Thursday Jan 31, 2013 23 days left

Gifts: 50 UISO-8

Canopic Jar
Canopic Jar

Start with:

58 Gold

75 CP 

62 UISO-8 

9 Magnetic Lockbox

Today'sStarting Tasks:

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon
Mission Accomplished

Get 2 star mastery of Mission 1

Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
Brotherhood Hunt

Defeat 5 Mutants

Map - 2 deploys, low, medium, high, Dragoness

Do deploys then  take the low.


1 wave - Hellfire Gunner (b), Hellfire Heavy (b)

Lineup - agent (t), Cyclops (11), War Machine (12)

Drops -Shredder IV

5067, amazing

Map - deploys that are out, medium, high, Dragoness


wave 1 - Hellfire Sniper  (i),Hellfire Heavy (b)

wave 2 - Hellfire Sniper(i), Hellfire Officer(t)

agent (i),  War Machine (12),Iron Fist (12)

Drops - ExtinguisherRevenge StrikeHologram Generator, , UISO-8,

10,350, amazing

Map 1 high, Dragoness , 2 deploys out

I have 23 UISO-8 left.

Take high

Wave 1 -  Hellfire Heavy (2)(b), Hellfire Elite(t)

wave 2 -  Hellfire Hunter(2)(i)

Lineup - agent (i), War Machine  (12),Iron Fist (12)

Drops - Smoke GrenadeOverdrive Ampule 2,  Gravity Shield IIProtectGene Inoculation

10050 great

Agent to level 151

Deploys done

d4 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

d4 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

13 lockbox

Open 10

Large Energy, Svalinn Defender, Team Restore IIThe Toolbox , Magneto Vol 2, #1 (new), Resilient ISO-8 crystal, Coagulator (2), Revenge Strike , Dexterous ISO8 crystal

Map - Dragoness ,

13 UISO-8 need 20. Burn 1 gold to do this and finish task.

Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite  (i)(t), Dragoness (b)

Lineup - Agent (s),Havok (9)(rtu), Invisible Woman (11)

Drops - Shredder IV, Strike Patch VHologram Generator, UISO-8

23,565 amazing

Boss reward - 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Score 200058,

2nd star

Task 9 done

New Task, task 10,

Mystique Task Icon
New Leader of the Brotherhood

Defeat Mystique

Still have m2 - Brotherhood hunt - defeat 5 mutants

Daily e-mail bonus Panacea Injection

M2 done in regular mission, 4-6, Tooth and Claw .

New Magneto Mission

Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
End of the Pharaoh

Defeat Living Pharaoh.

Only have 7 UISO-8 so this is done for the day. Plan to do all battles and deploys so that both these steps go down at once. This will require 180 UISO-8.

Open some Magnetic Lockbox

Cluster Grenade V , Kunai Barrage III , Proficient ISO-8 Crystals, Handheld Iso-8 Scanner , Magneto: Not A Hero #3 (new), Lasting ISO-8 Crystal, Offensive Accelerator , Healthy ISO-8 Crystal- Command Point(s), Molotov V

Current Weapon Lineup:

Coulson's Revenge (147), Mechanical Mjolnir , Scroll of Angolob (141),  Sonic Fist (152)

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