SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

Unstable Iso-8 Purple
50 UISO-8

Daily Reward


Opening Stats

146 UISO-8, 51 Gold, 71 CP

Daily Bonus Email

Panacea Injection
Panacea Injection

Game Play

27 days left to play. Monday December 10, 2012

Master of Illusion

23/25 Defeat Loki

Day 2

Need 65,706 to get second star in mission 3. Have to defeat Loki to do task 23. They both work for each other so lets get going.

Gas gage on the map says 76% with 32,639 points. If you double it that is about what you can get from a mission so I am just about where I need to be. Planning on testing the theory that leaving the Wrecking Crew so I can three bird it, and see if they do not show up when I face Loki if I still get the points for the three bird.

Map has at current moment 5 deploys, 1 medium, 1 high and 2 mini-bosses. Taking on the high. And with that win, Valkyrie? shows up. So I am going to take that battle on.

And I get the win, and what I win. In that win I get 63,675 points, almost what I needed for the second star. And yes, three bird with out having to fight them.

And that task is not complete.

One medium left on the screen, might as well take it on. I exit map with 233,640 and second star.

Star Search

24/25 Complete 3 star mastery in all special ops 5 missions.

Only need about 80,00 to 3 star map 3 so will start with it. medium up first.

But instead I went to check out PVP . Made it into the gold league and almost into the diamond. So now I have enough gold to get the heroes I need if I do not have the CP for them.

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
3 medium 2 Wave Wave 1 - 2 Knuckles (scrapper), Enforcer (bruiser); wave 2 - 2 Jotun Chieftain (scrapper), Loki? (tactician) Agent infiltrator suit, Scarlet Witch (9), Thing (9) Amazing (11,658) no Frag Grenade IV
3 Boss Valkyrie? (tactician) Agent infiltrator suit, Valkyrie (9)(team-up), Black Widow (11) perfection (63,675) no Boss reward: 3 CP
3 medium 2 waves; wave 1- Enforcer (bruiser), Jotun Berserker (scrapper); wave 2 - Enforcer (bruiser) Jotun Blackice (infiltrator) Agent scrapper suit, Scarlet Witch (9) , Thing (9) great (7,848) no Kinetic Amplifier II ; exit map with 233,640 and second star.

Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Soulfinder (107)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Energy Fist then Hoarfrost Mace

Normal Game Play

Chapter Mission Boss Reward Score/Still Need to reach next star/next star Special Notes
9 3 Tenderizer Shotgun 324,152 / 520,268 /5
9 3 Bulky ISO-8 Shard 300,306 / 219,962 /5
9 3 Way of the Spider 279,140 / /

Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 0 0 736,372 2,232,372
2 0 0 123,219 673,219 1,773,219
3 0 0 80,066 576,066 1,568,066

End of Day Inventory

137 UISO-8

Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon

61 gold



74 Command Points

3 CP

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