Was not planning on doing this but actually got a request for it on my wall so here we go.

This is being a done a day after the fact so day one is more of remembering what happened then anything else.

Task one was done fairly easy, two fights and it was done.

Task two was do a deploy so i went to Chapter 12 mission 2 and ran it and one fight, not all the bosses together. It was done quickly.

Task three is to fight a mini-boss, done fairly easy. Impressed with the new armor for Iron Man, looking into buying it though I have a rule to not buy uniforms before getting all the heroes. At this point I only have one hero to get. That brings up a happy thought for me. This is the first special ops I have done (excluding SO1 which I started just as I was starting the game and did not finish) that I have not had to purchase a hero. Happy me.

Task 4 use a distress call. Started a high fight and forgot to do it. Silly me. Started another high and did it first thing. That task is done.

Task 5 is to defeat Titanium Man which I did as a two bird and that task was done.

Task 6 was to do the research. Started it. Worked on the Extremis Dialogue page and got one mission done then came back and finished off mission 1 and got two stars. This sets me up for task 9 when I get 6, 7 and 8 done. Went back and did dialogue for mission two and then headed to bed.

All in all a good first day. No delays because of things except that it was a long day before I could start to play.

More formal layout for day two I hope.

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