Sunday Feb. 3, 2013

20 days left Daily gift - Restoration Pack II

Roulette - 1000 UISO-8

Gifts 50 UISO-8

map - deploy and 2 high

deploy then one high

OpeningTasks Starting Tasks

Mystique Task Icon
New Leader of the Brotherhood

Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
End of the Pharaoh


wave 1 - Cronus Sentinel  (b), Crius Sentinel  (br), Rhea Sentinel (T)

line up = agent (I), Iron Man (12), Valkyrie (9)

9918 amazing

deploy done 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Map high and Mystique


wave 1 - Cronus Sentinel  (b), Crius Sentinel  (br), Rhea Sentinel (T)

line up = agent (I), Iron Man (12), Valkyrie (9) 

Drops - Cluster Grenade V

missed results

Deploy done - 2 Magnetic Lockbox


Lineup - Agen(br) Havok(9)(tu),  iron Fist (12) 

Liquid FireDouble Strike

19905 great

Boss reward 5 Magnetic Lockbox

Task complete

Accept Acinaces

Epic Boss - Living Pharaoh

Wave 1 - Living Pharaoh (g)

Lineup - Agent(br) Havok (9)(tu)(r), Iron Fist (12)

Drops - UIOS-8

35550 amazing

Epic boss reward 5 Magnetic Lockbox

Task for Magneto is now done

Exit map with 258060 score and second star

Lockbox time

lockbox group 1

Extinguisher , UISO-8(?), Powerful ISO-8crystal, Panacea Injection, Xmen Unlimited vol 1 #2(dupe), Zap-8 V, Regenerating Serum IV, Web Grenade, Chaotic Grenade,Large Energy

Lockbox group 2

Active ISO-8 crystal, "Tenderizer" Shotgun, Antitoxin, Kunai Barrage III, MagnetoVol 2#1 (one shot)(dupe). The Bishop, Enduring ISO-8 crystal, Flourishing ISO-8 Crystal, Forecful ISO-8 Crystal, Mecurial ISO-8 Crystal

Lockbox group 3

CP, CP, Molotov V, Tough ISO-8 Crystal, X-Men vol1 #4 (dupe), Team First Aid Pack III, Resilient ISO-8 Crystal, Team First Aid Pack III, Large Energy, Molotov V

Lockbox group 4

Zap-8 V, Team Restore III, Cloaking Device, Enduring ISO-8 Crystal, Magneto vol 2 #1 (dupe), Third Law Nullifier, Extinguisher, Smelling Salts, Regenerating Serum IV, Penetrating Strike

Start research and then regular mission for next task called Bot Busting

Bot busting done.

Bed time

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