SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

Unstable Iso-8 Purple
50 UISO-8

Also picked up 30 free UISO-8 from free stuff page.

Daily Reward


Opening Stats

88 UISO-8, 49 Gold, 66 CP

Daily Bonus Email

Tactical Strike
Tactical Strike

Game Play

31 days left to play.

Odin's Staff Task Icon
Staff Meeting

16/25 Upgrade Odin's Cane to Odin's Staff

Day 2

Not much to do, 24 hours till it is done.

Going to start to three star number 1.

Medium, low, deploy. Take the medium for the win. Another low appears. Much the same path as the last two times. Take the low, check my notes, put in same team, start the fight and say what was I thinking? They changed up the enemies again. Got the win but had wrong heroes in. Got to watch that, getting sloppy and they are getting a little trickier.

Another deploy pops up. If I do not want to waste the USIO-8 I will take the straight path. So I take the other easy with same bad guys. Right team in and score goes up.

Wrecker comes up. 58 UISO-8 are left. I can take him on and know that another mini-boss team up and boss team up come up later or wait it out as I am set up for the next step. Good side, I am set to go for the next step. Bad side is that I will have to finish all of mission 1 before I can start the next task. I know that I can stop by time I get to boss so I will run with plowing through so that there will be less to complete later, 

So Wrecker is up. I use this fight to verify that the 2 tasks that require that you use one of Valkyrie skills do not have cool down periods. They do not seem to. And get a good score on this one to make up for my earlier mistake.

Map now has 3 deploys and a medium and a high. Might as well take the medium. Win.

Another deploy and high show up as does Piledriver . I have 28 UISO-8 left and know I will get 50 tomorrow. If I run these two fights I will be set up for Piledriver tomorrow. So that is what I will do. Medium up first. Win, then I go for the high, but another high as well as a medium does come up. If I get 2 more UISO-8 today I will come back for it, other wise, I am going for the medium now. With that win I am down to 8 UISO-8. I have 5 deploys on the map, 2 mediums and Piledriver . Gas gage is at 86% (61,045) and almost to show Enchantress . Things are set up to finish this tomorrow. I need 221,522 to get a third star on this one so it looks like I will have to run it again. Maybe I will try to 2 bird it if I get a chance tomorrow.

Regular Play and limited PVP will commence shortly.

I did get two more UISO-8 over the day and ran one more high. I have lost the notes on that and will upgrade the post if I find them.  

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
1 medium 2 Wave Wave 1 - Hooligan (blaster), Brute (bruiser); wave 2 - 2 Jotun Ice-Crafter (bruiser) Agent tactician suit, Iron Man (12), Scarlet Witch (9) Superior (11,412) no
1 low wave 1-Brute (bruiser), Jailbird (scrapper) Agent scrapper suit, Luke Cage (7) , Magik (8) great (4,050) no Extinguisher
1 low wave 1-Brute (bruiser), Jailbird (scrapper) Agent bruiser suit, Hercules (6) , Scarlet Witch (9) Amazing (5,628) no
1 low Wrecker (scrapper) Agent Bruiser Suit, Valkyrie (9)(team-up), Hercules (6) Superior (14,364) no
1 low 1 Wave; Brute (Bruiser), Jontun Aufeis, (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent infiltrator suit, Sif (8), [[|Dr. Strange|Doctor Strange]] (11) Amazing (8,919) no
1 medium 1 Wave; Brute (Bruiser), Jontun Aufeis, (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent infiltrator suit, Sif (8), Doctor Strange (11) Amazing (8,311) no
1 medium 2 Waves; wave 1 - Hooligan (blaster), Brute (bruiser); wave 2 - Jontun Ice-Crafters, (bruiser); Agent tactician suit, Scarlet Witch (9), Doctor Strange (11) Amazing (8,361) no Tactical Strike

Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Soulfinder (107)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Energy Fist

Normal Game Play

Chapter Mission Boss Reward Score/Still Need to reach next star/next star Special Notes
9 5 (hard mode) Shredder III 139,974 / 103,026 /2

Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 0 221,522 969,522 2,465,522
2 0 0 123,219 673,219 1,773,219
3 11,500 248,000 496,000 992,000 1,984,000

End of Day Inventory

3 UISO-8

Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon

49 gold



66 Command Points

3 CP

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