Friday February 8, 2013

17 days remaining

Holding off on collection UISO-8 and hope to get to task 21 soon.

Current Tasks 

Plasma Sphere Task Icon
Plasma Donation

Use Havok's Plasma Cannon 3 times

Magnetic Lockbox U-Iso8 Yellow Task Icon

Complete 4 stars of mastery in all Special Ops6 missions

Daily Spin - 20 UISO-8

Start with 31 CP, 48 Gold, 626 USIO-8, 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Start Mission 1.

Though I have 3 starts already, it has more Havok than the other missions so I have a better chance of doing task 19. If I mess up I will still have other chances to get it. Missions 2 & 3 do not have all Minibosses with Havok . The other thing is I will need 4 star mastery to do Magneto's sixth task.

Map - Low & Medium


Wave 1 - Hellfire Sniper (i), Hellfire Heavy (b)

Wave 2 - Hellfire Sniper (i), Hellfire Officer (t)

Lineup - agent (i), Black Widow (12), Deadpool (2)

Drops - Smelling Salts

7650 great

Yes, I am throwing Deadpool in this mix at a low level. Trying to bring him up fast and I did put him in with strong Black Widow .

Map - 2 deploys, 1 low, Constrictor , Bullseye

Do Deploys and then Constrictor


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite (i)(2), Constrictor (s)

Lineup - Agent (s), Havok (9)(tu)(v), Thing (10)

Drops - Smelling Salts , Penetrating Strike , Thawing Formula , Chrono Accelerator , Cloaking Device

15615 Superior

Task 19 done

PVP Task Icon

Win 3 PVP Battles

So glad that practice one will work here. Three attempts, three wins. Too bad it does not work that way during tournaments. Task 20 is done.

Unstable Iso-8 Yellow Task Icon

Collect 20 UISO-8

Go to my messages to collect gifts. 50 UISO-8 collected Task done and Scythe of Ptah is collected

Magnetic Lockbox Task Icon

Collect 10 lockboxes

So tempted to just buy them with gold but will go back in to Mission 1 after I look at the list of what is to come. Nothing that could backfire on me later. Four more tasks and I get Havok. Potkettleblack is it time for me to panic yet.

Map - 2 deployed, 1 deploy, Bullseye, low, high.

Since I am collecting 10 lockboxes here the best path is to do all the deploys. Do deploy and then Bullseye.


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite (b)(2), Bullseye (t)

Lineup - Agent (i), Tigra (5), Captain America (9)

Drops - Neurostim , Shredder IV

13545, Superior

Three deploys done

Deploy 1 - Bulky ISO-8 Crystal

Deploy 2 - Shawarma

Deploy 3 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Map - 2 deploys, 2 low, 1 medium, 1 high, Dragoness

Do the deploys and then Dragoness


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite (i)(t), Dragoness (b)

Lineup - agent(s), Havok (9)(tu), Invisible Woman (11)

Drops - UISO-8, Tangler Grenade IV

25170 Amazing

Boss reward 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Map - Deploys back in two battles (2), 2 low, 1 medium, 1 high.

Have 5 of the 10 lockboxes to complete this task.


Wave 1 - Hellfire Gunner (b), Hellfire Heavy (b)

Lineup - Agent(t), Mr. Fantastic (9), Emma Frost (10)

5046 Amazing

Map - Deploys back in one battles (2), 1 low, 1 medium, 1 high.


Wave 1 - Hellfire Gunner (b), Hellfire Heavy (b) 

Lineup - Agent(t), Mr. Fantastic (9), Emma Frost (10) 

Drops - UISO-8, First Aid Pack V , Protect , Flash-Bang III

5727 Amazing

Two Deploys done

Deploy 1 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Deploy 2 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Nine out of 10.

Map - medium and high


Wave 1 - Hellfire Sniper (i), Hellfire Heavy (b)

Wave 2 - Hellfire Sniper (i), Hellfire Officer (t)

Lineup - agent (i), Black Widow (12), Deadpool (2)

Drops - UISO-8

8968 amazing


Wave 1 - Hellfire Heavy (b)(2), Hellfire Elite (t)

Wave 2 - Hellfire Hunter (i)(2)

Lineup - agent (i), Black Widow (12), Deadpool (2) 

Drops - Gene Inoculation , Revenge Strike , Nerve Gas III , UISO-8

10440 great

Exit map with 191,322 and 109,960 to the forth star.

Will burn one gold to get tenth lockbox. Task 22 done New Task:

Living Monolith Task Icon
New Kingdom

Defeat the Living Monolith

Open Lockboxes And the flash animation hang, do not know if I should reload and expect a loss, or wait. Have some other things to do so I can wait.

I waited an hour. It appears I was credited with what I got as my silver went up 1,000. Just do not know what I had. Then again, you are supposed to get 10,000 for duplicate covers. 

Daily Email bonus - Tactical Strike

Back into mission 3 to take on the Living Monolith

Map - low, medium


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite (t)(2), M-Series Tau MK III (b)

Lineup - agent(i), Mr. Fantastic (9), Tigra (5)

Drops - Smelling Salts , Kunai Barrage III

8127 amazing

Map - Deploy, easy, Toad

Deploy then Toad


Wave 1 - M-Series Sigma MK III (2)(br), Toad (i)

Lineup - Agent(i), Deadpool (2), Havok (9)(tu)(v)

Drops - Gene Inoculation , Smoke Grenade , UISO-8

14193 superior

Agent up to level 157

Map - Deploy out, Deploy, low, high Deploy then high


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite(t)(2), M-Series TAU MK III(b)

Lineup - agent(i), Mr. Fantastic (9), Tigra (5)

Drops - UISO-8, Napalm IV , Neurostim , Tactical Strike , Team Restore III

9942, Amazing

Mr. Fantastic need training

Deploy done - Frag Grenade V

Map - Deploy out, deploy, 2 low, medium, Blob

Deploy then Blob


Wave 1 - M-Series Rho MK III(2)(t), Blob (br)

Lineup - Agent (i), Dr. Strange (11), Black Cat (9)

Drops - Thawing Formula , Hologram Generator

16695 superior

Two deploys done

Deploy 1 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Deploy 2 - 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Map - 2 Deploys, low, medium, Living Monolith

Deploys then Living Monolith

Living Monolith 

Wave 1 - Living Monolith (g)

Lineup - Agent (i), Dr. Strange (11),Havok (9)(tu)(f)

Drops - UISO-8, Thawing Formula

20475 amazing

Task 23 done

Boss reward - 3 Magnetic Lockbox

New Task:

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon
Special Operative

Complete 3 stars of Mastery in all Special Ops 6

2 Deploys done

Deploy 1 - 2 Magnetic Lockbox

Deploy 2 - 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Time to go to job #3

Home and time to make another run at things. I have 394 UISO-8 left.

Map - 2 low, 1 medium


Wave 1 - Hellfire Elite(i)(2), M-Series TAU MK III (b)

Lineup - agent (i), Captain America (9),Tigra (5)

Drops - Shredder IV, Extinguisher ,Counter Strike , Regenerating Serum III, Kunai Barrage III

8127 amazing

Map - 2 Low


Wave 1 - Hellfire Hunter (i)(2), M-Series Tau MK III(b)

Lineup - agent(s), Captain America (9), Deadpool (2)

5727 amazing

Deadpool needs traing to level 3


Wave 1 - Hellfire Hunter (i)(2), M-Series Tau MK III(b)

Lineup - agent(s), Captain America (9), Spider-Woman (9)

Drops - Nerve Gas III , Neurostim ,

5178 amazing

Epic Boss Green Goblin

Wave 1 - Green Goblin (s)

Stinger IV , Strike Patch V

38490 Amazing

Epic Boss Reward - 3 Magnetic Lockbox

Exit Map - 260,908, need 121.622 to third star

Open up 10 boxes

Team Stamina Boost III, Chrono Boost , Expert ISO-8 Crystal, Team First Aid Pack III , Magneto: Not a Hero #3 (dupkicate), Steadfast ISO-8, Restoration Pack IV , Command Point , Web Grenade , Steady ISO-8 Crystal

That is it for tonight

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