To start with I am not a PVP player by nature. I prefer PVE much more as I enjoy following the story line and figuring out ways to beat the bad guys, it is the comic book fan in me. I am not saying that I dislike PVE, just do not like it as much.  If it were to disappear from the game it would not bother me very much. 

That being said, it is possible to teach an old dog new trick.  I had given up on PVP during season 2.  No matter what line up I put in I was getting my butt kicked and I could not figure out what was going wrong. At that point I just started doing the 5 fights to get the bonus points to get my heroes leveled up. I threw in Ghost Rider and Hercules, both only had their second move set. In my mind there is no way these guys should win, but 5 XP for the loss was OK with me. The funny thing is that I started to win. I would win most of the  matched I did each day.  At this point I started playing a little heavier and adjusting the line up again. Every time I would adjust it, I would start to loose again. So I put those two back in and just ran with it. I finished gold with diamond just the other side of the wall I kept running against. 

So now we have season 3. I am reading all this material by people I respect and trust. Everyone is saying do this or do that. For some reason I did not listen and just did what came naturally. I am no expert but this is what I feel I learned. 

  • Trust your line up
    • There were many times that I wanted to change out my team. But I remembered that they were the ones that got me up high in the first place.  I am sure that Potkettleblack might argue the point with me and I respect his point of view.  He is a much better player than I am so if you were to take advice from one of us take it from him. What I noticed was I was able to plow through what ever the metta was at the time, and then the metta changed and I started dropping. Once it changed people started changing to adjust to the new metta and I started climbing back up again. As a casual player I did not have time to figure out how to adjust to the new metta (as well as work my insane hours and still have family time). Leaving my team alone meant that the metta would cycle around to me again. Hopefully at the right time. 
  • Level of your heroes is not really important.
    • As I noted above, in season 2, I had given up and then started winning with weak heroes. Nether one had their level 6 attacks yet. I got them up to level 6 soon after and when season three started they both barely were there. At half way through season 3 Hercules got his level 9 attack and Ghost Rider did not get his till the last few days of the tournament.  Now I would not put level 1 and level 2 heroes, they would need to be ISOed up a little bit, but in reality, how you ISO them and the Bonus is very important. I had several level 12 heroes at the start of season 2 and with the bonus for 10, 11, and 12 level heroes I was in good shape. I had a lot at 11 wanting to go to 12 and a handful at 10 to go to 11. What I did notice was I was not fighting heroes on level with mine, they were all higher level, but I was fighting people did not get the hero bonus the way that I was getting it.  When I started dropping in the rankings, one of the things I noticed is that the hero levels as a whole were going up. 
  • Climb as high as you can in the rankings.
    • Do not go nuts and fight so many fights in one day that your kids/parents/significant other/pets do not see you the whole day, but get as high as you can. You will drop in the rankings when you are AFK. The reason why is.....
  • The AI is stupid!
    • Why does the AI do a Ghost Rider Penance Stare as its first move. You have to have some sin for it to do any good.  I can not tell you how many stupid moves that program makes (can you say Quantum Jumper when all of the heroes have been killed off),  Much of what I won is because the computer would make stupid moves. It made some smart ones obviously as I lost some matches, but in all reality, it is stupid, especially when it comes to the agent (most likely one of the hardest ones to program because of all the variables).  
  • Ghost Rider v. Ghost Rider can make for some very long matches.
    • I am sure that the only thing longer is Human Torch v. Human Torch. 

Just my thoughts on what I learned.  I am teachable and will adjust in the future.  For now, this is what I know. 

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