SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

Got 50 last night at the reset at 2 AM.

Daily Reward

Golden Shield
Golden Shield

Opening Stats

256 UISO-8, 56 Gold, 31 CP

Daily Bonus Email

Tactical Strike
Tactical Strike

Game Play

Dragonfang Task Icon
Fang of the Dragon

9/25 use Valkyrie's Dragonfang 3 times.

Back to finish up the run on mission 2. Three highs, 3 deploys, Bulldozer on the map. Take on Bulldozer. Is it me or are these villains to easy.

Time to take on the highs. As you can see from chart below, I wind up finishing the fights and get one star.

Time to go back to mission 1 and see if I can get to a mini-boss to get Valkyrie to come out and play. Medium and low are first up. Take the medium. win it and another easy and a deploy now show. UISO-8 now down to 190. Win the easy but another deploy shows up, have to take the other easy. With that win, another deploy and the Wrecker shows up.

My job is to use the Dragon Fang three times. This could be tricky. It does not have a cool down, but I do not want to kill him before three shots get in. Little strategy here. Thinking Invisible Woman and agent with Valkyrie. Invisible Woman gets him in a Forced Cage and she does her attacks. It does not say they have to work, just get it in three times. Let's see if it works.

It did, the other half of the strategy is to use your store and buff yourself while she get the three shots in, then for the rounds waiting for it to go away, throw offence stuff from the store at him.

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon
Mission Accomplished!

10/25 Get two stars of mastery in mission 1.

Weird. It told me I got 2 start mastery and I have not finished this mission yet. So task 10 is done also.

Best Served Cold Task Icon
Best Served Cold

Upgrade Laufey's Knife to Laufey's Needle

Research started, 24 hours to go.

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
2 miniboss 1 Wave; Bulldozer (bruiser) Agent blaster suit, Sif (7), Iron Man (12) Superior (15,264) yes
2 high wave 1- 2 Maggia Duelist (infiltrator), Jotun Ice-Crafter (bruiser); wave 2 - 2 Jotun Rimefrost (tactician) Agent blaster suit, Iron Fist (12) , Black Panther (8) Amazing (10,932) no
2 high wave 1- Jotun frostkeeper (infiltrator), Maggia Captain (tactician); wave 2 - 2 Maggia duelist ( _ Agent scrapper suit, Mockingbird (5) , Iron Fist (12) amazing (10,728) yes
2 high wave 1- 2 Maggia Duelist (infiltrator), Jotun Ice-Crafter (bruiser); wave 2 - 2 Jotun Rimefrost (tactician) Agent blaster suit, Iron Fist (12) , Black Panther (8) superior (26,175) no liquid fire, revenge strike, boss reward: Forceful ISO-8 Shard
2 medium Brute (bruiser), Jotun Aufeis (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent blaster suit, Gambit (7), Iron Fist (12) Good (6,476) yes
2 boss Executioner (scrapper) Agent bruiser suit, Sif (7) (team-up), Colossus (11) amazing(20,775) no boss reward: Lasting ISO-8 Shard; 237,290 and 1 Star
1 Medium 1 Wave; Brute (Bruiser), Jontun Aufeis, (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent infiltrator suit, Iron Fist (12), Human Torch (9) Amazing (8,815) no Hologram generator
1 low wave 1- 2 Felon (infiltrators) Agent scrapper suit, Luke Cage (7) , Magik (8) Amazing (5,652) yes
1 low wave 1- Brute (bruiser), Jailbird (scrapper) Agent bruiser suit, Storm (7) , Hercules (6) Amazing (5,403) no Healing serum 3, incap 2,
1 mini-boss Wrecker Agent Bruiser Suit, Valkyrie (9)(team-up), Invisible Woman (9) Superior (11,349) no Shredder 3

Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Soulfinder (107)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Energy Fist

Normal Game Play

Chapter Mission Boss Reward Score/Still Need to reach next star/next star Special Notes
9 4 (challange) Counter Strike 250,086/ 328,910 / 3 epic boss reward: Paladin ArrayCrippler

Mission Star chart

Did not get data for this chart. Sorry. 

End of Day Inventory

72 UISO-8

Unstable Iso-8 Purple

56 gold



31 Command Points

3 CP

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