Thursday Feb. 14, 2013

11 days remaining

50 UISO-8 in ally gifts

20 UISO-8 in daily gift


Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon
Master of Magnetism

Complete 4 stars of mastery in all spec ops 6 missions

Mission 1: done

Mission 2: need 276,356

Mission 3: need 285,904

Start with 70CP, 66 gold, 86 UISO-8, 14 Magnetic Lockbox

Have 10 Lockboxes to open

Command Points, Healing Serum IV, Frag Grenade V, Counter Strike, X-Men Vol1 #4 (duplicate), Command Points, Holographic Hand-Link, Vibra-Shotel, Liquid Fire, Chaotic Grenade

Command points went up to 78. Would appear when I get CP in box it is 4 each time. Will have to check each time.

Start a mission 2 run until out of UISO-8.

Map - deploy, low, medium

Deploy then medium


Wave 1 - Hyperion Sentinel(b), Rhea Sentinel(t), Coeus Sentinel(br)

Lineup - agent(t), Tigra(7), Havok(4)

Drops -

Results - 8037, amazing

Map - Deploy out, deploy, low

Deploy then low


Wave 1 - Iapetos Sentinel(b), Phoebe Sentinel

Lineup - agent(t), Tigra(7), Magneto(3)

Drops - UISO-8

Results - 4950, amazing

Two deploys done

Deploy 1 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Deploy 2 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Map - Deploy, low, Avalanche

Deploy then Avalanche


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite(b)(2), Avalanche

Lineup - agent(t), Valkyrie(10), Mr. Fantastic(10)(tu)(o)

Drops -

Results - 17100 Superior

Deploy done - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Have 10 Lockboxes so will open them.

Overdrive Ampule 2, Sturdy ISO-8 Crystal, Steadfast ISO-8 Crystal, Frag Grenade V, X-Men Vol. 1 #1(duplicate), Healing Serum IV, Adamantium Knuckles, Large Energy, The Immobilizer, Antitoxin

Was hoping to get UISO-8 to continue some more but did not happen. Down to 17 UISO-8 so this will be last run for today.

Map - low, medium, 2 high


Wave 1 - Cronus Sentinel(b), Crius Sentinel(br), Rhea Sentinel(t)

Lineup - agent(t), Havok(4), Tigra(7)

Drops -

Results - 8910, amazing

7 UISO-8 left so regular play for the rest of the day.

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