone devices irked me. MMOs would only hold my interest for a little while, before I got bored with the expanse and the events. 

Then M:AA came onto the scene.

It has been almost half a year since I began the game, due to my cousin here. 

It has taken over my life completely, and I have never had to spend a cent for the things that I wanted. M:AA completely broke what I thought about social gaming. Its simple, yet fluid Rock-Paper-Scissors combat appealed to me, and its emphasis on buffs and debuffs also intrigued me, as my RPG playstyle usually involved class matching and powerhousing through battles. 

I am not sure what I am trying to say here and more will be added as life goes on for me. 

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