Thursday April 11

17 days left

Had another day when the writing of this was a problem and I lost most of a days work. 

Let's just say that PVP most of the day while waiting for research to complete. Then after I taught class and got home last night I had a good run. 

I finished Vision 17 to defeat the Prime Sentinels. I finished the mission and then started it again. Everything fell in place.  I had Vision 18 (Binary System - 2 start mission 2) already done when I finished the last of the sentinels so it was automatically done. Just so happened that when the last one was done, on the map was the two mini-bosses. One of them you team up with Vision. At that point Vision 19(Sunburst - Use Vision's Solar Jewel 3 time) was started. I had to be careful and make the fight last for 6 rounds so that I could use it 3 times (cool down periond). I used a lot of consumable.  With that done it was on to the next one. 

Vision 20 (Victory) was a bit harder. Three PVP battles won. I did them in practice obviously. But I had climbed fairly high in gold (was in diamond for a while).  So it took me a few to get it done. 

Vision 21, Donating Plasma, use Omega Sentinel's Plasma Knife 3 times was up. Back to the map for her as the other team up. Again, make the fight last. This one did not have a cool down but the bad guys seemed to be going down to fast. 

Vision 22, Locked on, collect 5 lockboxes. Five gold took care of that. I did not want to wait for Ultron to spawn again. I figured it would be Sunday before he did and I have gold banked for times like this. 

Vision 23, Prime Time, defeat Ultron Prime. He was on the map with my previous task. Took him down for the second time this evening. Love how he falls in a hump when he is killed off. 

Vision 24, Special Operatives, three star all missions. I had this in the other two and I only has one and most of the second done already for mission 3. I was close to the third star but had no real way to guage it. I finished off the map and exited it. Held my breath. Second star and then the third just barely was done. Another task down. 

Vision 25, Master of Mischief. Defeat Loki. Back to mission 1. Still need Black Night. I need 34 more CP to get him. So do I farm or not. I start the mission, use up my USIO-8 and then as the last fight is done and I am out of energy and UISO-8, Black Night shows up. I go to bed and it will be another problem for another day.  

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