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Saturday April 6, 2013

22 Days left


Late night means I slept late this morning. Means I have to be to work in 3 hours so this will short.  Will edit it up later when I get home. Got email for 20 UISO-8 and now am in to the game.   

Magik finished training to level 10. Pym goes into training for level 8.

Allies Gifts

50 UISO-8 

Daily Bonus

Strong ISO-8 crystal

Daily E-mail

None yet

UISO-8 from Allies Maps

37 from 50 allies (.74 per ally)

Opening Stats

Command point icon
Command Points
Shield point-icon
S.H.I.E.L.D. Points
UIOS-8 387
 Lockbox 0



Research Android Hand in the lab

Done while I slept.


Complete a battle with Ultron

He is to be found on the current map but I have no map open and 1 is the only one I can play so I am heading there.

Map: low, medium, Ultron with a timer.

Guess it is time to get to him. Got 72 hours.

Ultron Mode-B

Wave 1: Ultron Mode-B


Refresh to Maintenance



Lineup: agent (t), Mr. Fantastic(11), Magneto


Results: Damage done: 24,953. Silver rewarded: 24,953

And though he fled, I get the reward.

Map: Help defeat, Ultron, medium, low

New task group: Technologic

Kills Grunts Dead

Defeat 10 R.A.I.D soliders

Vison Quest:

Ignoble Gas

Defeat Vapor and Vector

Helped ally to win, got 1 Ant Bomb

Helped others as well. One other win and got Enduring ISO-8 crystal, Ant Bomb. Picked up 14 lock boxes.

Map: My Ultron 70 hours left, medium, low.


Wave 1: Physicist(2)(br), Experimenter(b)

Lineup: agent(b), Black Panther(11), Cable(7)

Drops: Molotov V

Results: 8,469 Amazing

Map: My Ultron, deploy, 2 low.


Wave 1: Guard(2)(t), Physicist(br)

Lineup: agent(i), Cable(7), Spider-Man(9)


Results: missed them

Spider-Man needs training.

Map: My Ultron, 2 deploys, low


Wave 1: Guard(2)(t), Physicist(br)

Lineup: agent(i), Cable(7), Tigra(9)

Drops: UISO-8,

Results: 5,481 amazing

Off to work. Be back later

Back,Let's see what I have going on. Pym out of training.  Spider-man going in.  

All those helps I did before I left for work returned a nice reward. I am now up to 46 Lockboxes.  

Mine is no longer on map since an ally took care of it. 

Map: 2 deploys, high, Hydro-Man

Will take the high

Wave 1: Commander(2)(t), Experimenter(b)

Wave 2: Exoskeletal Battletank(b)

Lineup: agent(t), Tigra(9), Hank Pym(8)

Drops: Cloaking Device

Results: 12,132 amazing

That finishes Techlogic task 1 and I get 12 more lockboxes.

New Techlogic task is

Identified Objects

Defeat 4 U-Foes

Works well that I stayed on to finish mission 1. Now I can do this and the main task at the same time.

Map: 3 deploys, 1 medium, 1 high


Wave 1: Commander(2)(t), Experimenter(b)

Wave 2: Exoskeletal Battletank(b)

Lineup: agent(t), Tigra(9), Hank Pym(8)

Drops: First Aid Pack VI

Results: 12,516 amazing

Map: 4 deploys, 2 medium, 1 high, Vulture, Hydro-Man


Wave 1: Commander(2)(t), Experimenter(b)

Wave 2: Exoskeletal Battletank(b)

Lineup: agent(t), Tigra(9), Hank Pym(8)

Drops: Gene Inoculation

Results: 12,468 amazing

Map: 5 deploys, 2 medium, Vulture, Hydro-Man, Vision

Vision for the three bird

Wave 1: Hydro-Man(br), Vulture(t)

Wave 2: Vision(b)

Lineup: agent(i), Scarlet Witch(11), Black Panther(11)

Drops: Team Stamina Boost III

Results: 71,235 perfection

Boss reward: 3 Command Points

Map: 5 deploys, 2 medium.

Exiting to conserve UISO-8

Map score 258,290. Enough for second star. Task 9 will be done when I finish number 8 automatically.

Review of tasks:

Tech task 2 - Defeat 4 U-Foes

Vision task 8 - Defeat Vapor and Vector

Mission 2:

Map: deploy, 2 medium


Wave: 1: Firefighter(2)(b), Scientist(br)

Lineup: agent(t), Cable(7), Hank Pym(8)

Drops: Strike Patch V, Antitoxin, Hemostatic Spray

Results: 6,736 great

Map: 2 deploy, medium


Wave: 1: Firefighter(2)(b), Scientist(br)

Lineup: agent(t), Cable(7), Hank Pym(8)

Drops: Deflection Patch V, Nerve Gas III

Results: 7,713 amazing

Map: 3 deploys, high, Vapor


Wave 1: Fire Chief(b), Exoskeletal Battletank(b), Director(i)

Lineup: agent(i), Hank Pym(8), Quicksilver(9)

Drops: Restoration Pack V, Reconstruct Ampule 2, Nerve Gas III, Neurotoxin IV

Results: 10,788 amazing

Map: 4 deploys, low, medium, Vapor, Vector

Thinking I am going to have to take one of the mini-bosses alone as gas gauge is not over enough.


Wave 1: Fire Chief(2)(b), Vapor

Lineup: agent(i), Hank Pym(8), Quicksilver(9)

Drops: Panacea Injection, UISO-8, Counter Strike, Thawing Formula

Results: Lost agent so I only got 9000, great

Map: 4 deploys, low, medium, Vector


Wave 1: Firefighter(2)(b), Scientist(br)

Lineup: agent(i), Cable(7), Hank Pym(8)


Results: 6,732 great

Map: 5 deploys, low, Vector, X-Ray

X-Ray for the two bird

Wave 1: Vector(b)

Wave 2: X-Ray(b), Ironclad

Lineup: agent(t), Vision(6)(ftu), Magneto

Drops: Incap III, UISO-8, Detoxifier, Molotov V

Results: Lost agent, 20,000 great

Boss Reward: Quantum Elixir

Both tasks accomplished

9. Mission Accomplished

Is accomplished already with the 2 stars in mission 1

New Tasks:

Vision 10 Shadow Boxing

Use Quicksilver's Blinding Punch 5 times.

Might as well do this in PVP. Have not been in there today.

Tecnologic 3

Defeat 5 Exoskeletal Battletank

That might take a bit.

Into PVP

Two fights and that task is done.

New Task:

Vision 11 Pym Power

Upgrade Pym-Grown Needle to Lightning Needle

Research started and will be 24 hours.

Exit map with 123,938 & 1 star

Lockbox Open

Got 70, let's see what is in them. 

1st set

Napalm IV Extinguisher Flame Suppressant Overdrive Ampule 2 X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #242 (new)
Shawarma Powerful ISO-8 Crystal Holographic Hand-Link Flame Suppressant The Immobilizer

2nd set 

Deflection Patch V Chaotic Grenade A.R. "Spinner" Counter Strike X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #242 (duplicate)
Mirror Field Generator Flourishing ISO-8 Crystal Team First Aid Pack III Incap III Speedy ISO-8 Crystal

3rd set

Tangler Grenade IV First Aid Pack VI Handheld Iso-8 Scanner Kinetic Amplifiers II X-Men Unlimited Vol. 1 #27 (new)
Healing Serum IV Liquid Fire Shawarma Holographic Hand-Link Team Healing Elixir

4th set

Neurotoxin IV Chaotic Grenade Teleological Suspender Chrono Boost X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #242 (duplicate)
Cluster Grenade V Cloaking Device Bulky ISO-8 Crystal Restoration Pack V Quantum Elixir

5th set

Command Point Holographic Hand-Link Xanthine Alkaloid Injector Gene Inoculation X-Men Vol. 2 #204 (new)
Antitoxin A.R. "Spinner" Quantum Elixir Liquid Fire Restoration Pack V

6th set

Revenge Strike Chrono Boost Deflection Patch V Hologram Generator X-Men Vol. 2 #204 (duplicate)
Strike Patch V Speedy ISO-8 Shard Team First Aid Pack III First Aid Pack VI EMP Grenade

7th set

Tactical Strike The Immobilizer Protect Cloaking Device X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #243 (new)
Forceful ISO-8 Crystal Command Point Delft ISO-8 Crystal Bulky ISO-8 Crystal Cloaking Device

Current Weapon Load

Mahayuga (176)
Warbringer Ax
Warbringer Axe
Scroll of Angolob (141)
Scroll of Angolob
Baltag's Blaster
Baltag's Blaster

How am I Doing

Need to build the template for this, come back later.

Mission Star Charts

Mission Stars To next star
Mission 1

Star iconStar iconStar icon0Star icon0Star icon0

Mission 2

Star iconStar icon0Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0

Mission 3

Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0Star icon0

Closing Stats

Command point icon
Command Points
Shield point-icon

S.H.I.E.L.D. Points

UIOS-8 131
Lockbox 0

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