SpecOps 8 cover

Wednesday April 10, 2013

18 Days left


Crash when I went to submit yesterday so no data from them.  Things have changed since them. Ultron task done, another comic cover. 

Allies Gifts

50 UISO-8 

Daily Bonus

10 Gold

Daily E-mail

UISO-8 from Allies Maps

29 (.58 per ally)    

Opening Stats

Command point icon
Command Points 
Shield point-icon
S.H.I.E.L.D. Points
Unstable Iso-8 Prismatic
Omega Lockbox x1


 Technologic 4 - Mechanical Animals & Vision 16 - Omega Factor

T4 - Defat Special Op 8 Robots (found in mission 3)

V16 - Upgrade Volt-Caster to the Vajra in the lab

For T4, it looks like the Ultrons I took out yesterday were part of the Mechanical Animals task. I have 5 of 15 listed on that task page.  WIll make it easier when I get to that point. 

For V11, research will be done tomorrow afternoon. Not much I can do but set up for the three star of mission 1. When that is done I can go ahead and start mission 3 to finish off T4. While not the most efficient way to do things short term, I will have to three star everything for V24 and four star everything for T6 in the long term.  

However, 82 UISO-8 is not going to get me very far.  I have started mission 1 yesterday so I am going to head back into it now. 

Nice surprise is that I get a group boss reward on the map. Four Omega Lockbox in my possession.

Map: 4 deploys, high, 2 medium, low, Vulture, Vision

Doing the Vision for the two-bird.

Wave 1: Vulture(t)

Wave 2: Vision(b)

Lineup: Agent(i), Scarlet Witch(11)(vtu), Hank Pym(9)

Drops: First Aid Pack VI

Results: 49,200 Superior

Boss Reward: The Immobilizer

Exit the map with all that was there before except the bosses. 202,506 and the third star.

Now it is time for a decision. I have 62 UISO-8. V16 task is over a day away. T4 needs 10 more robots. I think I will see what 62 UISO-8 can do.

Mission 3

Map: deploy, medium


Wave 1: Servo-Soldier(b)(2), Prime Sentinel(g)

Lineup: agent(t), Valkyrie(11), Hank Pym(9)

Drops: Napalm IV

Results: 4,665 great

Why Valkyrie? Prime Sentinel will attack mutants harder. I needed a lineup without a mutant and she was the weakest of my non-mutant heroes. Also, if we get a little weak in the health she can boost it up. Down side is that it is weak against the blasters. I did lose her in the round, but still won.

T4 is now 8/15. 52 UISO-8 left.

Map: 3 deploys and Crimson Dynamo

I guess my work is set up for me at this point.

Crimson Dynamo

Wave 1: Rhea Sentinel(t)(2), Crimson Dynamo(b)

Lineup: agent(i), Omega Sentinel(9)(vtu), Hank Pym(9)


Results: 14,526 superior

Logic: Left Omega Sentinel in because she is full power and want to see how she runs. Others are set up for natural weaknesses.

Interesting her move set where she can switch to bruiser protocol. Has some healing movesets.

Crimson Dynamo did not count as a mechanical so T4 is now at 10/15. Will take this as far as my UISO-8 will let me.

Jackpot! New part of map, 6 robots on the high.

Map: 3 deploys, high


Wave 1: Themis Sentinel(t), Servo-Basher(br), Prime Sentinel(g)

Wave 2: Servo-Minion(b)(2), Hyperion Sentinel(b)

Lineup: agent(i), Hank Pym(9), Iron Man(12)

Drops: Hemostatic Spray, Revenge Strike, Restoration Pack V

Results: 12,816, amazing

Logic: Hank Pym against wave 2. Agent infiltrator agains Themis Sentinel, Iron Man against Servo-Basher and as a utility against everyone else. Prime Sentinel being able to change protocol (discovered in last fight) can not be planned for.

Did not remember before fight, Smartest Man in the Room kicks in with those two.

And with that T4 is now done. Collect the lockboxes and now have 16 of them.

 Technologic 5 - Laufeyson & Vision 16 - Omega Factor

T4 - Defeat Loki

V16 - Upgrade Volt-Caster to the Vajra in the lab

Well, both will have to wait I guess. This actually works out well. Vision task 17 requires you to defeat 8 prime sentinels but there are only 7 in the map. So, leave this one here and I will be starting this map again tomorrow after research.

That is it for today. Thanks for reading, hope it help with your strategy.

Opening Lockboxes

Flame Suppressant The Immobilizer Healing Serum Incap III X-Men Vol. 2 #204 (duplicate)
Detoxifier Lasting ISO-8 Crystal Gene Inoculation Chrono Boost Gravity Shield II

Current Weapon Load

Mahayuga (176)
Warbringer Ax
Warbringer Axe
Scroll of Angolob (141)
Scroll of Angolob
Baltag's Blaster
Baltag's Blaster

How am I Doing

Special Ops 8 - Vision of the Future/Tasks

Guard Task Icon Deploy Task Icon High Threat Task Icon Powerful Armor Task Icon Vision 1 Task Icon
Android Hand Task Icon Ultron Task Icon Vapor Task Icon Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Quicksilver 1 Task Icon
Lightning Needle Task Icon PVP Task Icon X-Ray Task Icon A.I.M. Task Icon Ultron Task Icon
Vajra Task Icon Prime Sentinel Task Icon Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Solar Jewel Task Icon PVP Task Icon
Plasma Knife Task Icon Omega Lockbox Task Icon Ultron Task Icon Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Loki Task Icon
Omega Lockbox Task Icon Omega Lockbox Task Icon Omega Lockbox Task Icon Omega Lockbox Task Icon Omega Lockbox Task Icon
Omega Lockbox Task Icon

My SO8 Comic Covers

Special Ops 8 Comic Collections

Omega 1 Omega 2 Omega 3 Omega 4
Omega 5 Omega 6 Omega 7 Omega 8

Mission Star Charts

Mission Stars To next star
Mission 1

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon0Star icon0

Mission 2

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar icon0Star icon0

Mission 3

Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0


Closing Stats

Command point icon
Command Points
Shield point-icon

S.H.I.E.L.D. Points

UIOS-8 24
Lockbox 6

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