Wednesday January 30, 2013

26 days left.

Gifts: 3 UISO-8 then told limit reached? Not sure what happened.

Daily spin: Khepri's Sting

Email: Team Restore I 

Opening tasks,

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon
Mission Accomplished

Get 2 star mastery of Mission 1

Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
No Mercy (Magneto)

defeat 10 hellfire club soliders

Opening stats:

96 UISO-8

74 cp

1 box

58 gold Mission 1 Map -  medium and low


Wave 1 - Hellfire Sniper (i) Hellfire Heavy (b)

Wave 2 - Hellfire Officer  (t) Hellfire Sniper  (i)

Line Up - Agent (t) Invisible Woman (11), Iron Fist  (12)

Drops - UIOS-8, Stamina Serum IVCounter Strike

8662 amazing

Map - Low, Constrictor, Bullseye, 2 deploy

Do deploys


Wave 1 - Hellfire Gunner (b), Hellfire Heavy (b)

Lineup - agent (T), Hawkeye (11) War Machine  (12)

Drops -  UISO-8

7200 superior

Map - Deploy, Constrictor, Bullseye

Do deploy


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite (i)(2), Constrictor (s)

Lineup - agent(s), Havok (tu)(8)(b), She-Hulk (12)

Drops -Stamina Boost Pack V, Stinger IV

5331 superior

No Mercy is now complete

Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
Brotherhood hunt

Defeat 5 mutants

I still need to 2 star mission 1 so this can wait. Boss at end is a mutant so that will be one. 

Deploy 1: Reconstruct Ampule 2

Deploy 2: Frag Grenade V

Deploy 3:  Tangler Grenade IV

Map - medium, 2 deploys, 1 low, 1 high, Bullseys

I have 28 UISO 8 so that limits what I can do. If I am to fail to Bullseye I want to know why so I run against him. 

Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite(2)(b), Bullseye

Lineup - Agent (t), Invisible Woman (11), War Machine (12)

Drops - UISO-8, Mecurial ISO-8 shard

15,642 supperior

Basically I did force cage match against Bullsye and dropped things on him to beat him. 

I have 9 UISO-8 so no more mission stuff for today. Hope the bug that kept me from getting 50 gifts is fixed tomorrow. For now, regular game time. 

Current Weapon Lineup:

Coulson's Revenge (147), Mechanical Mjolnir , Scroll of Angolob (141),  Sonic Fist (152)

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