SpecOps 6 cover

Opening Notes

Well we are off and running for a new special ops. Normally I was involved with all the tasks going on but with the last one and this one I have had to step back a bit and help get the Wiki up to speed on what was happening.  

I found out that the special ops started when my son, who was sitting next to me got a refresh in the middle of the game and cried out his special words "Holy Shizneck."  When he says that I know something big has happened. And it was. 

While he continued to play on the good computer, I got out the older laptop and started working with the other administrators to get things going. One grabbed the task list, I grabbed the deploy list and we tried to figure out which mission had the epic boss. It got confusing because there were two epic bosses. My bet was on the third mission since it required the high CP heroes. I was right. The other epic boss was for a side mission. 

Edited pages that I could to get the information out as soon as possible to you the users.

Looking at the tasks this was going to be a short lived night for me. I had already done my daily collection from my allies, so that would have to wait till the morning. Gave me time to do other things.

Club Hopping

Defeat 3 Hellfire Club soliders

This should not be to hard. There is a medium mission with three of them handy. 

wave 1 - Hellfire Sniper (I), Hellfire Heavy (B) wave 2 - Hellfire Sniper (I), Hellfire Officer (t) (nothing important to note about bad guys).

lineup: Agent(i), War Machine (12),Iron Fist (12)

Did not get the drops but there was some.

Score of 8721 with Amazing.

Distress Calls Task Icon


Get one distress call

This one will have to wait until morning.

Other Activities

Since I could not do much of anything I started working on the dialog page for this operations. I completed Mission 1. Then discussed some things with the other administrators and went to bed.

Did not get closing inventory, that stuff will start in earnest tomorrow.

Till then, make sure to watch the task list and I hope you get the hero (and the villain as well)

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