12 days left

50 UISO-8 in gifts

20 UISO-8 in daily gift

Daily E-mail - Team First Aid Pack I

Start day with 65 gold, 69 CP, 86 UISO-8, 9 Magnetic Lockbox

Back into mission 2

Map - deloped, deploy, low, medium, Mystique

Deploy then Mystique


Wave 1 - Sabretooth(s), Juggernaut(br), Mystique(i)

Lineup - Agent(br), Havok(3)(tu)(r), Quicksilver(8)

Drops -

Results - 22695 Amazing

Boss reward - Enigma .45

Deploy done - Chaotic Grenade

Map - deploy out, low, medium


Wave 1 - Hyperion Sentinel(b), Rhea Sentinel(t), Coeus Sentinel(br)

Lineup - agent(t), Kitty Pryde(9), Ms. Marvel(11)

Drops -

Results - 7992 amazing

Deploy done - Steady ISO-8 Crystal


Wave 1 - Iapetos Sentinel(b), Phoebe Sentinel(t)

Lineup - agent(t), Kitty Pryde(9), [[Captain America(9)

Drops - Coagulator

Results - 5139 amazing

Living Pharaoh/Living Monolith

Wave 1 - Living Pharaoh(g)

Lineup - agent(br), Havok(tu)(c)(3), Valkyrie(10)

Drops - Stamina Serum V

Results - 45000 Amazing

Epic Boss Reward - 5 Magnetic Lockbox

Exit Map - 281,568 - need 276,356 to forth star

So, to finish the last Magneto task I need 276,356 in mission 2 and 285,904 in mission 3. If I get 50 UISO-8 a day then I can I get that task done. 180 UISO-8 to make a full run on Mission 2 and 180 UISO-8 for full run of mission 3. 360 for a full run of both and a good chance to get what I need in each run. 360 divide by 50 = 7 and a fraction. Any extra along the way will just speed up the process. I would like to 5 star them but do not think I will have the time to do that.

For now, I stop for the day. Will start again tomorrow unless Playdom gifts us enough UISO-8 to make a decent starting run at things.

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