In the end, we value all currency in the game in gold, so that is how we will measure things.


Since 1 gold buys 2 CP then:

1 CP = 0.5 gold


Silver is a little harder to value and may vary from country to country. I am going to use American numbers here as that is where I live. Your mileage may vary.

In the game I can get 20 gold for $5 or 268,000 silver for $5 so we will assume that 20 gold = 268,000 silver for the sake of argument. If this is true 4 gold = $1 and 53600 = $1. Lastly 1 gold = 25 cents and 25 cents = 13400 silver. So:

1 gold = 13400 silver.

For every 13400 silver, we get we have 1 gold, otherwise measure it in fractions of gold.

You are welcome to provide your exchange rates for your country in the notes.

Items earned

Couple of different ways to look at this. We could go the high side and say whatever the price of an item is in the store if we were going to buy it, that is what we should use. The other side is this, what would I gain if I sell it, that would be giving us the low side. If you have enough of an item then you would usually dump them for silver to train heroes so that has its merits as well.

In the end for my purposes, I will go for cost in the store if the item is available. If not (special weapons, special things like tacos and Christmas cookies) then we will go for the value of them if we were to sell them.


XP has no set value in the game. Lower level players do not value the same way as a level 300 player would. For that reason, I will not put a value on the XP earned for the 3rd star.

Energy consumption

Like items earned, this gets tricky. While you could wait and refill the bar (and I often do), let us assume that you used the energy and then used 1 full energy refill each time you needed it. That would make energy consumption worth 5 gold.One could argue for the medium with 1 gold for 10 energy (1 fight) or 2 gold for 25 energy * 2.5 fights. If you wish to do so for your own calculations, be my guest.

For every 60 energy used after initial consumption, we will spend 5 gold.

Other Assumptions

We will 5 star each daily. After 5 stars, the recording will be stopped and tallied.

In my case, I play heroes needing leveling up. Usually a full hero and two weaker ones, and in the class needed for the villains present. While using full heroes and proper team-ups may get you to the 5th star quicker I value the XP for the hero. For that reason, you may get to 5 starts quicker and get fewer items. You will have to see what changes for you.

Since we agree that we will 5 star the daily, we can assume that we will get: 1 gold, 5 CP and 1,250 silver.

1 gold = 1 gold

1250 = .1 gold (actually it is equal to 0.093283582089552 so I am rounding up)

5 CP = 2.5 gold

Just running the daily to 5 stars we have a return on investment of 3.6 gold.

Daily Runs

January 31, 2015 - Saturday - Lockbox day

1/31/2015 Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought Value if sold
40Enduring ISO-8 Crystal161312250 silver8000 silver400 silver
40The Immobilizer1843251000 Silver & XPNot available30 silver
40Focused ISO-8 Crystal16576413, 440 silver680 silver
40Omega Lockbox162752GoldNot available500 silver
40Adroit ISO-8 Crystal15845618720 silver940 silver
40The Immobilizer161178Not available30 silver
40Mischievous Lockbox162332Not available500 silver
40Healthy ISO-8 Crystal1601845 CP8,800 silver 440 silver

50020 silver (totals of two columns where 2nd is used only if 1st not available) is 3.7 gold. Add to that the calculated daily value of 2.5 gold and we get 6.2 gold.

I used 320 energy or after the initial 60 I used 260 energy at a cost of 4.3 gold which we will round up to 5. 5 refills is 20 gold.

Net for the day is -13.8 gold. This was not a good day. The boxes are useless to me. I will open them. It brings us the question for future Lockbox days should I open and use that value or just leave them at the cost of the box.

For the record, the Loki Lockbox gave me Tough ISO-8 crystal and the Omega one gave me Cluster Grenade V.

February 1, 2015 - Sunday - Coin Day

2/1/2015 Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought
303 CP1447401250 silver1.5 gold
303 battles161588xp2 gold
303 CP1621281.5 gold
30Large Energy169154gold2 gold
303 CP1533081.5 gold
303 battles1481902 Gold
30Large Energy1368805 CP2 gold

Straight forward here. 2.5 refills used so we round it to 3 at a cost of 15 gold.

Equivalent to 12.5 gold received from spins and daily value of 2.5 gold we have 14.5 gold.

Since I spent equivalent of 15 gold I have a net loss of 0.5 gold. I do not consider this a loss of epic proportions but a loss is a loss. Quicker battles with stronger heroes and team-ups could easily have turned this into a gain.

February 2, 2015 - Monday - EISO day

' Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought Value if sold
50Stalking 1698821250 silver30 gold1000 silver
50Flash Bang III168106xp8960 silver450 silver
50Nerve Gas III1647369920 silver500 silver
50Persisting172622agent 300+ and 1 gold5 gold1000 silver
50First Aid Pack VI15388612640 silver640 silver
50Concealed Blades III1501389760 silver490 silver
50Flash Bang III1790988960 silver450 silver
50Objecting1549825 CP30 gold1000 silver

Made a change to the assumption here. Wolverine's stalking has no purchase value since it is farmable. 1000 silver is, in my opinion, undervalued. I talked it over with Facebook friends who play the game and the suggestions were to take it at the same value of other hero specific EISO or try to calculate what it would be worth if we tried to farm it (value of energy used). The later is way to complicated. So I am going to go with a 30 gold value, what other hero specific EISOs cost.

So, yesterday I earned 65 gold plus 3.7 gold in silver value. Add this to the 2.5 and we have 71.2 gold.

I used 400 energy, taking away the 60 we have by default, we have 340 energy used. We spent the equivalent of 30 gold.

Net for the day is 41.2 gold. This is our first day where we have have gotten more that we spent.

In fairness, I got 3 EISO but I know many who got 1 or none. This most likely not a normal run of EISO day.

February 3, 2015 - Tuesday - Special consumables day

' Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought Value if sold
306 Shawarma1395261250 silverNA540
303 Candy Apples156716xpNA1500
303 cookies and milk155510NA1500
303 taffy109940goldNA1500
303 Anniversary Cake160232NA270
306 Jelly Beans151358NA3000
303 Turkey Leg169472NA750
303 Shawarma1698145 CPNA270

Today I thought would be a loss. Total value of earned items is equal to .7 gold. Daily earnings bring that to 3.2 gold.

After taking off for the full bar we used 180 energy at a cost of 3 gold.

I actually netted 0.2 gold for today. Not a big earning. To be honest, I was surprised.

February 4, 2014 Wednesday - AISO day

2/4/2015 Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought Value if sold
60powerful radiant131947250 silver30 CP1000
50manifesting1614561000 silver10 gold1000
50charged127104xp20 CP1000
50Building (Scarlet Witch)144370(5 gold)1000
50Charged Artillary1507721 gold20 CP1000
50Rising13969415 gold1000
50charged elemental15425820 CP1000
50Slamming 148114(5 gold)1000
50Sensing(5 gold)1000
50Focused Artillary1250805 CP10 CP1000

Same problem we ran into yesterday. Character-specific AISOs are not available for purchase. Add to that the 1000 silver makes them undervalued I have to change the rules again. Looking in the store for ones that I could buy that are character-specific I find they sell for 5 to 20 gold each. I decide to take the lowest value and that is what I will use.

I have 100 CP worth of AISOs as well as 40 gold. 100 CP is 50 gold. With the gold values ones that were 90 gold. Add the 2.5 gold from daily winnings and we have 92.5 gold.

Spending. That was interesting. I had one loss that caused me to have to use another 10 and then the last run got me ever so close to the end, but not enough for the 5 star. 450 energy used after the full bar to start. That rounds up to 9 full energy at a cost of 45 gold.

Net for the day 47.5 gold. A good day.

February 5, 2014 Thursday - Weapon day

2/5/2015 Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought Value if sold
50Psyche Blaster134884250 silver16 gold200 silver
50Relentless ISO-8 Crystal1476641000 silver14000 silver700 silver
50Focused ISO8 Crystal151826xp13440 silver680 silver
50Digital Decoy15076044,440 silver2230 silver
50Chatoic ISO-8 Crystal148124gold24000 silver1200 silver
50Chaotic Grenade141044NA30 silver
50Three batles1573262 goldNA
50Faulteater1725885CPNA250 silver

340 Energy used over the first 60 with rounding means we used 6 full energies, so I spent 30 gold for the day.

Value if bought column gives us 71880 silver or its equivalent: 5.4 gold. When we add that to 18 gold to purchase the other items we get 23.4 gold. For the "value if sold" column one could argue that the worth of the 'Faulteater' is more than 250 silver. I would not argue that statement but have to try to work reasonable values here and I have none here. So the value is .1 gold for those two items. 3.5 gold for the stars means 27.0 gold is our take for the day.

Net loss today. -3 gold

February 6, 2015 - Friday - Weapons day 2

2/6/2015 Received Points earned Milestones Value if bought Value if sold
60Steady ISO8 Crystal2023401250 silver18720 silver940
40chaotic grenade265862goldNA30
40Custom Only For Killing296426NA250
40Glas Tam295166CPNA250

To start with, I ran the first pass fighting each one to test a theory I had about the fights. I was correct. Some fights gave XP and some did not. It was the same pattern as last week so one run verified it. Taking them in a proper order gave you maximum XP, and if you did not you left XP that could not be claimed, especially since the Boss fight was one that gave no XP. I doubt the results would have changed much.

120 energies used, 2 full ones, at a cost of 10 gold. An equivalent of 1.4 gold earned. I again run into the value problem. Custom Only for Killing has value to me as I did not have one. Glas Tam also has value. The silver cost does not reflect this. Again, no way to create a value for this that would be fair. Add the 3.5 for the 5 stars and 4.9 gold earned.

Loss of today is 5.1 gold.

Gains/Loss for the week

Thursday -3
Friday -5.1
gain/loss for the week: 66.5


Overall, the experiment showed that the value of things received was more than the energy spent. In reality, as PKB points out in the comments, AISO and EISO day are what tipped the scales in favor. to get maximum bang for your buck, you should work till the 5 stars only on those days. Consumable days was a surprise. To see gain there when I expected loss was interesting to me. Next section I give some thoughts on that.

Things to think about if I do it again

In order to do this experiment again, I will need to come up with a way to put a value on limited edition items, in particular, weapons. Please give thoughts in comments.

There is only a real purchase value in consumables and ISO if I use them. I do not use crystals as I am level 300. It makes not sense. Many of the consumable I sell as soon as I get them to keep the training rooms going. Since purchase and sell price are drastically different in some cases, days like consumables day get an inflated value put on them to me. To a newer player, the values used are most likely accurate. Again, I am not sure how to fix it and I welcome comments. In the end, I had to set a standard and this was what I chose.

Comments are welcome.

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