SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

Unstable Iso-8 Purple
50 UISO-8

Daily Reward

3 Unstable Iso-8 Purple
20 UISO-8

Opening Stats

136 UISO-8, 50 Gold, 71 CP

Daily Bonus Email

Tactical Strike
Tactical Strike

Game Play

28 days left to play.

Sunday December 9, 2012 11:30 at night and starting to play, long day.

Loki Task Icon
Master of Illusion

23/25 Defeat Loki

So if you read yesterdays journal, you realize that I could not use the flight and kill Loki at the same time. Hope I have saved some of you some trouble. It's all good, got to 3 star this mission anyway. So back to mission 3 with a hope of getting the second star this time. I should as I only need 65,706.

Medium shows up first. Get a great, but threw in some lower level heroes to get them a bit higher. And it works, Hercules now needs training but I have someone else in there now.

Medium and deploy show us as well as half the wrecking crew. Some thing I read said you could three bird them but only Loki shows up so I am going to run it that way. See if you actually get the tree bird on it. So, let's go for the medium. Again with a great, again with lower level heroes in. While it is not good for my score it is helping the heroes.

Map has half the Wrecking Crew, high and 2 deploys. Let's do the high. This one has the two Lokis. I get the win with a great. Map changes again. Now both halves of the Wrecking Crew out, 3 deploys, a medium and a high. I wish all the fake Loki would count toward this task. Again, I am tired and will pick this up tomorrow.  I still have a few days to finish this mission. 

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
3 medium 2 Wave Wave 1 - Jotun Rimefrost (Tactician), Loki? (Tactician); wave 2 - Jotun Berserker (scrapper), Knuckles (scrapper) Agent infiltrator suit, Hercules (6), Gambit (8) great (7,492) no Panacea Injection
3 medium 21 wave: wave 1-Enforcer (Bruiser), Jotun Berserker (scrapper), wave 2 - Enforcer (bruiser), Jotun Blackice (infiltrator) Agent scrapper suit, Scarlet Witch (9), Rogue (6) great (7,677) no Restoration Pack IV , Nerve Gas II
3 high 2 waves; wave 1- Enforcer (bruiser), Jotun Berserker (scrapper); wave 2 - Enforcer (bruiser) Jotun Blackice (infiltrator) Agent infiltrator suit, Scarlet Witch (8) , Mockingbird (6) great (10,458) no agent to level 122

Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Soulfinder (107)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Hoarfrost Mace

Normal Game Play

no normal gameplay

Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 0 221,522 969,522 2,465,522
2 0 0 123,219 673,219 1,773,219
3 0 65,706 496,000 992,000 1,984,000

End of Day Inventory

96 UISO-8

Purple Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon

50 gold



71 Command Points

3 CP

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