Friday Feb 15, 2013

10 Days remaining

50 UISO-8 in gifts Daily gift - Canopic Jar

Start day with 84 CP, 66 gold, 57 USIO-8, 0 Magnetic Lockbox


Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
Master of Magnetism

Complete 4 stars of mastery in all spec ops 6 missions

Mission 1: done

Mission 2: need 276,356

Mission 3: need 285,904

In middle of mission 2 run.

Map - deploy, low, 2 medium, high

Deploy then high


Wave 1 - Cronus Sentinel (B), Crius Sentinel (Br), Rhea Sentinel (T)

Lineup - agent(), Havok(4), Tigra(7)

Drops - none

Results - 10860 amazing

Map - Deploy out, deploy, low, 2 medium, Mystique

Cannot do deploy as Phoenix is in training for another 7 hours.


Wave 1 - Sabretooth(s), Juggernaut(br), Mystique(i)

Lineup - agent(br), Havok(4), Quicksilver(8)

Drops - Incap III, Tactical Strike

Results - lose

Cannot do again as only 17 UISO-8

same map

Do Easy


Wave 1 - Iapetos Sentinel(b), Phoebe Sentinel(t)

Lineup - agent(t), Magneto(3),Tigra(7)

Drops -

Results - 7050, superior

Deploy done - 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Done for the day unless I get some more UISO-8.

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