Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013

20 days remain

Gifts 50 UISO-8

Daily Gift - 20 UISO-8

Daily e-mail bonus - Team Restore I

Hercules now level 11

Task 11 (research) done

Task 12 now due

Plasma Wave Task Icon
Catch the Wave

Use Havok's Plasma Wave 3 times

Start day with 72 gold, 28 CP, 964 UISO-8, 8 Lockboxes

Magneto Quest 5/6 defeat Green Goblin, needs mission 3 open

Back into mission 2.

Map - deploy, low, medium

Do deploy and low.


Wave 1 - Iapetos Sentinel(b), Phoebe Sentinel (t)

Line-up - agent (t), Kitty Pryde (9), Beast (6)

5202 amazing

Map, deploy out, deploy, medium,

Deploy then medium


Wave 1 - Hyperion Sentinel (b), Rhea Sentinel (t), Coeus Sentinel (br)

Line-up - agent (t), Kitty Pryde (9), Human Torch (11)

Drops - Shredder IV

7236 amazing

Map - 2 done deploys, Avalanche , medium,

Deploy 1 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Deploy 2 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Map adds high to it with deploys done


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite (b)(2), Avalanche (s)

Line-up - agent (t),Mr. Fantastic (tu)(9), Valkyrie (9)

Drops - Strike Patch V

16,083 Superior

Valkyrie needs training

Map - low, 2 medium, 1 high


Wave 1 - Cronus Sentinel (b), Crius Sentinel (br), Rhea Sentinel (t)

Lineup Agent (t), Iron Man (12), Black Widow (12)

Drops  - Stamina Serum IV

9024 amazing

Map - deploy, low, high, 2 medium



Wave 1 - Cronus Sentinel (b), Crius Sentinel (br), Rhea Sentinel (t) Lineup Agent (t), Iron Man (12), Black Widow (12)

8718 amazing

Map - done deploy, 2 deploys, 2 medium, low

Deploy - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Mystique on map

Do both deploys


wave 1 - Sabretooth (s), Juggernaut (br), Mystique (i)

Lineup - agent (br), Havok (9)(tu),Iron Fist (12)

Drops - UISO-8, Smoke Grenade

5500 Fair (lost all but agent)

Boss reward - Enigma .45

Task 12 done

Deploy Task Icon
Neighborhood Watch

Complete 5 deploys

Break time

Farm 4.4 and deploys

Boss reward - Quantum Elixir

Epic Boss reward - 5 CP

Run 10-4 for a change of pace First deploy there completes that task.

Flight Deck Task Icon
Jet Set

Complete 5 Flight Deck Missions

Start them on their way.

Meanwhile I have 14 lockboxes

Regenerating Serum IV , Spry ISO-8 Crystal, Protect , Speedy ISO-8 Crystal, Magneto Vol 2 #1 (duplicate), Command Points, Cluster Grenade V , Coagulator , Exact ISO-8 Crystal, Neurostim

10 minute flight done.

PVP Task Icon

Fight 5 PVP Battles

Done and Radian Pistol Received.

Radian Rifle Task Icon
Weapons of the Future

Upgrade the Radian Pistol to the Radian Rifle

Started and will be two days till it is done.

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