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Monday March 11, 2013

22 days remaiming


Short night sleep and at work this morning. Full time job is fixing computers on college campus. Since we are caught up I can do some game play through out the da. 

Allies Gifts

50 UISO-8

Daily Bonus

Integrated ISO Circuit

Daily E-mail


UISO-8 from Allies Maps


Opening Stats

Command point icon
Command Points
Shield point-icon
S.H.I.E.L.D. Points
Unstable Iso-8 Purple
Magnetic Lockbox x1
Magnetic Lockbox


11. Mahayuga Task Icon Sword Time

  • Upgrade Decade to Mahayuga in the Lab

This is where I left off late Saturday night. Too tired to wait for it to be done last night. It is done now. 

12. Goliath Punch Task IconPym Particles

  • Use Hank Pym's Goliath Punch Ability 3 Times

Before bed I set this up so when research was done I could do this task. Next comes the deploy & flights so when I get this done will go to regular game play to do the deploys (do not want to waste precious UISO-8 at this point)

Map: 2 deploys, low, Nitro


Wave 1: Scientist(br), Nitro(b), Firefighter

Lineup: agent(t), Hank Pym(9)(vtu), Havok(9)

Drops: Tactical Strike, Panacea Injection

Results: 13,356 Amazing

With that fight agent goes to level 172. And task 12 is done.

13.Deploy Task IconEveryday Hero

  • Complete 5 Deploys

Back to my farming mission in C4M4

Boss reward: 3 Command Points

Epic Boss Reward: Shawarma.

I will need to get Cable for the Epic Boss deploys. I have 52 Command Points so I will still need 83.

Run the C4M4 again to finish off deploy task.

In the middle of the run I finish the task at hand. Also get another Command Point. Now only need 82 for Cable.

14. Flight Deck Task IconJet Set

  • Complete 5 Flight Deck Missions

Had them waiting. Done.

15. PVP Task IconVersus

  • Fight 5 PVP Battles

Five fights, five wins. 

16. Manvantara Task IconWeapons of the Future

So now the 48 hour wait starts.

I have some work to do around office so this will have an edit on it later in the day to put in closing stats and if I do any other battles in the wait for the research to be done.

Well, the night had the tournament and a little family time.

A little play before bed I guess.

Finish up farm run from this afternoon.

Boss reward: Masterful ISO-8 crystal.

Epic Boss: 5 Command Points

Night all.

Current Weapon Load

Cosmic Flame (170)
Cosmic Flame
Heavy Sai
Heavy Sai
Scroll of Angolob (141)
Scroll of Angolob
Dark Sigil
Dark Sigil

PVP Information

Five wins in five fights - win 1 Command Point

Tournament ended tonight. I wound up almost in diamond. So I got the gold and the silver. 

How am I doing:

Special Ops 7 - Ghost In The Machine

A.I.M. Task Icon Distress Calls Task Icon Nitro Task Icon Growing Pains Task Icon M.O.D.O.K. Task Icon
Prototype AI Task Icon Sentinel Task Icon High Threat Task Icon Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Fixer Task Icon
Mahayuga Task Icon Goliath Punch Task Icon Deploy Task Icon Flight Deck Task Icon PVP Task Icon
Manvantara Task Icon Iron Man 1 Task Icon Bug Squashing Task Icon Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon PVP Task Icon
Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon Prototype AI Task Icon Kang Task Icon Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Doctor Doom 1 Task Icon

Closing Stats

Command point icon
Command Points
Shield point-icon

S.H.I.E.L.D. Points

Unstable Iso-8 Purple
Magnetic Lockbox x1
Magnetic Lockbox

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