SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

Unstable Iso-8 Purple
50 UISO-8

Daily Reward


Opening Stats

did not record

Daily Bonus Email


Game Play

24 days left to play. Sunday December 16, 2012

Utter Destruction

25/25 Defeat Destroyer

I will need Wolverine still so it is farming time. Need 54 CP. Could use the gold but would like to save it.

Long day work, no play today, was falling asleep doing farming and did not get even one round done.

Table of battles fought


Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Only For Killing

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Golden Tonfa

Normal Game Play


Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 0 0 736,372 2,232,372
2 0 0 0 427,625 1,773,219
3 0 0 0 8892891 1,568,066

End of Day Inventory

1252 UISO-8

Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon

65 gold



36 Command Points

3 CP

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