Just my thought. I am curious as to who people think is the weakest hero in the game and why?

Ground rules:

  1. You must have the hero that you think is the weakest. No fair what you saw in PVP or what your buddy says.
  2. You must have that hero leveled up to level 6 where the third power comes in. Most heros are weaker in the 1st and 2nd powers they get.

Storm 1 Task IconMy thoughts are Storm. I do not see where she is very useful at level 6 where I have her now. The lighting move does not seem to do a lot of damage, and the cloud does not always seem to hide me very well. It is only the Blizzard that seems to do much damage and it takes two moves to get there if you do not want to kill your own people, making her not be able to attack in the first move.

What are your thoughts?

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