SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

Unstable Iso-8 Purple
50 UISO-8

Daily Reward

3 Unstable Iso-8 Purple
20 UISO-8

Opening Stats

392 UISO-8, 55 Gold, 30 CP

Daily Bonus Email

Panacea Injection
Panacea Injector

Game Play

Woke up and knew I had to head to work at 2:00 PM so got my self in gear and got computer running.

Jotun Task Icon
Frosty the Giant

Defeat 3 Jotrun

4/25 Defeat 3 Jotrun (day 2)

Deploys and medium and high await. Going for the medium first. It has one Jotrun. Get the win and one done. Another medium shows up as well as mini-boss Piledriver. No Jotrun in Piledriver and only one in the medium so going for the high. And get the win. Task 4 is done.

Enchantress Task Icon
Mirror Mirror

5/25 Defeat Enchantress Well to do this have to go through Piledriver I am sure. So that will be starting point. After that win, she does show up. Go for that one. And with the win I get the Mead Horn.

Feelings on Mission 1 so far, does not seem as difficult as others have been. I am sure that will change.

Mead Horn Task Icon

6/25 Research the Mead Horn in the lab Nothing to do but start the research

Will finish up the map to get the most for the starts for this mission. Exit the map with 236,398 and one star.

Have to leave for weekend job now.

Home from work, Gambit is leveled up to 8, Flights are all in, and research is done.

Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon
Resource Management

Collect 10 UISO-8

Did some more dialog edit and about 2AM my time the gifts reset. Collect 50. Done.

High Threat Task Icon
Break Things

8/25 Defeat a Mini-Boss in Mission 2

Low and medium show up. Take the medium. Get the win. Deploy and low are up now. Take a low. Done with that and now have another medium show up. Map is low,medium and deploy. Take the medium. With that win Thunderball shows up. Optional team up with Sif. That was easy.

Dragonfang Task Icon
Fang of the Dragon

9/25 use Valkyrie's Dragonfang 3 times.

It is in mission 1 or 3 that this can be done and I am in the middle of 2. Did Playdom think this through? Oh well, will finish up as much of 2 as I can with energy I have and call it a night. Low,medium and high. Take the low for now. The rest recoded below. 

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
1 Medium 1 Wave; Brute (Bruiser), Jontun Aufeis, (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent infiltrator suit, Iron Fist (12), Human Torch (9) Amazing (8,815) yes
1 high wave 1- Fugative (infiltrator), Jotun Aufeis (infiltrator), Yardbird (scrapper); wave 2 - Jotun Chieftan (scrapper), Instigator (tactian) Agent infiltrator suit, Iron Fist (7) , Magik (8) Amazing (11,772) yes
1 mini-boss wave 1- Piledriver (Bruiser) Agent bruiser suit, Valkyrie (9) (optional team up) , Iron Man (12) amazing (13,239) no
1 boss 3 waves: Wave 1- Jotun Chieftain (scrapper), Enchantress (infiltrator) ; Wave 2 - Jotun Ice-Shaper (bruiser), Enchantress (infiltrator) ; Wave 3 - Enchantress (infiltrator) Agent blaster suit,Valkyrie (9)(team-up) , Iron Fist (12) superior (26,175) no liquid fire, revenge strike, boss reward: Forceful ISO-8 Shard
1 medium Brute (bruiser), Jotun Aufeis (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent blaster suit, Gambit (7), Iron Fist (12) Great (6,363) yes
1 mdium Brute (bruiser), Jotun Aufeis (tactician), Felon (infiltrator) Agent blaster suit, Gambit (7), Iron Fist (12) amazing(7,560) no
1 high wave 1 - Fugitive (infiltrator), Jotun Aufeis (tactician), Yardbird (scrapper);wave 2 - Jotun Chieftain (scrapper), Instigator (tactician) Agent bruiser suit, Doctor Strange (10)  , War Machine (12) Amazing (11,208) no
2 medium wave 1 -2Jotun Chieftain (Scrapper) Agent bruiser suit, Hercules (6), Thor (5) Amazing (7,920) no reconstruct ampule 2
2 low 1 wave; 3 Maggia Grunt (infiltrator) Agent scrapper suit, Magik (8), Ghost Rider (6) Amazing (6,303) no
2 medium wave 1- 2 Jotun Chieftan Agent bruiser suit, Colossus (11) , Hercules (6) amazing (7,227) no Speedy ISO-8 chip
2 mini-boss wave 1- Thunderball (Tactician) Agent Infiltrator suit, Sif (7) , Invisible Woman (9) superior (16,812) yes
2 low wave 1- 2 Maggia Thug (scrapper), Jotun Coldshadow (infiltrator) Agent bruiser suit, 7 (7) , Colossus (11) amazing (6,147) no
2 medium wave 1- 2 Jotun Chieftain (scrapper) Agent bruiser suit, Colossus (11), Mockingbird (5) amazing (8,761) no

Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Soulfinder (107)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Energy Fist

Normal Game Play


Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0


610398 1,358,398 2,854398
2 12,500 275,000 550,000 1,100,000 2,200,000
3 11,500 248,000 496,000 992,000 1,984,000

End of Day Inventory

232 UISO-8

Unstable Iso-8 Purple

152 gold



7 Command Points

3 CP

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